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Easter egg hunt

A Grown up Easter

We’re rebelling – Shock. Just because we have to go to work, pay bills and clean stuff, doesn’t mean we can’t have just as much fun (if not more) as the kids at Easter.

Here are some ‘adult’ Easter egg hunt ideas to get the grown-ups bouncing …


A Beer hunt (or mini spirit bottles)

Have fun painting beer cans or pop mini spirit bottles into plastic eggs.

beer hunt


Confetti Egg Game

You basically use real hollowed out eggs and fill one of them with loads of glittery confetti. Every time someone finds an egg it has to be smashed over their head. The one covered in confetti wins a prize.


confetti-eggs-4 (1)


Night Hunt

Practically the same as a normal hunt, but put glow-sticks into plastic eggs and find them in the dark!

gow eggs



‘Scrabbled’ Eggs

Have two teams and paint letters on all the eggs. The team that makes the most/ best words out of their letters wins.

egg letters


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Easter customs

Easter customs from around the globe

Want to do something a bit different this Easter holiday? Why not be inspired by some of these traditions that are anything but boring!




In Hungary on Easter Monday there’s a tradition called “locsolkodás” which involves boys and men reciting a poem to women and girls and then “sprinkling” them with perfume. In extreme cases this can also be achieved with a bucket of cold water! Originally it was young women of marriage-age who would be the victims but now the act (which has links to earlier pagan fertility rituals) has expanded to women of all ages. Lucky ladies.





Northwestern Europe

Large bonfires are lit on Easter Sunday and Monday. While there are loads of explanations for the origin of the Easter Fires, the most common tale is that Easter is a time when spring becomes victorious over winter and the fires were to chase the darkness of winter away. Today, however, the meaning of the fires is simply to bring communities together. The nights are festive with heavy consumption of gin, lager, and snacks. We like the sound of this.


northern Europe Easter customs




These guys get their money’s worth out of their kids Halloween costumes. In the days leading up to up to Easter Sunday, children dress up as Easter witches, wearing old and discarded clothes.





In Haiti, Holy Week is marked by colorful parades and traditional “rara” music played on bamboo trumpets, maracas, drums, even coffee cans.






Food and kite flying are top priorities over Easter in Bermuda. On Good Friday, locals across the island look to the skies to watch kids (big and small) fly their home-made kites. Aww, we like this one!






You have a Christmas tree – why not have an Easter tree? This tradition was started by a single family forty years ago. The Kraft family from Saalfeld, Germany started placing plastic eggs in a tree outside their house in 1965. The tradition has grown over the years from only a handful of plastic eggs to beautifully painted egg shells. This looks so cool.





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Chilli Chocolate Treat

Quick history lesson: Uniting chili and dark chocolate dates back to the ancient Aztec civilization. They started making hot chocolate by roasting the beans, mixing them with water and flavouring with chili, vanilla, honey and pepper.


Now, all over the world we combine them in everything from main courses like Chilli Con Carni, to sweet deserts like cupcakes, brownies and even ice cream – try it, it’s amazing.


Seeing as it’s nearly Easter, here’s a grown up chocolate treat with a little kick…



Chili Chocolate Egg Lollies




chili choc recipe



  • 140g dark chocolate
  • 2-3 pinches hot chilli powder
  • edible red glitter or sprinkles and 12 lolly sticks, to decorate


  1. Draw an egg shape about 6cm long, and use as a template to draw about 10-12 shapes on sheets of baking parchment. Hole-punch a piece of paper a bit bigger than the egg shape, to make a polka-dot stencil. (By folding the paper in half, you can get holes right to the middle of it.)
  2. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of barely simmering water. Stir in chilli (taste to check heat). Spread a spoon or two of chocolate inside each egg shape. Add a lolly stick to each. Hold the stencil just over the wet surface of one of the lollies and stick into place with Blu-Tack, but don’t let it touch. Sprinkle edible glitter or sprinkles over, then gently lift off the stencil. Repeat to decorate the rest, then leave somewhere cool to set.




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