Wizards and Wonderful Wardrobes

You really can’t beat the feeling when a complete stranger stops you to tell you they love what you’re wearing. It’s going to make you feel great for the rest of the day.   So team that with a fun trip with the family and you’ve got a recipe for a great weekend. Our merchandiser … Continue reading Wizards and Wonderful Wardrobes

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what to pack for a holiday

What to pack for him (or if you are him!)

We know that for guys, working out what to pack for a holiday can be a painful task and ladies it’s sometimes less painful if you just do it all yourself (making sure you have enough space for that extra pair of sandals of course!)   So here’s a helping hand to get the guys’ … Continue reading What to pack for him (or if you are him!)

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Race Day Outfits

Race Day Outfits for 2017!

When going to the races, looking and feeling good is something that is important to all of us. With the racing season already in full flow, here are a few of our favourite race day outfits. Why not try one of them at your next day at the races?   Race Day Outfits for Men   … Continue reading Race Day Outfits for 2017!

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St Patricks at Joe Browns

Paddy Browns!

  As you’ll know, today is St Patrick’s Day and the craic is mighty in the Joe Brown’s office, especially over in the merchandising department where James McDonnell, our Irish merchandiser is feeling very at home today!     With Irish stew, decorations and some sham-rock n’ roll tunes, the only thing missing is some … Continue reading Paddy Browns!

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Mothers day ideas

Mothers Day ideas: alternative ways to treat your mum

Struggling for Mothers Day ideas? Want to do something a bit cooler than normal for your mum this year?   Or are you the mum and want to leave this page open on your browser for one of your little darlings to find and think they’ve come up with a great Mothers Day idea all by … Continue reading Mothers Day ideas: alternative ways to treat your mum

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