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Bloggers are living a colourful life with Joe!

To celebrate longer days, warmer nights and an explosion of colour back in our wardrobes we teamed up with a load of cool bloggers from all over the country to help us Live a More Colourful Life.


We sent them all their favourite item from the new Joe Browns collection and challenged them to take a picture of it against the most colourful background they could find (or create).


They certainly didn’t disappoint…


That Dapper Chap

Craig went for the Forever Free Shirt at £34.95.

12912767_494356154086409_750904548_n   SH768A

Read Craig’s full review here.




Nuria opted for the Beautiful Butterfly Top at £24.95

12912311_254528361546726_1736951256_n    LT622A

Read Ruria’s full review here.



Faded Spring 

Ana styled up the Papagayo Shirt Dress £34.95

1661012_453453798192498_1840590276_n LD872A

Read Ana’s full review here.


Mandy Charlton Photography

Mandy went for the Pretty Vintage T-Bar Shoes £34.95

12940257_268388900158847_1539233924_n   LF490A

Read Mandy’s full review here.




Georgia went for the delicate Sentorini Shirt Dress £34.95

12530909_1526310217674817_1850391398_n  LD865A (1)

Read Georgia’s full review here.



Sunset Desires

Lucy picked the Funky Festival Palazzo Pants £29.95

12934884_465303143669946_2033659292_n  LB383A



Queen Beady

Bee chose the Chill Out Gypsy Blouse £34.95

12918558_1682189432055820_1184068035_n LA146A

Read Bee’s full review here.



Midwife and Life

Jenny got creative with the Dungaree Tunic £34.95

12677240_1680218582229210_1093100570_n LC973A

Read Jenny’s full review here.



A Little Luxury

Erica went for the Tamarindo Dress £34.95

12501850_989648191071149_1354395933_n LD856B




Vanity and Me 

Laurie opted for the Carnival Tunic £39.95

12519120_486458501544525_1506914422_n LC976A

Read Laurie’s full review here.



Fashion For Royals 

Archana cherry-picked the Dragonfly Dress £34.95

12328365_146336799094193_452395792_n LD863A

Read Archana’s full review here.



Over 40 and a mum to one

Mary picked the Mix It Up Jersey Tunic £29.95

10986105_1711943912424822_1738862800_n LC958A

Read Mary’s full review here.




Carolin accessorized the Summer Day Dress £24.95


Read Carolin’s full review here.



Ellie James 

Ellie went for the Laid Back Wedge Sandals £34.95

12905294_485423191668197_17444145_n   LF496A



Monkey and Mouse 

Jenny picked the Green Goddess Wrap Dress £34.95

12917806_1019944751409632_1054926822_n   LD864A

Read Jenny’s full review here.



Grace Olivia 

Grace wrapped up in the Relaxed Printed Hoody £34.95

12934898_1579910295656171_1346469375_n LH090A

Read Grace’s full review here.



Californian Mum in London 

Elfa picked the Marvellous Mosaic Cardigan £34.95

12751436_206854316351523_1242405120_n LK425A

Read Elfa’s full review here.



Wings of Northern Wind

Sara went for the Floral Raincoat £49.95

12912444_1559785151017853_1693021537_n(1) LJ278A

Read Sara’s full review here.



Jacquard Flower 

Gemma opted for the Oriental Wrap Jersey Dress £34.95

12816842_1079504895425328_721809010_n  LD857A

Read Gemma’s full review here.



We want to say a HUGE thank you to all the amazing bloggers that took part in our ‘Live a Colourful Life’ campaign. You all clearly went to loads of effort with your pics and as a result, they look awesome!


If you’d like to WIN  one of the colourful items featured above, follow us on Instagram here.

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Colourful Experiences

We live in a colourful world and we love to get involved with all things bright and beautiful- But we’re not the only ones! Take a look at these vibrant experiences people get involved with all the time! Maybe you can too…


The Great Barrier Reef- Australia

We’ve all heard of the Great Barrier Reef, famous for over 1,400 miles of coral reefs, fish and sea life. It’s so big and so colourful the reef can be seen from outer space! Millions of tourists visit it every year to see this phenomenal display of colour and life. You could go out in a glass bottom boat, see it all on a helicopter ride or get up close and personal and go diving in the reefs.

We’d love to swim into this little guy!



Mardi Gras- New Orleans, USA

Another festival, but this one lasts around two whole weeks. Parades and masquerade balls are central to this festival which ends on Shrove Tuesday, or Fat Tuesday. People don colourful masks and costumes and take to the streets to dance and party while the parade floats go by. People on the floats toss “throws” into the crowds including bright, multicoloured beads, doubloons (coins) and Moon Pies. When it’s all over the only sign of Mardi Gras is the beads hanging from the trees.

mardi gras


Gathering of Nations – Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Gathering of Nations is exactly that. A Pow Wow for Native Americans to get together to celebrate and share their culture and traditions. It’s a three day event filled with dancing, drums and incredible costumes. Huge feathered headdresses, beads and painted faces, everyone is bold and fabulous. They even have a nation of Native American motorcyclists who ride in an event called Red Thunder Rolling which is used to raise funds and awareness to keep the culture alive.

Cool huh?


Gathering of Nations


Las Vegas- Nevada, USA

Viva Las Vegas! The City of Lights is approximately 4.2 miles of some of the world’s largest hotels and casinos. When we say largest hotels we mean it! Some of them have shopping malls, their own casinos, theatres, nightclubs and even rollercoasters!  Not too far from the strip, there’s the Grand Canyon- a gorgeous natural attraction brimming with bold and beautiful colours.



Springtime- Everywhere!

Here’s one we can all get involved with. Springtime brings flowers, trees and newborn wildlife. Bursting with bluebells, lush green grass and tiny fluffy yellow ducklings, this is easily one of the most beautiful times of year wherever you are. It’s a great time to take a stroll in the country and see everything Mother Nature has to offer.



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colourful waters

Colourful Waters

Fancy seeing something new?


Everyone knows about the 7 wonders of the world, but check out 7 of some of the most colourful waters of the world!


(We apologize now for the red one – it does look a bit gross).



Lake Hillier, Australia

This looks like something from Willy Wonkers Chocolate Factory that should taste of bubble gum or candyfloss. We love it. It’s on Middle Island, the largest of the islands that make up the Recherche Archipelago off the coast of Esperance.


No one really knows why it’s pink. Scientists reckon that the colour comes from a dye created by bacteria that lives in the salt crusts (or that’s what they want us to think, so they can keep all the bubble gum for themselves!)




Kelimutu (Three coloured Lake), Eastern Indonesia

These three crater lakes are sat on the same volcanic peak as each other yet are completely different colours – blue, green and red (which sometimes looks green like in our pic). This is the only place on earth where this amazing colour variation takes place.


For centuries local people have believed that the lakes are the spiritual resting place of their ancestors and that they change colour according to the mood of the spirit.





Perito Moreno, Argentina

This lake gets its vibrant turquoise colour from light reflecting off suspended glacier ice melt particles. Pretty cool!





Blood Falls, Antarctica

This glacier regularly pours out red liquid, making it look like the ice is bleeding – eurgh.


(For the science geeks – according to National Geographic: The “falls” are actually a brine, or salt water, mixed with iron from the bedrock below. As bacteria slowly chew the rock, the iron is released into the brine. The salt water and iron combination creates a distinct rust colour when it mixes with oxygen as it reaches the surface. Every day’s a school day.)


Blood Falls


Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

If you asked a kid to draw you a lake, they’d probably draw you one this colour. It’s an amazing glacial blue that keeps it’s colour from the glacier’s rock particles. With the stunning snowcapped mountains in the backdrop it makes a pretty cool picture.


Pukaki lake and Southern Alps, New Zealand



Lake Retba, Senegal

Also called ‘Lac Rose’ this lake gets its colour because of algae in the water, which is attracted by a high salt content. And when we say high, we mean high – it’s 40% salt – which apparently makes it easy to float in.  We know what we’re adding to our bucket list!



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