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Your summer outfit for under £40 and £50!

You might well be able to find a summer outfit for under 40 quid on the high street, but can you find a summer outfit that’s completely unique, expresses your personality and is full of gorgeous detailing that makes people stop in the street and ask you where you got if from?


That’s where we come in…



Summer outfits under £40


Mix It Up Sequin Dress Was £39.95 Now £19.95
Indian Islands Sandals Was £19.95 Now £11.95
Total: £31.90


Joe Browns summer outfit 1




My Desire Dress Was £44.95 Now £21.95
Sensational Pool Shoes Was £12.95 Now £8.95
Total: £30.90

Joe Browns summer outfit 2




Remarkable Capri Pants Was £32.95 Now £18.95
Dip-Dye Delight Tunic Was £39.95 Now £19.95
Total: £38.90


Joe Browns summer outfit 3





Summer outfits under £50


Ditsy Daisy Jumpsuit Was £44.95 Now £29.95
Villa Lante Garden Sandals Was £29.95 Now £17.95
Total: £47.90


Joe Browns summer outfit 4




Patina Bloom Dress Was £34.95 Now £24.95
Sunday In Seville Shoes Was £34.95 Now £21.95
Total: £46.90


Joe Browns summer outfit 5




Jump For Joy Jumpsuit  Was £44.95 Now £26.95
Paradise Island Sandals Was £29.95 Now £14.95
Total: £41.90


Joe Browns summer outfit 6




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The perfect weekend wardrobe: Rochelle’s romantic trip to Rome

If you’ve ever called us for a helping hand with your order, you may well have heard the friendly voice of Rochelle on the other end.


When she told us she was being whisked away by her fella for a romantic weekend getaway to Rome, we were firstly insanely jealous and secondly eager to see if she’d take the bait of a Joe Browns dress in exchange for a blog post telling us all about it.


Guess what, she didn’t take much persuading…


Rochy’s story


So I’ve just got back from a 5 day trip to Rome, a birthday treat from my boyfriend Aaron!


Whilst there we tried to do as much as we could and spent most of our days walking around the fun and vibrant city. Every time we turned a corner there was something beautiful to see…

Weekend wardrobe: Joe Browns' Rochelle in Rome


Both our suitcases were full to the brim with Joe Browns clothes! I spent most of my time in the Free and Funky Shorts, £34.95, (by far the most comfortable pair of shorts I have ever owned).  I wore them with multiple tops I bought from Joe Browns which were perfect for the glorious weather.


On my Birthday night I wore the Perfection Dress in pastel, £39.95. It was really comfy and light weight – perfect for the hot nights. It was on this night that Aaron surprised me with two new Pandora charms for my bracelet. One was the Rome coliseum which will be a reminder of the amazing time we had.


Weekend wardrobe: Joe Browns' Rochelle in Rome


On our second to last day we went to the coliseum and found even more of the city we still hadn’t managed to see yet. As we walked down the street it was full of live music and people dressed in costumes. It sounds a bit random, but before we got to Rome I’d said to Aaron I’ve always wanted to have a caricature done and low and behold on the way I found one!


Weekend wardrobe: Joe Browns' Rochelle in Rome

Weekend wardrobe: Joe Browns' Rochelle in Rome


Aaron lives in Joe Browns t-shirts at home and was no different on holiday.  He loves the fit and how well they wash. His favourite that he brought with him was his Hellsfire T-shirt, £17.95, which I got him for his birthday back in April.


Weekend wardrobe: Joe Browns' Rochelle in Rome


Over all I had an amazing holiday in such a beautiful city, I’m not always one for sight seeing, but Rome definitely changed my mind and I can’t wait to have more adventures with Aaron (and Joe Browns) in the future !


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What makes the flamingo awesome

Flamingo fashion: What makes a flamingo so awesome?

They’re everywhere at the minute aren’t they?



Lilos, mugs, slippers, sunglasses, umbrellas, phone cases – we’ve all gone flamingo fashion crazy, so much so that we’ve decided to bring out an adult version of this…



Not really – tempted though!


But what makes them so cool?


We decided to do some hard-hitting research to find out ( slash – we fancied mucking about a bit and finding out funny weird facts about flamingos one hot and stuffy afternoon.)


Here’s our favourite flamingo findings…


  • There’s six different species
  • The word comes from the Spanish and Latin word ‘flamenco’ meaning fire.
  • They can swim
  • They can fly as fast as 35 miles per hour
  • They only lay one egg a year
  • A flock of flamingos is called a stand, colony, regiment or a flamboyance!
  • Chicks are born grey or white
  • An adult’s legs can be 50 inches long – longer than their entire body.
  • They can live up to 50 years old
  • OK ready for this one…its “knee” is actually its ankle. The real knee is very close to its body and is really hard to see.


Flamingo’d out?



No? Maybe some of these will take your fancy…


Tropical Flamingo Swimsuit £39.95


Joe Browns Flamingo Swimsuit




Funky Flamingo Espadrilles £24.95


Joe Browns Flamingo espadrilles

Fabulous Flamingo Shirt £39.94


Joe Browns Flamingo Shirt




Fabulous Flamingo Cardigan £39.95


Joe Browns Flamingo Cardigan




Flamingo Basket £29.95

Joe Browns Flamingo Basket


Final fact – there’s more plastic flamingos in America than real ones. We reckon after this year we won’t be far behind.


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Casual Summer Outfits with a difference


Whether you’re chilling at a friend’s BBQ, going for al fresco drinks with the girls or up to something a bit more active – we’ve got the perfect casual summer outfit to make you look and feel remarkable!


We’ve gone for bold injections of colour, funky prints and flattering styles full of personality – to match yours.

Up and about

If you’re planning on running around with the kids or grandkids (or even a load of big kids) this Cheeky Shoulder Top (£29.95) is perfect for everyday, but with the addition of a real unique charm. It look s great teamed with some basic, white Must Have Jeans (£29.95) and colourful Sunset Diamante Sandals (£19.95).

Joe Browns Summer outfit 1

An Impulsive Drink in the sunshine

When you’re out doing a bit of shopping and the sun feels far too good on your skin to go home, you’re going to want to be wearing an outfit like this. Send a couple of texts and stop off for some al fresco drinks with friends. It’s the Summer Days Dress (£39.95) with the Villa Lante Garden Sandals (£29.95) and the Pretty Lace Shrug (£34.95) for if you get carried away and end up staying out a little later than expected.

Joe Browns Summer outfit 2

A chilled out BBQ

Even if the sun isn’t shining there’s no reason you’re summer outfit shouldn’t. We love the combination of this Sexy Cherry Vintage Top (£29.95) with the perfectly matched Cherrylicious Capri Trousers (£32.95) and cute At The Hop Denim Mules (£29.95)

Joe Browns Summer outfit 3


Which is your summer outfit favourite?

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Fun and flattering swimwear to suit your body shape

If you’re purely shopping for swimwear to suit your body shape it can take the fun out of going for styles that just grab your attention with a funky print or pretty detailing.


We reckon there’s a balance – a bit of a helping hand as to which swimwear shapes could really suit you, but ultimately it’s about picking swimwear that you fall in love with and can’t wait to thow on and have fun in!



Pear Shape

Tropical Flamingo Swimsuit £39.95

If you’re curvier on your bottom half, more than your top, a little bit of a balancing act can help. A bold detail like these coral straps emphasise your bust and you’re balanced out by a small frill detail on your hips. But seriously, how cool is this tropical flamingo print? We can’t get enough of it, which is why we’ve made a load of accessories to match like the Flamingo Basket! To finish off the look we’d pop on a pair of vintage 1950’s sunglasses.

Tropical Flamingo Swimsuit



Small bust

Itsy Ditsy Daisy Wrap Swimsuit £34.95

We’re saying this swimsuit is great for small busts, but equally this style works wonders for bigger busts too. It’s perfect if you wear an A or B cup because the red frill accentuates your top half, but equally (and because no figure strictly fits into a box) the wrap style can be really flattering for bigger boobs too.

We love this gorgeous statement style with a pop of ravishing red and we think to maximise your glamorous look these Retro Sunglasses are perfect and the Island Secrets Bracelet adds a great finishing touch.



Tummy concealing

Reversible Tankini Set £44.95 

If you’re more comfortable with your middle covered up, tankini’s are a great shout. So if you’re laying back on the beach and fancy giving your tummy a little glimpse of sunshine, you can hoik it up and then pull it down again when you feel like it. They’re really flattering and because we know how valuable suitcase space is, we’ve made this one 2-in-1 so you can wear it inside out for a second beautiful look!

We’ve teamed it with these gorgeous Sunset Diamante Sandals for a bit of sparkle and the wide-brimmed Irresistible Hat that’s also a 2-in-1 with an interchangeable scarf bow in pink and navy.




Mix and Match Bow Top £19.95 and High Leg Tankini Bottoms £9.95

If you’re curvy throughout your bust, hips, thighs and bum, you might want to be highlighting your best assets, but while providing enough support and coverage. These playful mix and match tankinis come in a variety of fun prints and flattering shapes, including high or mid-leg bottoms and straps or halterneck tops – perfect for highlighting your gorgeous shape.

For an extra splash of feminine charm we’ve paired them with the Summer Days Hat and Villa Lante Garden Sandals.



Now all that’s left to do is splash around and be a big kid!

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Joe’s Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Trying to find the right Father’s Day gift can be a right ordeal, especially when he’s got everything he ‘needs’ and refuses to tell you what he actually ‘wants’.


We’re not saying for a second all guys can be pigeon-holed into 4 types of blokes (we know the best ones embrace their individuality – quirks an’ all), but we did think that by splitting them into what their styles might lean towards, could be a good starting point…


For the uber stylish distinguished gent who likes to look like the dapperest chap around…





For the casual, relaxed Dad who likes to take everything at his own pace…





For the biker Dad with a cool edge…




For the beats lovin Dad that knows how to have a good time…


Which one do you think the dad in your life would love?

Click here to shop all men’s styles.

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summer suit

Sophisticated Style: That Dapper Chap suits up for Summer

This cool looking guy is Craig. He’s the founder of the awesome men’s style blog – That Dapper Chap and an all-round good guy with impeccable taste. Here he is styling our summer suit and a casual summer outfit.


Rather than us banging on at you all the time about great our clothes are, we thought we’d hand over to him…



“I chose the suit because it’s such a great colour and the check sets it apart from plain suits. It’s a great summer suit, so perfect for a summer wedding or party.”





Shop Craig’s look:

One For The Summer Blazer £99.95
Check Me Out Trousers £49.95 


For Craig’s casual look, he went for a chilled out tropical shirt and slim cut jeans for an easy-going weekend look…



“The shirt is great for holiday and I love the bold print. I’m certainly going to pack it for my summer break. The jeans are a great fit and every guy needs a well fitting pair of jean and these hit the mark.”





Shop Craig’s look:

Tropical Chill Shirt £34.95 
Slim Joe Jeans £44.95 



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Joe’s awesome festival outfits for 2017!

Finally you’ve got hold of your ticket for Glastonbury (respect), Lattitude or Bestival – but what festival outfit is going to make you look and feel amazing so you can party the night away under the stars without a care in the world?


Fear not, we’ve got all your festival clothes covered so it’s your style that’s funky – not just your smell.


Here’s our top picks for our favourite 2017 festivals…



Isle of White, Newport, 8-11 June

Headliners: Arcade Fire, Rod Stewart, David Guetta & Run DMC

This was one of the UK’s first ever festivals and still manages to pull in some of the best pop and electric bands. This year its bagged a UK festival exclusive with Fleetwood Mac headlining.


Our outfit of choice for this one’s a nod to the old school 70s vibe, but with a Joe Browns twist (of course). We’ve gone for the Funky Fringed Festival Knit £44.95, with the Perfect Patchwork Jeans £44.95, All New Versatile Camisole in mango £9.95, Sunset Diamante sandals £19.95, Polaised Wayfarers £14.95 and the Sensational Stacked Sequin Bracelet £12.95.


Festival outfit inspiration for Isle Of White Festival




Glastonbury, Somerset, 21-25 June

Headliners: Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran

It really is in a league of it’s own and should be on everyone’s bucket list in our opinion. Massive artist grace its 86 stages  as well as an immense amount of circus theater shows and 24-hour shenanigans.


It’s only right that we pack you off with a funky raincoat as your staple festival attire.
We’ve gone for the Fun and Funky Raincoat £79.95 teamed with the Cherrylicious Capri Trousers £32.95,  All New Versatile Camisole in red £9.95, Sensational Pool Shoes £12.95 and the San Marco Leather Bag £59.95.


Festival outfit Inspiration for Glastonbury Festival




Latitude, Southwold, 13-16 July

Headliners: The 1975, Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes

With DJs hidden in the woods, colourful sheep roaming the  fields and opera on the lake,  there’s something to keep whatever age entertained.


We’ve gone for a festival style full of fun fringes! The centre-piece is our Boho Beach Lovers Top £32.95 and we’ve styled it with our bright red Summer Capri Trousers £24.95, Villa Lante Garden Sandals £29.95, Fountains of Neptune Bag £54.95 and topped off with the Summer Days Hat £14.95.


Festival Outfit Inspiration for Latitude Festival



Bestival, Dorset, 7-10 September

Headliners: The xx, A Tribe Called Quest, Pet Shop Boys

This award-winning boutique fiesta has as many forms of silliness and absurdity as it does musical performers – which is why we love it!


We’ve gone for  a boho festival look for this one with the aptly named Festival  Maxi Skirt £39.95 teamed with a All New Versatile Camisole in mango £9.95, ultra comfy Fun and Funky Footbed Sandals £29.95, All New Patchwork Bag £27.95 and topped off with the gorgeous Latina Necklace £19.95.

Festival Outfit Inspiration for Bestival Festival



Don’t worry guys we’ll be doing your festival outfits soon, we just know there’s less of a rush, as looking at our analytics you leave shopping a lot more last minute! Sorry guys, but stats don’t lie!



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The Best (Dressed!) Man: Wedding Guest Outfits

With wedding season now in full swing, we’re following up from last week’s blog to give the guys a helping hand with their wedding guest outfits, when it comes to standing out and looking cool in those all-important wedding photos.


We know finding perfect wedding attire can be a minefield but don’t worry, we’ve put together a few of our favourite looks, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party whatever your vibe. Ladies, if you’ve been left in charge of your other halve’s outfit you won’t need to look any further if you want the best-dressed man on your arm (just don’t tell the bride!).


Charming Check Wedding Suit:

The Charming Check Suit Blazer £94.95 and Charming Check Suit Trouser £49.95 go perfectly with the Lovely Linen Waistcoat £49.95,  Slice Of Life Shirt £32.95 and Distressed Leather Boots £59.95 for a smart and effortlessly cool vibe. Add the Club Sunglasses £9.95 to complete the look if the sun comes out!





Country Chic:

The great outdoors can be the perfect wedding venue and when shorts aren’t an option look to the Chill Out Chinos £39.95,  Deadly Dapper Blazer £89.95 and Double Collar Shirt £29.95. Stay comfy in the Easy Joe Chelsea Boots £59.95 and for a quirky touch add a Velvet Pocket Square £4.95.





One For The Summer:

If the weather’s too warm for a jacket, our One For Summer Waistcoat £49.95 and Check Me Out Trousers £49.95 will keep you stylish and cool, with a burst of colour in the Double Trouble Shirt (lilac) £29.95. Wear with the Easy Joe Chelsea Boots £59.95 and add something unexpected with the Stag Pin £3.95.





Splash Of Colour:

Be noticed in the Splash of Colour Skirt £39.95. Team with the Check Suit Blazer £94.95, Check Suit Trousers £49.95 and Polarised Wayfarers £14.95. Dance the night away in the Drivin’ South Suede Desi Boots £54.95.





Dapper Smart Casual:

If the dress code’s more on the casual side, our Subtle Spot Shirt £32.95Chill Out Chinos £39.95 with Joe’s Leather Belt £27.95, and Distressed Leather Boots £59.95 will fit the bill. Add the Deadly Dapper Waistcoat £49.95 to keep it smart and original.




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Women's Wedding Guest Outfits

Wedding Guest Outfits that wow!

Wedding’s are such awesome occasions. Everyone’s happy, you get a chance to dress up and you know you’re going to have one epic party at the end of it.

So seeing as we’re all a bit wedding mad at the minute (4 of the guys in our office are in full on wedding-planning mode) we thought we’d put a few Women’s Wedding Guest Outfits together for you.  So if you’re off to someone’s big day this summer you’ll be the best (sorry we probably should say second best) dressed there!


We hope you like…


Our Favourite Dress £34.95

We’ve teamed this with the Pretty Lace Shrug £34.95 and the Floozie Lace Applique Shoes £54.95 and matching bag.

Floral Wedding Guest Outfit



Garden Party Dress £44.95

With the Flower Garden Cardigan £39.95, Ginnie Jacquard Shoes £54.95, Ginnie Bag £29.95 and Retro Sunglasses £12.95.



Blossom Dress

Styled with the Romantic Summer Jacket £59.95, Elegantly Vintage Shoes £37.95, San Marco Leather Bag £59.95 and the Club Sunglasses £9.95.



Bold Bloom Dress £29.95

Teamed with the Pretty Lace Shrug £34.95, Louisa Lace Corsage Shoes £54.95 and matching bag and the 1950’s Sunglasses £9.95.



Patina Bloom Dress £49.95

Which looks gorgeous with the Longline Popcorn Cardigan £24.95, Fit for the Occasion Shoes £34.95, Vintage Linen Polk Dot Bag £42.95 and Polarised Wayfarers £14.95.



Which Wedding Guest Outfit is your favourite for 2017?

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