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Boxing day walk

The Best Boxing Day Walk Outfits

Boxing Day? Christmas Eve? Or maybe Christmas Day?  Does your family go for a traditional annual walk on mass over the Christmas break?


If so, get all the family complementing you on how gorgeous you look this year in your sexy new outfit from yours truly.


Which one takes your fancy…


Smart and Classic
Mystical Enchantment Coat £84.95 
Stand Out From The Crowd Boots £69.95


lf552a wj035a




Dark and Edgy
New Create Your Own Look Coat £64.95
Louise’s Favourite Boots £59.95


wj015a lf557a





Funky and Furry
Funky Fur Trim Floral Parker £74.95
Distressed Leather Lace Up Boots £69.95


lf553a wj023a





Delightful and Distinctive
Distinctive Coat £79.95
Funky Aztec Biker Boots £54.95 


lf522a wj042a

Mystical and Magical
Mysterious Velvet Coat £89.95
Eye Catching OverThe Knee Boots £54.95 



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one tunic four looks

One Tunic Four Looks

Don’t you just love it when you’ve got one thing in your wardrobe that you feel amazing in, works for loads of occasions and everyone comments on it when you wear it.




It can be a bit of an effort though thinking up new ways to style it differently to keep your look feeling fresh.


So we’ve taken one of our favourites the Distinctive Flocked Tunic (£39.95) and subtly styled it in 4 different ways…



For a special night out…

These lacey leggings and booties add a real touch of glamour and with a gorgeous statement necklace you’re ready to roll.


wc058a bj661awb021a   lf526a


Lacey Leggings £34.95 
Stunning Leaf Necklace £17.95
Unique Boutique Lace Bootees £49.95



A fun day out…

Teamed with a ripped pair of jeans, flat comfy boots and this stylish day bag you’ve got a really effortless look that still packs a punch.


wc058a    ad562a      wb010a   lf552a


The Remarkable Patchwork Bag £36.95
Stand Out From The Crowd Boots £69.95
Rock and Roll Jeans £44.95



Spontaneous drinks with the girls…

For more of  a statement look we’ve gone for luxurious velvet boot-cut trousers and boots with a cool fedora. If no one compliments you in this outfit – we’ll eat our hat!


wc058a    wb016a lf542a     ha613a

Bootcut Velvet Trousers ££39.95
Magical Velvet Bootees £39.95
Remarkable Fedora £17.95 



A Cosy pub lunch…

For those days when you want to feel all snug and warm, but still look great, these casual leggings, riding boots and flattering chunky knit cardigan are perfect.


wc058a    lb177c lf550a    wk026a


Enchantment Cardigan £54.95 
Beautiful Basic Leggings £9.95 
Stylish Lace Back Riding Boots £79.95


Which look do you love most?

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Warehouse Clearance Outfits that wow!

We all love a bargain! So we’ve put some gorgeous outfits together, for either a daytime shindig or an evening one, at some equally gorgeous guilt-free prices…Enjoy!


For the Ladies:


Day Out


ld876a    lk431aad542a_back  lf485a



Night Out


bj622a      la137a lb393b    lf470a


Funky Heart Necklace Now £8.95 Was £17.95
Oriental Kimono Now £9.95 Was £34.95
Must Have Jeans (black) Now £14.95 Was £29.95
Suede Fringed Boots Now £41.95 Was £84.95
TOTAL: £75.80



For the guys…


Day out

mk118a    ts880a   fw207a_back   tr359a

First Tracks Hoody Now £29.95 Was £59.95
Legends T-Shirt Now £11.95 Was £24.95
Easy Livin Suede Shoes Now £19.95 Was £39.95
Slim Joe Jeans £19.95 Was £42.95
TOTAL: £81.80



Night Out 

fw195a   ja215a sh766a    tr357b


Laid Back Leather Loafers Now £19.95 Was £49.95
Wild One Waistcoat Now £21.95 Was £44.95
Wild and Wonderful Shirt Now £16.95 Was £34.95
Slim Fit Joe Jeans Now £19.95 Was £44.95
TOTAL: £78.80



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Ways to inspire

Ways to Inspire…

We’d never try and tell you how you should wear your new JB dress, tunic or shirt – that’s how you make it individual to you and express who you are. But if you’re anything like us (which we reckon you are) you love to get inspiration from all around you and how someone else styles up an outfit can spark an awesome idea using what you already have (or plan to soon have!) in your wardrobe.


So here’s how our designers would style up the Mystical Enchantment Short Jacket for different occasions to get those creative juices flowing…






For Work

The Understated Tie Neck Blouse is the perfect partner for a smarter look. We love its peter pan collar and ribbon tie and you can’t go wrong with plain black Must Have Jeans. Add a bit of contrast on your feet with the Make a Statement Shoe boots.

LF536A_SIDE_1 WA001A WB017A WJ019A_no_shirt




For a walk in the country 

The My Favourite Ankle boots have a cool military style and with a borg lining are so comfy for long autumnal walks. We’d wack on a pair of Perfect Patch Pocket Jeans and The Epitome Top for an effortlessly fun and relaxed look. The Mystical Enchantment Jacket adds a touch of sophistication to complete the look – perfect for when you stumble upon a pub along the way!

LF559A_SIDE_2 WB013A WT020A              WJ019A_no_shirt




For shopping and bevvies

Love that feeling when someone stops you in the street to ask you where you got your outfit from? Prepare yourself for this feeling in this outfit. The Inspiring Print Dress is so eye-catching with its feel-good floral design it’s bound to turn heads. It goes perfectly with Beautiful Basic Leggings and the All New Remarkable Boots are both easy and elegant. With the addition of the light weight versatile jacket your classy look is complete!

LF533B_SIDE_2 WB004A WD006A WJ019A_no_shirt



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Crazy Commutes

Crazy commutes

For no other reason than we want you to check these out because they’re really cool  – look how some people get to work in the mornings…


In the city of Funchal in Madeira you can toboggan into the office.




So you might be lucky enough to cycle to work, but how awesome would it be to get a little lift on your bike like the guys in Trondheim, Norway, who take the Sykkelheisen Trampe. 

The sykkelheisen Trampe bicycle lift in Trondheim, Norway



Google’s private commuter ferry, the Triumphant, takes workers between San Francisco and the company’s Silicon Valley campus – alright for some.




How much fun would it be to wave down at everyone stuck in traffic as you flew above them? New Yorkers can who take the Roosevelt Island Tramway over the East River to Manhattan.

Roosevelt Island Tramway



OK so this one’s not that different to your average tube, but it would mix things up a little if one or two were diagonal like the Carmelit in Haifa, Israel, especially if you were hungover.

The Carmelit



No, this is not a roller-coaster, some people in the Vohwinkel district of Wuppertal, Germany take an elevated train (or upside-down train as we think it should be called) into work.

Elevated train in the Wuppertal



Not a lover of mornings or steps? You want to head to Medellín in Colombia for its outdoor escalators – lazy or genius? We think genius.




How would you like to get to work in the morning?

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Recipe Sweet peppers

The Simple Recipe For A Sizzling Summer Barbeque…

Joe’s back again with the BBQ tips!


We’re all about the fun in the sun and it would be a crime not to take advantage of this wonderful weather we’ve had of late! So we’ve put together the music, the food and the gear to get this barbie started!


Joe’s Perfect Playlist

Summertime – Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff,
Sweet Like Cola – Lou Bega
Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People,
You Get What You Give – New Radicals
Sing – Travis
Air Balloon – Lilly Allen
Start – The Jam
Golden Brown – The Stranglers
Two Fingers – Jake Bugg
Living For The Weekend – Hard-Fi


Which songs would you add to our playlist?



What To Wear


Fellas…here’s our perfect barbie look.


The Laid Back Corded Trilby £11.95 (was £19.95) is perfect for the summer sunshine! Whilst the pattern on the All Over Me tee £7.95 (was £16.95) is inspired by some of our favourite pin-ups of all time!


Combine these with the Crazy Cargo Shorts £29.95 (was £49.95) and you’ll have as many pockets as you need to keep the tinnies, tongs and anything else you may need in!


Finish off the look with these timeless Enjoy The Ride blue suede shoes £19.95 (were £29.95). You’re already onto a winner!




Don’t worry ladies, we’ve got you covered too!


Smoulder in our Sexy Senorita Dress, compete with a flattering pleated waist and floral pattern that will wow all your guests! You’ll be surprised yourself, with the dress coming in at £21.95 (was £44.95).


Team it with the Laid Back Wedges, which will suit almost any outfit! Bargain buy at just £21.95, down from £34.95!





Joe’s Potential Party Games

Lawn Twister – Twister…but on your lawn!



Beer Pong – A classic for all to enjoy – take your drink of your choice and throw your way to glory!



Catch the balloon – Spread out in a circle, and throw a water balloon around the group, if it bursts on you, you lose! (At least you’ll still be cool!)


Water Balloons



Food – Perfect Peppers


4 peppers halved lengthways through the stalk and deseeded

1 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil, plus extra to drizzle

2 x 125g balls mozzarella, sliced

2 tbsp black olive, chopped

1 tbsp chopped oregano

2 garlic clove, crushed

Recipe Sweet peppers




Heat the barbecue to hot. Rub the outside of the peppers all over with the olive oil.


Stuff the peppers with the mozzarella, olives, oregano and garlic, and drizzle with a touch more olive oil, if you like.


Wack on the barbecue, stuffed-side up for 12-15 mins until the pepper is nicely charred


Joe’s Top Tip – If you want that extra BBQ taste cover the pepper’s with a roasting tin!




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Euros 2016: What to do if you’re not a footie fan

Prefer rugby, tennis or races? Or none of the above?

Take advantage of some ‘me’ time while everyone else is crowded round the telly indoors and try something you’ve not done before.

Here’s some of our ideas to get you going…


  1. Go to a free music festival.
  2. Do a walking tour of your city.
  3. Pick strawberries.
  4. Go stargazing on a warm Summer night.
  5. Pick wildflowers.
  6. Take a road trip to the nearest beach or lake.
  7. Ride a bike.
  8. Go canoeing.
  9. Practice yoga in a park.
  10. Visit relatives.
  11. Throw a BBQ for friends who also don’t like footie.
  12. Take a day hiking trip.
  13. Play minigolf.
  14. Go camping.
  15. Fly a kite.
  16. Visit the library.
  17. Take a walk and listen to a podcast.
  18. Learn how to juggle.
  19. Pack a picnic.
  20. Join a recreational sports team.
  21. Go fishing.
  22. Visit a free museum.
  23. Take photographs of nature.
  24. Go to the zoo.
  25. Skip rocks at a pond.
  26. Plan your next holiday
  27. Try your hand at sculpting or pottery.
  28. Do some gardening.
  29. Have a water balloon fight.
  30. Play in the sprinkler.
  31. Feed the ducks.
  32. Make tie-dyed t-shirts.
  33. Smack some balls at a driving range.
  34. Make DIY gifts for friends and family.
  35. Tour a brewery.
  36. Go see a Summer movie.
  37. Paint outdoor landscapes.
  38. Make a slip and slide in your garden.
  39. Find fun shapes in the clouds.
  40. Build a sandcastle.
  41. Make an awesome summer playlist.
  42. Go Geocaching
  43. People watch.
  44. Ride a roller coaster.
  45. Collect seashells.
  46. Press flowers to make bookmarks.
  47. Buy ice cream from a truck.
  48. Paint your toenails with bright Summer colors.
  49. Dance in the rain.
  50. Paint your furniture.
  51. Go to the farmers market.
  52. Have an outdoor tea party.
  53. Make wishes in a fountain.


Anymore ideas??

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The Best Outdoor Activities for this summer!

Over in the states they’re calling June the ‘Great Outdoors Month’. Yeah, we know there’s always a month and a day for literally everything, but we rather liked this one!




So we came up with, what we thought, were the funnest ways to get out and about in what WILL BE the best British summer ever!


Which one takes your fancy?



1.) Caving

The Cheese Press. Caving Sessions in The Yorkshire dales

If a claustrophobic journey down the dark gullet of the unfortunately named Giant’s Hole sounds like your cup of tea, then you should check out the Peak District’s Acclimbatize, a caving expedition service run by subterranean enthusiasts Duncan and Daryl.



2.) Wakeboarding


It may not have suffered the crippling overexposure of surfing or skateboarding, but wakeboarding (a cross between freestyle snowboarding and waterskiing) is a big deal – popular enough to claim over three million participants globally. There’s places all over the UK to give this a go.



3.)  Quad biking


A bike ride may be healthier, a stroll may be more romantic, but nothing matches a quad biking session for sheer adrenaline-fuelled elation. The boisterous four-wheelers can be rented all across the British countryside, but one that is highly recommended is Dulais Valley in Wales.



4. Rock climbing


A two-and-a-half-mile stretch of gritstone crags, set amid the rolling hills of the Peak District, Stanage Edge is legendary among the climbing community.



5.) Horseriding on the beach


There’s nothing like a ride on horseback along the sands to blow away the cobwebs – and the gorgeous Silecroft Beach, stretching for miles along the edge of the Lake District, is an idyllic spot.


6.) Flying and gliding


Find inspiration for an airborne adventure on the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association’s website.



7.) Clay shooting


As opposed to its more bellicose American counterpart, the NRA (National Rifle Association) of the United Kingdom is no more than a motley bunch of benign enthusiasts, whose clay shooting centre at Bisley is steeped in 120 years of sporting history.



8.) River tubing


River tubers are strapped into an inflatable seat and must manoeuvre through a series of cascading ‘staircase’ rapids and pools, using only their hands – Go on, dare you!

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Alternative fathers day

Alternative things to do on Father’s Day

Having a last minute panic for what to do for Father’s Day?


We’ve scoured high and low to find some different cool things to do to get you thinking!



Birmingham – Beer and Butchery Course

There’s a place called Beckett’s Farm where you learn from the head chef how to joint a whole chicken and French trim a three-bone rack of pork. After that there’s a beer and cider tasting session with the people at Purity Ale Brewery. You’ll even get to take the chicken and your boning knife home!





London – A Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea

You can treat your dad (or fella on behalf of the kids again) to a special afternoon tea that’s been especially designed for blokes.

The Athenaeum’s menu is made up of ‘manly’ nibbles like wild boar sausage rolls, mini steak and ale pies and cheddar and bacon scones accompanied with single malt scotch.

Or The Churchill Bar is doing a ‘Cocktails and Cigars’ experience where you enjoy traditional British food from a menu featuring many of Churchill’s favourite dishes and then you choose a cigar from the bespoke humidor and smoke it on the terrace next to a bronze statue of the man himself.


Afternoon Tea



Cornwall – Hire a Classic Car
If your budget can’t stretch to actually buying him the classic car he’s been talking about for years, why not treat him to hiring one for the day and explore the winding lanes of the Cornish countryside with the wind in your hair (and his if he has any).


 classic car hire



Wales- Camping and Foraging

Does your dad fancy himself as a bit of a Bear Grylls type? Well if he loves nothing more than stomping around a muddy forest bed, with a stick in one hand and a map in the other, then Fungi Forays, Parc le Breos and Llys Meddyg all offer variable packages for foragers looking for an outdoor food and plant-picking adventure.


Boy Scout dads



Scotland – Land Yachting Experience

For the dad’s that like to think they’ve ‘still got it’ then get them to put their money where their mouth is and take them land yachting on beautiful St Andrews West Sands.

It combines the thrill of sailing and the adrenalin buzz of motor racing in a three wheel buggy with sails that can travel at up to 30 mph.

land yachting


What have you got planned for your dad?

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All About Denim

All About Denim

To Double Denim or not? Here is the question!


We’ve never been totally sure about going all out and wearing denim head to toe. But each to their own as they say…


What we would rather do, in a true Joe Browns way, is add a touch of denim and mix other fabrics into our outfits to achieve a look that remains trendy but individual.


Just add shoes!

These shoes are a great way to add a denim touch to your ensemble without going overboard with denim.

LF485B     LF513A
San Antonio Mules £29.95
Funky Espadrilles £19.95


Our tip: wear them with white jeans to make them stand out.



Make denim the focal point

A nice denim dress allows you to make a statement without having to think about what you’re wearing. Easy to wear, just add your favourite pair of flats or wedges and you’re good to go.

These come full of details with embroideries, hitched hems and lace detailing adding a touch of sophistication to what could have been a casual look.


LD910A-cropped           LD929A-cropped           LD943A-cropped


(From left to right)
Devine Denim Dress £59.95 
Day Dream Denim Dress £59.95
Delightful Denim Dress £44.95


Our tip: add chunky jewellery and an oversized bag.



Summer denim

For warmer days, denim shorts and dungarees can be teamed with a simple vest top for a laid-back, quirky style.


LB394A-cropped      LB404A (1)     LC973A-cropped


Festival Fun Dungarees £34.95
Dungaree Tunic £34.95
Funky Festival Shorts £29.95


Our tip: they look great with flip-flops and a straw hat.



Denim for the guys

A fail safe option for men is to wear a denim jacket over a graphic t-shirt. Ours is customised and looks great with a pair of chinos.

And to take denim into the evening, a long sleeve shirt and black jeans are just the ticket.


JA224A     SH772A

Badged Up Denim Jacket £59.95
Distinctive Denim Shirt £39.95



Our tip: Don’t forget your aviators when you’re rocking this look in the summer.


How do you wear denim?


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