Good Things Come In Pairs

Good things come in pairs

Wine and cheese, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, lovable geordie presenters…it’s true that all the best things come in twos.


So we’ve paired up all our matching shoes and bags and knocked a fiver off, so you can mix ‘n’ match your perfect twosome.


Spotty Velvet Handbag £24.95
Polka Dot Court Shoes £34.95

AD525B   LF477B


Amazing Floral Stud Bag £34.95
Fab and Funky Floral Boots £49.95


AD511A   LF455A


Faux Fur Bag £44.95
Remarkable Wedge Corsage Boots £54.95

AD512A   LF460A


Quirky Twit Twoo Bag £29.95
Amazing Corsage Shoe Boots £44.95

AD513A  LF447A


Funky Tapestry Bag £34.95
Funky Tapestry Boots £44.95

AD516A    LF466A





Spotty Velvet Handbag £24.95
Polka Dot Court Shoes £34.95

AD525A   LF477A


Floral Satchel £39.95
Amazing Floral Cowboy Boots £54.95

AD510A    LF449A



Shop our Buy Any 2 and Save £5 Mix ‘n’ Match Offer here.


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