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What makes the flamingo awesome

Flamingo fashion: What makes a flamingo so awesome?

They’re everywhere at the minute aren’t they?



Lilos, mugs, slippers, sunglasses, umbrellas, phone cases – we’ve all gone flamingo fashion crazy, so much so that we’ve decided to bring out an adult version of this…



Not really – tempted though!


But what makes them so cool?


We decided to do some hard-hitting research to find out ( slash – we fancied mucking about a bit and finding out funny weird facts about flamingos one hot and stuffy afternoon.)


Here’s our favourite flamingo findings…


  • There’s six different species
  • The word comes from the Spanish and Latin word ‘flamenco’ meaning fire.
  • They can swim
  • They can fly as fast as 35 miles per hour
  • They only lay one egg a year
  • A flock of flamingos is called a stand, colony, regiment or a flamboyance!
  • Chicks are born grey or white
  • An adult’s legs can be 50 inches long – longer than their entire body.
  • They can live up to 50 years old
  • OK ready for this one…its “knee” is actually its ankle. The real knee is very close to its body and is really hard to see.


Flamingo’d out?



No? Maybe some of these will take your fancy…


Tropical Flamingo Swimsuit £39.95


Joe Browns Flamingo Swimsuit




Funky Flamingo Espadrilles £24.95


Joe Browns Flamingo espadrilles

Fabulous Flamingo Shirt £39.94


Joe Browns Flamingo Shirt




Fabulous Flamingo Cardigan £39.95


Joe Browns Flamingo Cardigan




Flamingo Basket £29.95

Joe Browns Flamingo Basket


Final fact – there’s more plastic flamingos in America than real ones. We reckon after this year we won’t be far behind.


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Wear it three ways!

We all need that one item in our wardrobe that we can throw on for any occasion knowing it’s going to work. Don’t have that item? Look no further! Our Cherrylicious Cardigan and One For the Weekend Waistcoat are just what you need.

Looking for a cardigan that’s perfect for summer nights sitting outside with a glass of wine with friends, a staple suitcase essential as well as something that’ll see you all through the year?


Well hey presto…!


Let us introduce you to the Cherrylicious Cardigan £34.95





Complete the cute cherry look perfect for the up and coming BBQ season…




Or pair it with a pretty dress for a picnic in the sunshine…




Or funk it up for a night of drinks with the girls…




And for the guys…


If you’ve not already got a waistcoat in your wardrobe. This is why you should…


The One For The Weekend Waistcoat £49.95 has it all.





Team with a crisp white shirt and jeans for date night or a pint with the lads.




Or team with dark wash jeans and a blazer for a sharper dapper look…
(We do recommend a shirt as well, we just couldn’t fit it on.)




Or for a more laid back chilled weekend we think a Grandad shirt, cool scarf and light wash jeans look awesome…






Which look does it for you?


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