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The Perfect Party Dress for your Shape

Now the party season’s in full swing it’s more important than ever you look and feel confident as well as 100% yourself.


So with the help of some Christmas decs (to help us illustrate what we’re going on about) we’ve given you and all your gorgeous body shapes a helping hand finding that perfect party look that’ll make you want to dance all night long!






(Also known as the inverted triangle, aka you have a broader chest, wide shoulders and a narrow waist and hips.) What you guys want to do is accentuate your lower body while softening your upper body. One great way of doing this is with a 2-piece. Joe’s Favourite Skirt has a great full shape and the box pleats are really flattering.  Teamed with the square shape of Joe’s Favourite Top it balances you out perfectly.


ws019a  wt043a




This is if your waist and hips are similar in proportion and set off by a tiny waist. If this is you you want to accentuate your beautiful curves, so go for tight fitting lightweight styles. We think you’ll look great in our Sensual Lace Dress. The sheer mesh sleeves keep you covered up, with with a sexy slinky edge.






If your waist, shoulders and hips are all a similar width than you’re going to want to show off your great arms and legs while creating some curves. Skater style dresses will do this for you, so we recommend the Love Life Check Skater Dress which is full of winter charm and lots of fun!






If most of your weight is above your hips, you want to elongate your torso and show off your amazing legs. Empire styles are great for this and also anything that has a belt to show off the smallest part of your waist. The Luxury Longline Blouse is not only stunning, but it also does all these things for you. It’s got a waist belt to sinch you in at your smallest part and the gorgeous georgette fabric drapes perfectly over your middle.






If you’re a pear shape (meaning your lower body is wider than your upper body) you should be looking to create points of interest on your top half to balance out your bottom half. We recommend the Ultimate Knot Dress. The hem is in-line with your hips to keep them balanced and as well as the detail along the hem, your eyes are drawn to the detailing around the bust. The beautiful knits and jersey fabrics are really flattering.




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Jacket shapes feature

Joe’s perfect coat for your shape

Your winter coat is such a staple item. It’ll last you years and if you get it right you’ll look forward to cold days when you can pop it on and wait for all the amazing remarks to come flooding your way!




But with so many stunning designs to choose from it can be a minefield knowing which one is the best suited for your unique body shape.


So with the help of some sweets we had lying around (we’re never without sweets in JB HQ) we’ve matched up the styles that best suit all your beautiful body shapes….



Cola Bottle header

A great trick to finding the right coat is to find a style that flatters not flattens your best assets. Single-breasted options are best for hourglasses, with a skirted bottom and tailored waist to show off your curvy figure.


(Understated Coat £84.95) 



Pear Drop header

Go for a big dramatic collar to draw the eyes up towards your shoulders. The gorgeous print of this patchwork balances out your awesome below-the-waistline curves.


Pretty Perfect Patchwork Coat £79.95 



BonBon header

In general, when you’re picking a coat, try not to go for something that clings to your biggest measurement. This oversized coat is perfect for creating an a-line shape that won’t draw any unwanted attention to your middle.


New Create Your Own Look Coat £64.95



Liquorice header

Create instant curves with this feminine shaped coat. The flattering full-skirt will accentuate your gorgeous lean shape and an assortment of off-center buttons adds an element of sophisticated charm.


Ultimate Coat £69.95



Strawberry Heart header

Steer clear of billowy or double breasted designs. A cool stand collar will not only keep you warm and look stunning, but balance out a bigger bust.


All New Joe’s Favourite Coat £79.95




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