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St Patricks at Joe Browns

Paddy Browns!


As you’ll know, today is St Patrick’s Day and the craic is mighty in the Joe Brown’s office, especially over in the merchandising department where James McDonnell, our Irish merchandiser is feeling very at home today!



With Irish stew, decorations and some sham-rock n’ roll tunes, the only thing missing is some Guinness… However, nobody’s questioned what’s in his Jameson’s cup!



So, a very happy St Patrick’s Day to all those celebrating it today and nursing their hangovers tomorrow morning!


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All About Denim

All About Denim

To Double Denim or not? Here is the question!


We’ve never been totally sure about going all out and wearing denim head to toe. But each to their own as they say…


What we would rather do, in a true Joe Browns way, is add a touch of denim and mix other fabrics into our outfits to achieve a look that remains trendy but individual.


Just add shoes!

These shoes are a great way to add a denim touch to your ensemble without going overboard with denim.

LF485B     LF513A
San Antonio Mules £29.95
Funky Espadrilles £19.95


Our tip: wear them with white jeans to make them stand out.



Make denim the focal point

A nice denim dress allows you to make a statement without having to think about what you’re wearing. Easy to wear, just add your favourite pair of flats or wedges and you’re good to go.

These come full of details with embroideries, hitched hems and lace detailing adding a touch of sophistication to what could have been a casual look.


LD910A-cropped           LD929A-cropped           LD943A-cropped


(From left to right)
Devine Denim Dress £59.95 
Day Dream Denim Dress £59.95
Delightful Denim Dress £44.95


Our tip: add chunky jewellery and an oversized bag.



Summer denim

For warmer days, denim shorts and dungarees can be teamed with a simple vest top for a laid-back, quirky style.


LB394A-cropped      LB404A (1)     LC973A-cropped


Festival Fun Dungarees £34.95
Dungaree Tunic £34.95
Funky Festival Shorts £29.95


Our tip: they look great with flip-flops and a straw hat.



Denim for the guys

A fail safe option for men is to wear a denim jacket over a graphic t-shirt. Ours is customised and looks great with a pair of chinos.

And to take denim into the evening, a long sleeve shirt and black jeans are just the ticket.


JA224A     SH772A

Badged Up Denim Jacket £59.95
Distinctive Denim Shirt £39.95



Our tip: Don’t forget your aviators when you’re rocking this look in the summer.


How do you wear denim?


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