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Joe’s Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Trying to find the right Father’s Day gift can be a right ordeal, especially when he’s got everything he ‘needs’ and refuses to tell you what he actually ‘wants’.


We’re not saying for a second all guys can be pigeon-holed into 4 types of blokes (we know the best ones embrace their individuality – quirks an’ all), but we did think that by splitting them into what their styles might lean towards, could be a good starting point…


For the uber stylish distinguished gent who likes to look like the dapperest chap around…





For the casual, relaxed Dad who likes to take everything at his own pace…





For the biker Dad with a cool edge…




For the beats lovin Dad that knows how to have a good time…


Which one do you think the dad in your life would love?

Click here to shop all men’s styles.

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Five Christmas Games you HAVE to try!

In all the Christmas mahem it’s easy to forget to plan stuff to do to keep all the family entertained (especially when it’s day 4 and Uncle Geoff’s outstayed his welcome and the kids are beginning to get a bit annoying.)


So we’ve come up with a few alternative games, for when the sixth game of Monopoly is just one too many…


Candy Canes

Remember the good old days when Bowie was rocking and Bob Dylan was rolling? Well, if so you’ll have tried part of this game before. Take a Candy cane, perch it on your nose and see who can hold it the longest!






Christmas A-Z

Note the alphabet from A to Z down a sheet of paper. Ask everyone to fill in each letter with a Christmas themed word! Quickest to finish wins! Simple, but cheap and effective.

(You could maybe do with having a judge in case dad tries to cheat.)



Guess the Gift

Tell all your guests to bring a gift they would like to receive. Ideally keep the cost under a tenner. When everyone’s there, place the presents into a bag, mix them up and open them one by one. Now, let everyone guess who brought which gift.






Dunk the Bells

Don’t be surprised if this energetic holiday game vaguely reminds you of your teenage years. To play Jingle Bell Toss, you simply throw tiny jingle bells (or sweets) into your opponent’s plastic cups. You could even decorate the cups with marker pens and cotton wool to make your own mini Santa cups!

If you’re all adults, why not add a splash of eggnog…to add to the entertainment if nothing else.






Get Three in a Row

Those old wine corks can get the Frozen makeover for this wintry version of three in a row. The secret Frozen fan in all of us can enjoy this guilty pleasure!





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Christmas wrapping like a pro

Do your friends and family know which presents are from you for all the wrong reasons?

Confuse and amaze them this year, with a couple of our tips that’ll have you wrapping better than an elf on Red Bull.




1. Always measure your wrapping paper first and trim off the extra bit. To know how much you need, especially if you’ve got a massive present and you don’t want to end up wrapping yourself.  Wrap a bit of string or tape measure around the gift, then lay the string on the gift wrap and trim it to the required length.


(note: Don’t buy anyone a pumpkin for Christmas. They won’t like it.)


2. If you have trouble cutting giftwrap in a straight line, mark the paper at the edge of the sheet and fold it – then just cut along the crease. We can all just about manage that.




3. Keep all the off-cuts. Odd lengths of ribbon can come in handy to tie round the neck of a bottle – great for a quick and easy present for the neighbour you forgot.




4. If you’re half way through wrapping and run out of paper (we’ve all been there swearing profusely), make a ‘cheat pleat’ with another bit of paper. Pretend you meant for it to look like that by putting the pleat in the middle on top of the gift.




5. When curling ribbon, remember to do it with scissors shut. Follow the natural curl of the ribbon when pulling it between your scissors and thumb. A bit of ribbon can help make a bad gift look like you’ve tried.




Have you got any more tips up your sleeve?

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Mother's Day ideas

Mother’s Day covered

Stuck for inspiration on how to treat the amazing woman in your life?


Fear not we’ve got you covered! From what to do, what to wear and what to give mum to make sure she knows just how awesome you think she is.


To do: Wine tasting
Whether she’s the kind of mum that really appreciates the subtle qualities of a well-bodied Merlot in a refined and civilised manner or would just love the excuse to get hammered with you – it’ll be an afternoon well spent.



To Wear:
Sexy Salsa Dress £49.95
Summer Days Cardigan £29.95

LD901A LK420B


Wear Them Your Way Trousers £39.95
Wild and Wonderful Shirt £34.95

TR360A  SH766A


For Mum:
Vintage Bowling Bag £24.99




To do: Horse Racing for two
Get your Joe Browns glad rags on and head to your nearest racecourse for a flutter.

ca. 1999, Del Mar, California, USA --- Horse Racing at Track --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


To wear:  
Mojave Desert Dress £39.95
My Favourite Sling Back Shoes £29.95

LD876A LF501A


Perfect Pinstripe Trousers £44.95
Savy Stitch Collar Shirt £29.95

TR365A  SH782A



For Mum:
Amazing Butterfly Blanket Shawl £24.95




To Do: A day at the seaside
It’s more than likely she took you loads as a kid, so why not take her back to one the same coasts? You can reminisce over some fish ‘n’ chips or be kids again and brace the cold sea on your toes!



To Wear:
Beautiful Boutiquey Lightweight Jacket £54.95
A Little Bit Different Jeans £34.95

LH092A LB395A


Easy Joe Jeans £42.95
Layered For Fun Top £24.95
TR362A CT603A


For Mum:
Funky Heart Necklace £17.95




To Do: A Homemade Dinner
The more personal touches the better – she’ll love the effort you’ve gone to (even if you are a horrendous cook).



To wear:
Daisy Vest £24.95
Delightful Daisy Trousers £29.95

LB391A LT620A


Funky Floral T-Shirt £19.95
Slim Joe Jeans  £42.95

TR359A TS849A



For mum:
Beautiful Bag Charm £9.95




To Do: Something you’ve never done before!
Push the boundaries and do something out of both your comfort zones, like clay pigeon shooting? Or off-roading?



To Wear:
Floral Raincoat £49.95
Patchwork Jeans £39.95

LB399A LJ278A

Crazy Cargo Pants £54.95
On Your Bike T-Shirt £19.95

TR366A TS859A


For Mum:
Remarkable Charm Bracelet £14.95



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Gift Guide For Men

Joe’s Gift Guide for Guys

Guys, whether they’re Dads, Grandads, Brothers or Husbands, are notoriously hard to buy for.


Finding something they’ll genuinely get excited about can be virtually impossible, so for any guy in your life that’s a bit of a free-thinker and likes to live life to the full, we’ve got him covered…


For the beats man: 


GH135AGH137A GH136A

Vinyl Rockabilly Coasters £14.95
V Bookends £14.95
Vinyl Bowl £14.95 

AD519A        TS826A TS828A    TS840A TS841A     TS834A

Kurt Cobain Record Bag £34.95
Lose Yourself T-Shirt  £19.95
Beat City T-Shirt £17.95
Rockin Out Christmas T-Shirt £16.95
All About Hendrix T-Shirt £22.95
Play It Loud T-Shirt £17.95



For the Bikes Man:

AD461A (1)   GH138AGH140A  ML041A


Laid Back Wallet On A Chain £11.95
Triumph Sign £17.95
Triumph Mug and Coaster Set  £14.95
Leather Biker Jacket £190.00

CT580A (1)   TS818A

CT577A         TS831A TS838A  CT569A

Hit the Road Top £19.95
Riders T-Shirt £17.95
Speed Demon Zip Through Hoody £44.95
Open Road T-Shirt £19.95
Vintage Biker T-Shirt £17.95
Ride of Your Life Top £19.95



For the Boards man:
(Be it on waves or snow!) 


BJ621A   GF825AGH023A TS819A



Leather Plaited Surfer Bracelet £7.95
Pura Vida Sign £9.95
Dance Like No One is Watching Sign £9.95
Voyage Cove T-Shirt £19.95 

CT570A  CT570B  CT575A     JA209A  MK120A   MK122A

Double the Distance Top Blue £24.95
Double the Distance Top Brown £24.95
Pow Hoody £39.95
Have a Blast Coat £69.95
Funky Funnel Knitwear £39.95
Hit the Slopes Jumper £39.95



Still not sure?


Have a browse through more of our menswear here.

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