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Bring on the occasion

Family and friends are great at dropping last minute events on your lap – be it a celebratory lunch with grandparents, a Christening for baby Jim or drinks with the In-laws.


loz n dan


But fear not! We’ve got timeless pieces you can adapt for future occasions that’ll see you through day to night and keep you prepared for all the events spring will bring!


For the Lady…


50’s Garden Party Dress £39.95                       Gorgeous Corsage Summer Wedges £34.95


LD688                     LF434A



Beautiful Beaded X-Body Bag £24.95




And for the Gent…



The Distinguished Waistcoat £39.95                        Straight Joe Jeans £39.95


JA188A TR345A



 Play The Game Tie £24.95                                              Joe’s Classic Shirt £29.95

HA535A                         SH645A



Must Have Suede Desert Boots £49.95


So get your glad rags on and bring on the party!






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AW14 Menswear Collection

Adele our menswear buyer reveals all about the new Autumn range


I’m really proud of how the collection has turned out this season and I really believe it underpins the Joe Browns ‘love life’ attitude, with something to fit every man’s needs, combining all the best things in life!


Why follow trends when you can set your own? If you’re sick of wearing the same old boring clothing then don’t worry – the new collection has it all covered off.


Based on all our favourite pastimes – we just love the freedom of bikes, music and the great outdoors  -you’ll find the range has a bit of something for all life’s adventures.


It’s full of timeless clothing for real men – with an eclectic mix of relaxed tailoring and comfortable casuals – all with the usual Joe Browns twists, including quirky prints and great detailing


Many items have a slightly ‘lived in’ feel, giving you great versatility to easily dress items up or down.  The ‘washed and worn’ element is great for a relaxed, confident feel – great for a chilled-out occasion.


You’ll find great contrasting styling in our tailoring that simply oozes personality. Check out the Mix it Up Blazer, £89.95 and matching waistcoat, £42.95 for a really smart tweed fabric with a fabulous blue check and a fun contrast lining.

ja170b ja172a1


We’ve also introduced some true English eccentric touches such as mix and match buttons and trims, as well as funky pull out linings into our blazer pockets in quirky, fun fabrics – so now there’s no need to buy a handkerchief when you’ve got one already built in!


There’s a grungy element to parts of our collection too with the introduction of some really rich fabrics and genuine leathers which also add a touch of attitude.


Finally take a look at the tees – we’ve some great bike-themed styles and Steve McQueen, Che Guevara and Bob Marley even make a guest appearance this season!


Choosing a couple of my favourite items from the collection was really hard (as I of course love it all 🙂 ), but, if pushed, I‘d have to single out the new Complete The Look Blazer (£79.95) which gives our humble blazer a funky twist. For the maximum in versatility, the knitted insert collar is detachable, so it’s perfect for dressing up or down. I also love our Cut About Check Shirt (£39.95). It’s extremely wearable and will carry you through the seasons and there’s certainly nothing dull about it – it’s a great key item for livening up your winter wardrobe! (And bound to stir up some comments from the lads down the pub!).


ja164a sh593a



Joe Browns isn’t just about clothing it’s about attitude, an attitude towards how you live your life. We wanted to create something special something that allows you to make the most of your passions, living a free and fun-filled life.  Hopefully we’ve achieved this in Autumn 2014.


Adele, Head of Menswear


Watch our menswear video:


Here’s a few behind the scenes shots, on location at Dalby Forest situated on the southern slopes of the North York Moors. (We like to keep it local!)


shot-1_043 shot-1_073

shot-2_020 shot-6-beach_401

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My ‘No Dad!’ Moment…

To celebrate Father’s Day, Joe Brown’s marketing queen Tracey shares a story of why our Dads have us saying ‘Oh No!’ far too often but we love them all the same…


This all happened quite a long time ago – well 17 years ago last week to be exact. Met Craig – love of my life – had plenty of dates, decided we actually quite liked each other enough to, well, spend the rest of our lives together. So we got really drunk in Paris one weekend and got engaged atop the Eiffel Tower – very cheesy nowadays but actually quite classy at the time – plus it was me down on one knee not him so you can perhaps be a bit more forgiving! (The pics below are of course much more up to date than this but we had no lovely digital camera in those days!)




We organised a lovely wedding at a hotel in Ilkley on May 25th 1997 (we’re not really religious, it had a bar and great food, as well as lots of space for dancing and plenty of merriment!). It had rained all week but just like magic, the day came and the sun shone brilliantly.




The day was just amazing – it’s the only day in your life when anyone who has ever meant anything to you is in the same room at the same time – just for you. Mind blowing! The ceremony went off like a treat, the speeches were hilarious, and the gardens were great for pics in the sunshine … (gosh, how young we look!).. and Uncle Peter had been busily videoing us with dad’s new Sony Camcorder throughout the day. We should have really paid for a professional cameraman but somehow this got overlooked in all the excitement.




So, onto the honeymoon. Picture this….. we’d already done LA (such a cool place), San Francisco (loved it and spent three extra days there) and Yosemite National Park (just stunning!) and we’d just arrived at the Grand Canyon – ready for the helicopter ride of our lives (if you ever go – just do it – it’s amazing!!).


I remember getting out of the car to take a look at the scenery, and seeing Craig pick up my dad’s camcorder (generously lent to us to record even more of our special time together), I just knew he was filming my backside. So, being the mistrustful woman that I am, I hastily got back in the car and took the camera from him in order to rewind it and tape back over something which I felt should not form part of any normal honeymoon video. I couldn’t however stop myself from checking out what my bottom actually did look like (after all you never really get to see it do you?) and at the end of the footage, there it was…..the very end of the best man’s speech!


I sat there puzzled – how did that get there? – then it slowly dawned on me that this was the actual tape of my actual wedding. The one and the only tape! Dad had lent us the camcorder and forgotten to change the tape to a blank one. OMG!! ‘No DAD!!!!!’


What a day – it was the best day and one of the worst days of my life all rolled into one! As you can imagine, my dad has taken some real stick for this over the years – but he’s still one of the men that makes my world go round – as, incidentally is hubby 17 years on!

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Free as a bird

We find out why stunt rider, model & actress Chesca Miles never has to work a day in her life.


How did you get into your job?
I started riding as a hobby but it soon took over my life!


What do you enjoy about your job?
When I am on my bike, I feel as free as a bird. Someone once told me if you can find a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life again – that is exactly how I feel.


Where is your favourite place in the world?
The Bahamas. It’s so relaxing and beautiful. Plus they have cinnamon tic tacs, which I have never found anywhere else in the world.


What are you most passionate about?
My singing and acting is something I have loved since I can remember, it’s deep rooted inside of me.


See Chesca in action in our Freedom Rocks Video:

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Freedom Rocks!

It’s about stepping just far enough outside of your comfort zone to make a change. It’s the feeling of euphoria, when you catch the biggest wave of the day. It’s the choice to be with who you want, wear what you want and live how you want.


We asked you when you feel most free and here’s what you said:


When I was in Peru, I did a 4 day hike to Machu Picchu. I was in the mountains, completely stripped back to basics, with no way of communicating with anyone. The view was so stunning – I have never felt so free! – Ellie Sharkey


Exploring with my guys this summer in Sweden, no mobiles, no internet, total escapism! – Jenny Brown


Hitting the water and paddling out gives me a freedom like nothing else. even if there are only a few waves it doesn’t matter – it’s about being out there in the water with no worries and a definite feeling that you’re part of something bigger. – Rich Olsen


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