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Mothers day ideas

Mothers Day ideas: alternative ways to treat your mum

Struggling for Mothers Day ideas? Want to do something a bit cooler than normal for your mum this year?


Or are you the mum and want to leave this page open on your browser for one of your little darlings to find and think they’ve come up with a great Mothers Day idea all by themselves? (just remember to scroll down past this sentence)…



For the Boho Mum

Stay: Hire a VW camper van and go and explore some awesome countryside.

Do: Wrap mum up nice and warm and go for a long walk.

Eat: Take a picnic – or if a mate’s got one of those portable stoves, even better, let her sit back on a deck chair and you do the cooking.




For the Classy Mum

Stay: Find a cute little B’n’B just for the two of you bursting with English charm

Do: Book yourselves into a spa, but instead of the regular massage she’ll be expecting, why not try something different like cupping, a seaweed bath or chocolate facial?

Eat: Why not try an afternoon tea with a difference – like one that’s on a moving bus! (This one’s in central London)




For the Funky Mum 

Stay: Some mums might not fancy full-on camping, but glamping in a tree house – hello!

Do: Why not keep costs down and take your bikes for a bit of exercise and adventure.

Eat: If you and your mum enjoy cooking, why not do a cookery course together for some quality bonding time over good food.




For the Rocky Mum


Stay: If cash is a bit tight, why not kick everyone else out the house so you two can have some time together by yourselves? Maybe just run the duster round first so it looks like you’ve made an effort. A bit of Mr Sheen won’t break the bank.

Do: When was the last time you went to a gig with your mum? Have a rummage through her CD (or tape!) collection and see who she loves. Even if they’re not your thing – they might end up being and she’ll love you for it!

Eat: Make a cake! Yeah it’s not her birthday, but why not!


Whichever mum your mum is, these Mothers Day ideas are sure to make her happy on her special day of the year.

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Mother's Day ideas

Mother’s Day covered

Stuck for inspiration on how to treat the amazing woman in your life?


Fear not we’ve got you covered! From what to do, what to wear and what to give mum to make sure she knows just how awesome you think she is.


To do: Wine tasting
Whether she’s the kind of mum that really appreciates the subtle qualities of a well-bodied Merlot in a refined and civilised manner or would just love the excuse to get hammered with you – it’ll be an afternoon well spent.



To Wear:
Sexy Salsa Dress £49.95
Summer Days Cardigan £29.95

LD901A LK420B


Wear Them Your Way Trousers £39.95
Wild and Wonderful Shirt £34.95

TR360A  SH766A


For Mum:
Vintage Bowling Bag £24.99




To do: Horse Racing for two
Get your Joe Browns glad rags on and head to your nearest racecourse for a flutter.

ca. 1999, Del Mar, California, USA --- Horse Racing at Track --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


To wear:  
Mojave Desert Dress £39.95
My Favourite Sling Back Shoes £29.95

LD876A LF501A


Perfect Pinstripe Trousers £44.95
Savy Stitch Collar Shirt £29.95

TR365A  SH782A



For Mum:
Amazing Butterfly Blanket Shawl £24.95




To Do: A day at the seaside
It’s more than likely she took you loads as a kid, so why not take her back to one the same coasts? You can reminisce over some fish ‘n’ chips or be kids again and brace the cold sea on your toes!



To Wear:
Beautiful Boutiquey Lightweight Jacket £54.95
A Little Bit Different Jeans £34.95

LH092A LB395A


Easy Joe Jeans £42.95
Layered For Fun Top £24.95
TR362A CT603A


For Mum:
Funky Heart Necklace £17.95




To Do: A Homemade Dinner
The more personal touches the better – she’ll love the effort you’ve gone to (even if you are a horrendous cook).



To wear:
Daisy Vest £24.95
Delightful Daisy Trousers £29.95

LB391A LT620A


Funky Floral T-Shirt £19.95
Slim Joe Jeans  £42.95

TR359A TS849A



For mum:
Beautiful Bag Charm £9.95




To Do: Something you’ve never done before!
Push the boundaries and do something out of both your comfort zones, like clay pigeon shooting? Or off-roading?



To Wear:
Floral Raincoat £49.95
Patchwork Jeans £39.95

LB399A LJ278A

Crazy Cargo Pants £54.95
On Your Bike T-Shirt £19.95

TR366A TS859A


For Mum:
Remarkable Charm Bracelet £14.95



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