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Joe’s awesome festival outfits for 2017!

Finally you’ve got hold of your ticket for Glastonbury (respect), Lattitude or Bestival – but what festival outfit is going to make you look and feel amazing so you can party the night away under the stars without a care in the world?


Fear not, we’ve got all your festival clothes covered so it’s your style that’s funky – not just your smell.


Here’s our top picks for our favourite 2017 festivals…



Isle of White, Newport, 8-11 June

Headliners: Arcade Fire, Rod Stewart, David Guetta & Run DMC

This was one of the UK’s first ever festivals and still manages to pull in some of the best pop and electric bands. This year its bagged a UK festival exclusive with Fleetwood Mac headlining.


Our outfit of choice for this one’s a nod to the old school 70s vibe, but with a Joe Browns twist (of course). We’ve gone for the Funky Fringed Festival Knit £44.95, with the Perfect Patchwork Jeans £44.95, All New Versatile Camisole in mango £9.95, Sunset Diamante sandals £19.95, Polaised Wayfarers £14.95 and the Sensational Stacked Sequin Bracelet £12.95.


Festival outfit inspiration for Isle Of White Festival




Glastonbury, Somerset, 21-25 June

Headliners: Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran

It really is in a league of it’s own and should be on everyone’s bucket list in our opinion. Massive artist grace its 86 stages  as well as an immense amount of circus theater shows and 24-hour shenanigans.


It’s only right that we pack you off with a funky raincoat as your staple festival attire.
We’ve gone for the Fun and Funky Raincoat £79.95 teamed with the Cherrylicious Capri Trousers £32.95,  All New Versatile Camisole in red £9.95, Sensational Pool Shoes £12.95 and the San Marco Leather Bag £59.95.


Festival outfit Inspiration for Glastonbury Festival




Latitude, Southwold, 13-16 July

Headliners: The 1975, Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes

With DJs hidden in the woods, colourful sheep roaming the  fields and opera on the lake,  there’s something to keep whatever age entertained.


We’ve gone for a festival style full of fun fringes! The centre-piece is our Boho Beach Lovers Top £32.95 and we’ve styled it with our bright red Summer Capri Trousers £24.95, Villa Lante Garden Sandals £29.95, Fountains of Neptune Bag £54.95 and topped off with the Summer Days Hat £14.95.


Festival Outfit Inspiration for Latitude Festival



Bestival, Dorset, 7-10 September

Headliners: The xx, A Tribe Called Quest, Pet Shop Boys

This award-winning boutique fiesta has as many forms of silliness and absurdity as it does musical performers – which is why we love it!


We’ve gone for  a boho festival look for this one with the aptly named Festival  Maxi Skirt £39.95 teamed with a All New Versatile Camisole in mango £9.95, ultra comfy Fun and Funky Footbed Sandals £29.95, All New Patchwork Bag £27.95 and topped off with the gorgeous Latina Necklace £19.95.

Festival Outfit Inspiration for Bestival Festival



Don’t worry guys we’ll be doing your festival outfits soon, we just know there’s less of a rush, as looking at our analytics you leave shopping a lot more last minute! Sorry guys, but stats don’t lie!



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The Joe Browns Ultimate Festival Jacket

We’ve designed a jacket that not only looks perfectly stylish for festivals, in a floral summery print, but is full to the brim with hidden gadgets and gismos so you’ll want for nothing on your camping weekend!


Ultimate Festival Jacket

The showerproof jacket includes a blow-up inflatable pillow hood, a hidden drinks compartment and straw, bottle opener zip, wind-up phone charger, wet wipe dispenser, detachable LED light and a locked pocket for your valuables.


We’re not yet able to sell the jacket, as it’s still in the testing process, however if there’s enough interest in it, it may well be on sale soon!


Festival_Jacket43796-comp Festival_Jacket43798-comp Festival_Jacket43803-comp


Our designer George, behind the jacket, said: “We wanted to make something that was fun, stylish and really practical. We had a brainstorming session in the office of all the problems we faced at festivals, then tried to come up with solutions on how to fix them.


There’s still some tweaks that need to be made on the jacket, but we’re really pleased with how it’s come out and are intrigued to see what people make of it, or if anyone has any other suggestions that could make it even better!”


Festival_Jacket43804-comp Festival_Jacket43806-comp Festival_Jacket43808-comp Festival_Jacket43814-comp Festival_Jacket43827-comp Festival_Jacket43774-comp


Is there anything you’d add to the jacket?



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Festival looks the Joe Browns way!

It might seem a bit early to be thinking about the festival season, but before you know it we’ll be in the midst of full blown festival mayhem!


Whether you’re taking it easy sipping cider in the sun at a family friendly event, or going all out and moshing at Glastonbury, we think it’s important you feel stylish, comfortable and most importantly – completely you!


Here’s a few styles we’ve put together to start you off…


70s Funk


LB383A  LK427A


LT614A   AD537A


Funky Festival Palazzo Pants £29.95
Creative Crochet Pocket Cardigan £34.95
All New Versatile Camisole £9.95
Ethnic Boho Rucksack £39.95



Hippy Chick



LC964A   AD543A


BJ626A     LF517A


Perfect Pacific Tunic £29.95
Wonderful Hippy Chick Bag £24.95
Fabulous Cotton Necklace £17.95
Vibrant Beaded Sandals £24.95



Fun and Feisty


LB394A   LT247W

LF497A         BJ629A

Festival Fun Dungarees £34.95
Vibrant Versatile Cami £9.95
Carnival Summer Sandals £24.95
Stunning Beaded Cuff £29.95



Classy Boho


LA140A LT247B


LB387A     AD553A


Life’s An Adventure Kimono £34.95
Vibrant Versatile Cami £9.95
Embroidered Capri Pants £29.95
Boho Festival Bum Bag £9.95


Summer Chic


LA149A   LB404A

LF505A    AD554A


Summer Garden 2 Piece Set £34.95
Funky Festival Shorts £29.95
Fun And Funky Floral Boots £44.95
Boho Flower Bag £24.95



Stay tuned for our top 5 festival guide looks for guys coming soon!

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Colourful festivals

The 5 Most Colourful Festivals of the world

Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, teen or child some of the best memories you’ll have will be from festivals. They bring together all the best things in life – family, friends, music, lights, flowers, food, drink and an electric atmosphere that’s hard to find anywhere else.


Festivals are ritualized all over the globe, celebrating all sorts of religions and cultures, with colour undoubtedly playing a huge part.


Here’s a countdown to what we think are the top 5 most colourful festivals in the world:


5. Harbin International Ice festival, China:

The International Ice and Snow Festival, held in Harbin in north east China is the coolest winter festival in the world. It begins on January 5th each year and goes on for about a month with Ice Lantern Show at nights, Snow Sculpture Art Exhibitions, ice bars, a Siberian Tiger Park visit and diving performances.

Ice festival



4. Loy Krathong Festival, Sukothai, Thailand:

The Loy Krathong is a Thai festival celebrated each year on the full moon of the twelfth lunar to pay homage to the water goddess, drive away bad luck and to seek forgiveness. Small boats with flowers adorning them, usually in the shape of lotus, are released in the water by people carrying away bad luck from their lives. This looks absolutely stunning!

Chiang Mai, Thailand 2013




3. Carnivale de Venezia, Venice, Italy:

The carnival of Venice attracts 3 million tourists each year. Started back in 14th century to commemorate the victory of Venice over Ulrico, the fest begins after Christmas and ends a day before Lent. People wear colourful and beautiful masks, which was originally so you couldn’t tell between ordinary people and nobility and everyone has a right old party!




2. Holi

Popularly known as the festival of colours, Holi is celebrated throughout north India on the full moon of the month of March. The festival is about spreading the feeling of togetherness in the society and people let their hair down throwing bright colours over each other while dancing to the rhythm of holi songs – awesome.




1.Carnival of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil:

It has to be the world’s most famous carnival that runs six days before lent attracting two million people per day! The top samba schools from the country compete with their rivals bringing the streets alive with gorgeously sexy costumes, the loudest music and incredible dances.


A dancer from the Mocidade samba school performs at the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro. (Felipe Dana/Associated Press)



If you could do one of these, which would it be?

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Get Your Wellies Out!

Benicàssim, Spain
Takes place every July near in Valencia.
Headliners this year are Florence & The Machine and Blur.
The perfect mix of music and Spanish sunshine!





Burning Man, USA
Tens of thousands of people gather in the Nevada desert for a celebration of art.
Vehicles are allowed to the event as long as they are ‘mutated’ to look like monsters or animals.




T In The Park, Scotland
Held in Perthshire Scotland every year.
Headliners this year include Kasabian and Noel Gallagher.
Famous for the amount of booze that the reveller drink (3 million pints since the festival started in ’94)




Glastonbury, England
The Glastonbury mud is nearly as famous as the music, get yourself some big boots!
In 2005 half of the festival was underwater as two months of rain fell in a few hours.
Headliners this year include Foo Fighters and The Who

Glastonbury Festival 2009 - Day One


Melt, Germany
A flickering sea of lights, pulsating beats and beaming faces as far as the eye can see. The City of Iron will awake in July for three days of pure musical euphoria.


Melt 2013 - Samstag

Hideout, Croatia
Hideout is a beautiful festival that sits on the Adriatic Sea in Zrce. It’s gained a reputation for playing some of the scene’s top underground urban music in an awesome beach location with a stunning backdrop of trees and mountains.



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