Easter egg hunt

A Grown up Easter

We’re rebelling – Shock. Just because we have to go to work, pay bills and clean stuff, doesn’t mean we can’t have just as much fun (if not more) as the kids at Easter.

Here are some ‘adult’ Easter egg hunt ideas to get the grown-ups bouncing …


A Beer hunt (or mini spirit bottles)

Have fun painting beer cans or pop mini spirit bottles into plastic eggs.

beer hunt


Confetti Egg Game

You basically use real hollowed out eggs and fill one of them with loads of glittery confetti. Every time someone finds an egg it has to be smashed over their head. The one covered in confetti wins a prize.


confetti-eggs-4 (1)


Night Hunt

Practically the same as a normal hunt, but put glow-sticks into plastic eggs and find them in the dark!

gow eggs



‘Scrabbled’ Eggs

Have two teams and paint letters on all the eggs. The team that makes the most/ best words out of their letters wins.

egg letters


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