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3 men and their toys

3 men and their toys

We love nothing more at Joe Browns HQ, then heading off on an adventure in our (sometimes) sunny Yorkshire surroundings!


This is exactly what 3 guys from the office did and we got Ben to tell us all about it! Take it away Ben…




“A couple of weeks ago myself (web Ben) along with part of the Browns Family – Tony and Will, took part in the Ripon Revolution Sportive.



Both myself and Tony were taking our new investments out for a spin and had one heck of a good day. It was over 4-and-a-half hours of pure sunshine, amazing views and good banter.




We took in some amazing scenery that you never get to see usually and it turns out Tony is an actual machine on the bike and I had a right job keeping up to him.


I had a nice fall at a junction, burnt my legs, arms and went home with really sore feet, but it was organised amazingly and was such good fun!  Wish I could do it every Sunday.


We’re already looking for the next event but first I’m going to get some new cycling shoes that don’t kill my feet!


See you out on the tarmac people.”




Cracking effort boys.



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Favourite colours

Our favourite colours

We (obviously) love everything when the new season launches, but even we have our favourites.


We grabbed a couple of the guys from the office to tell us what colours from the spring summer collection caught their eyes first…



I like the vibrant colour and the over-sized design of the flowers. It matches my inked-up sleeves!



Full Of Life Floral Shirt £34.95




Camel is unusual for this type of jacket and I like to stand out.




Any Day of the Week Jacket £59.95




I  really like the bold burgundy colour with contrasting detail – they surprisingly go with loads.



Must Have Suede Desert Boots £54.95




I love making a statement and what better way to do it than in hot pink!




Sweet Carolina Shoes £34.95 


All my favourite things come in pastel colours – marshmallows, love hearts, parma violets – and now this bag!




Stunning Retro Handbag £39.95



What colours have caught your eye?

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Tips for getting out of bed

Joe’s guide to make getting out of bed in the morning that little bit easier


  1. Drink Up

No we don’t mean get plastered the night before – even though some guys in the office might swear by it. We’re talking about the good stuff – water. Have enough so you need a wee in the morning, but not too much so you need to get out of the bed in the middle of the night.





  1. Open the curtains

Most people have a hard time sleeping when the room’s bright, so open your blinds/curtains/ towel that’s hanging up over the window the night before and let in some natural rays.





  1. Set your alarm clock to your favourite song

You know that feeling when someone’s phone rings and it’s the same sound of your alarm clock – it makes you feel a little bit sick? Avoid this and that sinking, negative feeling when you hear a horrible buzzing or chiming first thing in the morning. Get your alarm clock to play your favourite song – you never know you might end up dancing round the bedroom.


Young woman dancing on bed



  1. Leave your alarm clock away from the bed

Yes, this is a form of torture, but it works. The hardest bit about getting up is the getting out of bed bit. Once you’ve done that, you’re half way there and you’ll have more time to get ready cause you won’t have smashed the snooze button 9 times.


Hand under blanket reaching out for alarm clock, shallow depth of field focus on foreground



  1. Have a snack

Not a full on gorge fest – just a little one (that’s easy to digest like yoghurt, milk or nuts). Apparently one of the reasons we feel groggy in the morning is because we haven’t eaten in so long.


Snack before bed



  1. Eat again when you wake up

Not everyone can stomach it, but if you can manage a big breakfast – go for it. For the same reason above – your body’s hungry!


Mega breakfast



  1. COFFEE!!

Hold the front page. OK, so it’s not exactly the discovery of the century – but caffeine in the morning couldn’t not be on this list.


young happy business man holding a funny huge and oversized cup of black coffee in caffeine addiction concept isolated on even blackground




  1. Exercise

Great for getting the good old endorphins going! If you can’t quite muster up the energy for a spin class at the gym, some jumping jacks or sit ups are a great start.





  1. Plan something fun

If you know you’re getting up to do something you love it’ll be loads easier – like when you’re going on holiday. Unless you’re Richard Branson, you’re probably not doing that every day, so you could read, play a video game,  make something or call and catch up with a mate – definitely arrange it first though or you could run out of friends to call pretty quick.


spring out of bed



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Pain vs Pleasure

OK, by no means are we even remotely qualified in personal training/nutrition or what you should or shouldn’t be doing in relation to your health. So please don’t take this literally!


We just know that after a long day of making cool clothes, we like to unwind with a drink and if you’re on a health kick this Jan – this will either put you off ever drinking again OR help justify that glass of wine you just can’t live without.


We’re most definitely not recommending you do a shot at your desk every half an hour – what an office that would be!









We’re intrigued – does this make you want to work out then drink, not drink at all or just kick back with a drink and not give a damn?



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How to survive the in-laws

Joe’s ultimate 10 tips to surviving the in-laws this Christmas




  1. Always have a drink to hand

When that snide remark really gets your blood boiling – just breathe and take a sip. But not too many, it’s even harder to bite your tongue when it’s well oiled.




  1. Be confident

If you’d like to do something/ eat something/ watch something – say so. You can be bitter once your suggestion’s been squashed, but not before.




  1. Ignore any negative comments (especially about your cooking)

It’s just not worth it.



  1. Look happy no matter what – glue that smile to your face

Put those drama lessons you did as a kid finally to good use.



  1. Planned Activities

Avoid conversation going down any dangerous roads like politics, by keeping everyone occupied with a board game – you could always make it a drinking game?

board game


  1. Bring a gift

Flowers, chocolates, booze – whatever the garage has left on your way there. Start off on a good foot.

garage flowers


  1. Take an interest

You might not share their undying love for meerkat ornaments, but notice that new one wearing a scarf and you’ll at least get a gold star for effort.

meerkat ornaments


  1. Chip in

You may have spent all day doing your own washing up, but dig deep and grab the sponge.



  1. Curb the language

You might be an adult (technically) but there’s definitely a tick box over your head for manners, so drop the F’s and remember your P’s and Q’s.



  1. Let your hair down

You never know, you might actually enjoy yourself!




Note to in-laws:

OK, so it’s pretty much a given that your daughter or son-in-law aren’t quite what you expected, and yes, it might be quite fun to watch them squirm a bit, but try and do your bit. Pretend to love the crappy garage flowers they’ve brought and appreciate their feigning interest in your prized meerkat collection – it is Christmas!


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Christmas Shenanigans at Joe Browns

Christmas Shenanigans at Joe Browns HQ!

So, what DIDN’T the Joe Browns family do to celebrate Christmas this year?


We DID all look like sexy beasts in our Christmas jumpers…




We DID take the ‘decorate your desk ‘ competition VERY seriously.




IMG_2945 IMG_2947 IMG_2948-comp IMG_2932-comp

IMG_2939-comp Capture



We DID play pass the parcel like 5-year-olds…




We DID manage to successfully guess the amount sweets in the jar before eating them …




We DID guess the name of the Teddy…Bingo!




But we DIDN’T race scooters dressed as Santa. We wish we had.




What crazy stuff did you get up to?

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Ben's Home Pub

Joe’s crew do Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like a group of mates getting together for a drink and a laugh. The only way this could possibly be made better is if you had your very own pub…well we don’t have a pub, but we have a Ben and he has a pub!




Ben, who does an awesome job of making our website, emails and social stuff look so cool, built this little gem that sits in his garden from scratch. He’s got it fully stocked with all the good stuff, working beer pumps and even a mini log burner!




So he very kindly invited the Joe Browns gang over to help decorate it and try out a few festive cocktails!




First on the menu was the White Christmas Cocktail…



It’s really easy, you just put a few ice cubes in a cocktail shaker with vanilla vodka, coconut cream, crème de cacao and grated nutmeg. Shake it up and strain it into jam jars – we even found some chocolate straws lying around which were a great touch (until we realised they were out of date).




Here’s the breakdown of measurements to make two:


  • 100ml vanilla vodka
  • 160ml coconut cream
  • 1 tbsp crème de cacao
  • ½ tsp grated nutmeg
  • 2 chocolate wafers, to serve


Next up, we gave some Winter Whisky Sours a go…




Ideally you’d fill some glasses with crushed ice (we didn’t have any), put bourbon, lemon juice, orange juice and sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker, shake it up and strain it into glasses. Check us out trying to pro with a chunk of orange.


Here’s your measurements for two:

  • 50ml bourbon
  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp fresh orange juice
  • ½ tbsp sugar syrup
  • 2 slices of orange


If you’re feeling fancy you can stick edible gold glitter round the rim with honey. We weren’t.


Ben’s little dog Ace then came to join the party. He did enjoy himself – really.





What we were wearing:


Seb (casually giving himself some devil horns in this pic)


Christmas Cheer Top Now £9.95 (was £19.95)




Hit The Slopes Jumper Now £25.95 (was £39.95)




On The Piste Snowman Jumper Now £14.95 (was £29.95) + Dancer Hooded Scarf Now £9.95 (was £24.95)




Rock Around T-Shirt Now £7.95 (was £16.95) + Mistletoe Hat Now £5.95 (was £12.95)



181-comp - crop

Stay Cool Sweat Now £16.95 (was £34.95)


What drinks would you serve up if you had your own pub?










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Christmas Unwrapped!


Do you rock a paper hat all through the Christmas meal?


Recycle crap gifts?   Own a ridiculous Christmas jumper?


Well by surveying over 5,000 of you (thank you very much if you were one of them!) we know exactly what you’re all up to!


Have a little gander below and and tell us which fact resonates most with you!


Joe Browns Christmas 2015 Infographic


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Fun Time Friday!

It’s a Friday afternoon at Joe Browns HQ and there’s 8 doughnuts lying around. So obviously, the most logical thing to do is to tie them all to a long piece of string, dangle it in the air and get 8 members of staff to race how quickly they can eat them!


Well done Leigh (the blonde pulling the epic face in the bottom left pic) who was our champion after some questionable shoving tactics.


doughnuts 1

doughnuts3 doughnuts4 doughnuts5 doughnuts6

doughnuts7 doughnuts9

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