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Joe’s Chocolate Cherry Treat

Hey there folks!


Here at Joe Browns we’re all about tempting treats and cool concoctions. That’s why this week we’re bringing you our latest foodie find. Chocolate Cherry Flapjack.


They’re perfect to share with your family, co-workers, your kids…or even keep them as your own little secret.


Big thanks to Chris Mosler from Thinly Spread for sharing his recipe!

Chocolate Cherry FlapJack


180 grams of butter

180 grams of soft brown sugar

4 tablespoons of Golden Syrup

375 grams of porridge oats

2 handfuls of bran flakes

2 tablespoons of cocoa powder

75 grams of dried cherries

50 grams of 70% dark chocolate

16 fresh cherries

Baking tin and parchment




Preheat your oven to 170C/325F/Gas Mark 3.


Grease and line your baking tin.


Melt the butter, golden syrup and sugar together in a large saucepan.


Mix together the oats, cocoa and bran flakes and add to the pan.


Stir well to combine thoroughly.


Add the dried cherries and stir again so that they are evenly distributed. Bake for about 15 – 20 minutes until the flapjack is brown.


Leave to cool in the tin for ten minutes, cut the flapjack into as many squares as you want and leave to cool completely in the tin.


Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl standing over a pan of hot water.Drizzle the top of the cooled flapjack with chocolate and leave to set.


Dip the cherries into the remaining chocolate and leave to set on a piece of baking parchment. Top each flapjack with a chocolate cherry!


Tuck in and enjoy! Let us know just how much you enjoyed Tuesday’s treat!

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Ridiculously fun outdoor games for any age

If you’re lucky enough to get a.) a sunny day B.) a free afternoon and C.) everyone together then you’d be insane not to embrace it and do something fun!


We’ve put together our favourite outdoor games that anyone can enjoy whether you’re 5 or 105. Enjoy…


Blanket Run

blanket run

Grab a blanket and pull your partner across the finish line as fast as you can. This works well if your partner is under 4ft tall.



Sponge Launch

sponge launch

Who doesn’t love playing with a sling shot? It just doesn’t fade with age does it? In this game you fire your wet sponge at your team mates who have to catch it and wring it out. The first team to fill their bucket wins!



Giant Scrabble


If you’re not one to be running around getting sweaty, this one’s for you. You just need loads of big bits of paper or cardboard. Write your letters on them and you’re away.



Cup Races

cup races

Use a load of water guns to propel a cup along a rope track.



Glow in the dark bowling

glow in th edark bowling

Put glow-sticks in 10 empty water bottles so you can continue the fun into the night.



Outdoor Pictionary 


If you haven’t got an easel, you can always use the garden fence to put your paper up against.



 Fishing for Marbles 

fishing for marbles

If you’ve got long toes these could come in handy here! Fill a paddling pool with freezing water and marbles and see who can get the most out in 2 minutes.



Giant Beer pong


Like the origional game, but with bins or buckets and a volley ball!



Lawn Twister 


Just check with whoever owns the lawn before you spray paint it.



Water balloon dodge ball 


Pretty self explanatory really! Just don’t aim for the face.



Have you got any more we can add to our list?




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3 men and their toys

3 men and their toys

We love nothing more at Joe Browns HQ, then heading off on an adventure in our (sometimes) sunny Yorkshire surroundings!


This is exactly what 3 guys from the office did and we got Ben to tell us all about it! Take it away Ben…




“A couple of weeks ago myself (web Ben) along with part of the Browns Family – Tony and Will, took part in the Ripon Revolution Sportive.



Both myself and Tony were taking our new investments out for a spin and had one heck of a good day. It was over 4-and-a-half hours of pure sunshine, amazing views and good banter.




We took in some amazing scenery that you never get to see usually and it turns out Tony is an actual machine on the bike and I had a right job keeping up to him.


I had a nice fall at a junction, burnt my legs, arms and went home with really sore feet, but it was organised amazingly and was such good fun!  Wish I could do it every Sunday.


We’re already looking for the next event but first I’m going to get some new cycling shoes that don’t kill my feet!


See you out on the tarmac people.”




Cracking effort boys.



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Joe’s favourite summer tipple

Fancy  being transported to the sun soaked piazzas of Venice?


There’s only one drink for it – an Aperol Spritz!



  • 3 parts prosecco
  • 2 parts Aperol*
  • 1 part soda water
  • Slice of orange


*It used to be pretty hard to get hold of an bottle of Aperol, but now everyone’s caught on to how awesome this drink is, you can pick one up from more or less any supermarket now.


Just pour it all in a big wine glass over ice and add a wedge of orange to garnish (and a green olive if you want to be really authentic).


Sharp, tangy and refreshing – there’s not a lot you can compare the taste to and in our book, nothing quite as magnificent. Enjoy!

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What to wear for the races

The races are the perfect opportunity to spend time with your mates and have a flutter on the horses. They’re also the perfect time to show off your awesome style – whether that be as a dapper chap or sexy lady with her own unique style.




Got a date in the calendar? Our designers have come up with some great outfit suggestions for you, that’ll shift everyone’s eyes from the action of the race to your impeccable taste (and no one need ever know it was in the sale!)


The Sexy Shirt Dress £27.95 (was £39.95) is perfect for a fun and flirty look with a form fitting waist tie.  It goes really well with Laid Back Wedge Sandals £21.95 was (£34.95) – also great for not sinking in the grass.
Total outfit: £49.90


LD875A  LF496A



The Perfect Pinstripe Blazer £54.95 (was £84.95) is a great shout as it’s formal yet light weight – avoiding a sweaty brow in the sunshine – no one wants to see that. Don’t forget your Aviator Sunglasses which are an absolute steel at £6.95 (was £8.95).
Total Outfit (you will need trousers!): £61.90


JA220A (1)      SG103A (1)



The Summer Loving Dress £29.95 (was £49.95) is perfect for adding a splash of summer colour and it’s really flattering with a crossover bodice. Teamed with the New Mexico Sandals £17.95 (was £27.95) is an absolute winner and with a tiny heel, your feet will be safe from agony well into the night!
Total Outfit: £51.90


LD922A(1)   LF489A(1)



Our Distinctive Double Collar Shirt in cool pastel blue £19.95 (was £29.95) is ideal for a smart look and with a touch of Joe Browns detail it’s a cut above the rest. The contrasting Perfect Pinstripe Trousers £29.95 (was £44.95) are a linen mix so ideal for summer and completing this dapper look.
Total Outfit: £49.90


SH739B (1)  TR365A



The Senorita Dress £26.95 (was £44.95) is super elegant and with a wrap style and pleated waist – very flattering.  We’d pair it with the Lazy Days Corsage Sandals £27.95 (was £39.95) that set it off perfectly and will then go with everything after your event!
Total outfit: £54.90


LD944A (1)   LF509A (1)



Have you got a day filled with booze and bets planned?






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Joe's Sale Favourites

Joe’s Sale Favourites

It’s officially here!! The sale has started people!

Don’t know where to start in the abundance of reduced beautiful treasures? No fear, we’re here to lend a helping hand! This one’s for the girls, but no fear guys, we’ll be picking out our top buys for you next week.


So ladies, looking for something…


That will go with everything
The Capri Pants NOW £16.95 (was £24.95) are a cropped version of our Must Have Jeans and are perfect for creating loads of gorgeous casual summer looks.




Bright and colourful
The San Jose Dress NOW £19.95 (was £39.95) features a fitted panel bodice, beautiful trim details and a sweetheart neckline, perfect for all types of adventures.





With a fresh summer feel
The Got It All Jacket NOW £39.95 (was £59.95) has plenty of personality featuring contrast stitching, double breasted buttons and a mock floral waistcoat.




Simple and Chic 
The Floral Shift Dress NOW £19.95 (was £39.95) is ideal for parties or city breaks, simply accessorise it with a pair of statement sunnies for an effortless look.




Practical and pretty
The Vintage Bowling Bag NOW £14.95 (was £24.95) adds a vintage edge to your look and it comes with a secure zip fastener and internal pockets to keep your valuables safe.




With the wow factor
The 50s Garden Party Dress NOW £27.95 (was £39.95) will make you dazzle at any soiree!




Have you nabbed yourself a summer bargain yet?



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Blogger Chichi’s sale picks

The gorgeous Chichi is awesome at picking a couple of items that take her fancy and rocking them as a  unique look.


Which is why we asked her to choose her favourite summer buys from our sale and show us how she’d wear them her way.


She picked out the Chill Out Gypsy Blouse £21.95 (was £34.95) and the Reversible Skirt £19.95 (was £39.95).




Chichi hadn’t shopped with us before and this is what she made of us:

The whole outfit is from Joe browns. If you love vintage pieces, this shop you should definitely check out, you will be amazed at the selection and they also have gorgeous florals for summer in both the men and women’s sections.




“The skirt is actually reversible so you get two for the price of one and the blouse is going to be on repeat as it has the most comfortable fabric and beautiful subtle embroidery, perfect for summer.”



Processed with VSCO with 5 preset


We hadn’t thought of pairing these two floaty pieces together, but hope you agree that they look stunning! It just goes to show there’s no rules when it comes to putting an outfit together from pieces that grab your attention and make you feel great.


You can check out more on Chichi’s blog, The Style Tune, here.

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The Joe Browns Ultimate Festival Jacket

We’ve designed a jacket that not only looks perfectly stylish for festivals, in a floral summery print, but is full to the brim with hidden gadgets and gismos so you’ll want for nothing on your camping weekend!


Ultimate Festival Jacket

The showerproof jacket includes a blow-up inflatable pillow hood, a hidden drinks compartment and straw, bottle opener zip, wind-up phone charger, wet wipe dispenser, detachable LED light and a locked pocket for your valuables.


We’re not yet able to sell the jacket, as it’s still in the testing process, however if there’s enough interest in it, it may well be on sale soon!


Festival_Jacket43796-comp Festival_Jacket43798-comp Festival_Jacket43803-comp


Our designer George, behind the jacket, said: “We wanted to make something that was fun, stylish and really practical. We had a brainstorming session in the office of all the problems we faced at festivals, then tried to come up with solutions on how to fix them.


There’s still some tweaks that need to be made on the jacket, but we’re really pleased with how it’s come out and are intrigued to see what people make of it, or if anyone has any other suggestions that could make it even better!”


Festival_Jacket43804-comp Festival_Jacket43806-comp Festival_Jacket43808-comp Festival_Jacket43814-comp Festival_Jacket43827-comp Festival_Jacket43774-comp


Is there anything you’d add to the jacket?



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Bloggers Holiday Picks

Bloggers holiday picks

The holiday season is here and some of our favourite bloggers have been raving about our holiday collection.

Check out their top picks…


A Glass Of Alice

Gabrielle opted for the Papagayo Shirt Dress £34.95.

“The colours of the dress are just as vibrant and beautiful as I was expecting, seeing in particular the coral and green shades pop.”

aglassofice LD872A

Read Gabrielle’s full review here.



Life Is Knutts

Gemma chose the Tremendous Tunic £34.95 in patchwork.

“I am not really a ‘girlie girl’ and I like my darker colours, so this tunic suited me down to the ground. Feminine, without the frills and ruffles.”

lifeisknutts LC968A

Read Gemma’s full review here.



Clare Elise Sparkles

Clare went for the Irresistible T-Shirt £29.95.

“I totally love how bright and bold the floral design is and how the sequins beautifully catch the light. Perfect for the Summer.”

clareelisesparkles  LT634A


Read Clare’s full review here.



Fashion and Style Police 

Stella picked pout the Chill Out Dress £34.99.

“Bursting with bright colours and designs, what is there not to love? It is a perfect wardrobe addition this season, and it is also going to be in my holiday wardobe for the year.”

fashion_and_style_police LD930A


Read Stella’s full review here.



Dad Blog UK 

John’s favourite piece was the Biker Floral Shirt £29.95.

“It’s a marvellous fabric and I love the blue detailing on the end of the sleeves.”

dadbloguk   SH743A

Read John’s full review here.




Lubka plumped for the Funky Espadrilles £19.95.

“Joe Browns tempted me with these super lightweight funky flats. Made of denim fabric with pretty little floral print, they work so well with the vibrant shades from the same brand.”

l_christova     LF513A

Read Lubka’s full review here.


Sarah Splash

Sarah couldn’t resist the Tropical Jersey Pants £34.95.

“I love how soft the pants are, and they come with the most important thing- pockets!”

saharasplash LB388A

Read Sarah’s full review here.



Tea With Gi

Giana picked the Tamarindo Dress £34.95 in bright.

“This dress makes me feel like I’m ready to sip Mai Tai’s by the beach with my gals.”

gianamariex LD856B

Read Giana’s full review here.



Arts Mum 

Alejandra’s top pick were the Floral Ribbon Laced Pumps £22.95.

“Well made and stitched, the pattern of the floral and the laces matching wonderfully can fit with any outfit: comfy, cute, with jeggings or skirt, dress or a boho style, they will match everything.”

arts_mum       LF488A


Loved By Laura 

Laura picked out the Remarkable Retro Handbag £34.95.

“Not only is it much more affordable but it ups the ante by adding in a cute as a button contrasting floral print and bow to the mix.”

lovedbylaurac  AD544A

Read Laura’s full review here.



A Lovely Style 

Rakel opted for the Halterneck Top £27.95.

“My new halter neck top is inspired by the 50s and it has a beautiful print that combines perfectly with denim and pastel colors.”

lovelystyle_blog LT631A

Read Rakel’s full review here.


Ashton Sookie Photography

Ashton selected the Playa Del Coco Dress £29.95.

“Loving this dress!”

sookiecookiie  LD858A



Tilly Eagles

Tobyn fell for the Caesars Palace Sandals £27.95.

“The detailing and trim is a peacock, which is super cute, and it really sparkles in the sunshine! I would recommend these sandals to anyone who is after some glamorous sandals whether it be for a holiday or just an update on a summer wardrobe.”

tobynlily      LF511A

Read Tobyn’s full review here.



Susan K Mann

Susan picked out the Irresistible Tee £29.95.

“This gorgeous unique top has criss-cross shoulder ties, that create a kind of corsage effect. I love the fact it creates a wonderful individual look.”

susankmann   LT655A

Read Susan’s full review here.



Tea Party Beauty

Hayley chose the Carnival Tunic £39.95.

“If you’re looking to add a pop of colour and style to your holiday, then I would seriously recommend this – no fancy pants accessories needed to make a statement either.”

teapartybeauty LC976A

Read Hayley’s full review here.

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