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Five Christmas Games you HAVE to try!

In all the Christmas mahem it’s easy to forget to plan stuff to do to keep all the family entertained (especially when it’s day 4 and Uncle Geoff’s outstayed his welcome and the kids are beginning to get a bit annoying.)


So we’ve come up with a few alternative games, for when the sixth game of Monopoly is just one too many…


Candy Canes

Remember the good old days when Bowie was rocking and Bob Dylan was rolling? Well, if so you’ll have tried part of this game before. Take a Candy cane, perch it on your nose and see who can hold it the longest!






Christmas A-Z

Note the alphabet from A to Z down a sheet of paper. Ask everyone to fill in each letter with a Christmas themed word! Quickest to finish wins! Simple, but cheap and effective.

(You could maybe do with having a judge in case dad tries to cheat.)



Guess the Gift

Tell all your guests to bring a gift they would like to receive. Ideally keep the cost under a tenner. When everyone’s there, place the presents into a bag, mix them up and open them one by one. Now, let everyone guess who brought which gift.






Dunk the Bells

Don’t be surprised if this energetic holiday game vaguely reminds you of your teenage years. To play Jingle Bell Toss, you simply throw tiny jingle bells (or sweets) into your opponent’s plastic cups. You could even decorate the cups with marker pens and cotton wool to make your own mini Santa cups!

If you’re all adults, why not add a splash of eggnog…to add to the entertainment if nothing else.






Get Three in a Row

Those old wine corks can get the Frozen makeover for this wintry version of three in a row. The secret Frozen fan in all of us can enjoy this guilty pleasure!





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Joe Browns Christmas Jumpers

The story behind the Christmas jumper

Ever wondered why we wear our love for Christmas splattered across our chest?


Sometimes in an understated vintage way…




Sometimes in a sexy ski lodge kind of way…




And sometimes in an all out I JUST LOVE CHRISTMAS kind of way…




It’s pretty impossible to say who invented the Christmas jumper as Nanas have been knitting them since – well as long as any of us can remember really.


But the fad no doubt raised its fluffly, glittery, jingly head good and proper in the 80s with the help of TV presenters like Timmy Mallett and Giles Brandreth.


xmas jumper

(This guy’s an American presenter – but after we found this pic, we couldn’t NOT include it.)


During the 90s and 00s Christmas jumpers were seen as gag gifts and something to be embarrassed about.  Everyone remembers that scene in Bridget Jones…




And it’s not surprising when the delights on offer looked like this…

uglysweater_candycane_1989 - Copy uglysweater_family


But along came the 2010’s (tens? teens?) along with a resurgence in popularity and a love for the camp woolly knit.


We recently did a survey, completed by over 5,000 people – thank you very much if you were one of them – and found out that nearly half of us, 47%,  now own a Christmas jumper!  We found it quite funny that out of those people, 10% admitted to not actually liking theirs at all.




The charity ‘Save the Children’ came up with the great idea of a Christmas Jumper Day. This year it’s on Friday 18th December – we’ll definitely be getting involved at JB HQ like last year to raise funds for such a great cause…


JB christmas

We hope you enjoyed our little Christmas jumper story.


If you still haven’t quite got your festive fix, you can shop lots of Christmassy things, for either you or your nearest and dearest here.



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