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Our Triumphs Triumphed!

It was a roaring success for Black Beauty and our newly created Red Devil this weekend as both bikes stormed through the competition at a Triumph celebratory event.


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To mark 25 years of Hinckley Triumph, we sent Simon, Tony and Will from the office off to the Cobb and Jagger dealership in Shipley, our favourite store, to showcase our creations and be judged against other Triumphs from all over the county.


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The categories were split into the ages of the bikes, so Black Beauty was entered into the 2006 to 2010 age range and Red Devil from 2011 to present.


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After a customary bacon sandwich our guys left the bikes to their fate and eagerly awaited a phone call from the judges. They were told everyone who came to look at the bikes had commented on our two and to our delight both had won their categories as the best looking bikes!


Simon and Tony went back the following day to pick them up, along with their prize of Triumph 25th anniversary t-shirts and a few bottles of spitfire ale!


Both bikes have now automatically been entered into a national competition to be in with a chance of winning an exclusive Triumph factory tour with an overnight stay at the Hinckley Island hotel and an unforgettable dinner with Bruno Tagliaferri.


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Red Devil’s Creation

With our stunning new Bonneville T100 safely back in Leeds, it was time for the gritty work to begin customising and transforming her into the bike of our dreams.


So we were back down to the workshop. The bike was stripped of its light, indicators, screen, luggage rack and all the unwanted bits and pieces.




We shortened the rear sub frame, gave her new hand grips, indicators, headlight, tail light, powder coated hubs, knobbly tires (perfect for riding in the sand) a new sprocket cover and an awesome SC exhaust from Italy. Once she’s up and roaring, this beautiful piece of titanium should actually glow blue and spit flames (with the baffle out)!




As nice as the green was, it wasn’t giving us that oomph we were after – so in came the deep red paint.


We got to powder coating the hubs and spraying the tank and fenders. Now she was really beginning to take shape.




The last big job to do was the seat.  We wanted it much shorter and to go with the red it had to be black with cream piping.




We hope you’ll agree she looks pretty awesome…


new pic comp


You might well be asking why the number 7 and actually there’s a couple of reasons. The number has always had a resonance with us at Joe Browns. The 7 wonders of the world and the 7 seas clearly link to our love of travel and then there’s the 7 deadly sins of course.  As bike enthusiasts, it’s  also our nod to the legendary Barry Sheene, British World Champion motorcycle racer, who always wore number 7.




You may even see the number popping up on some of our menswear pieces next season.


So next on our to-do list is to have some fun! We’ll be entering Red Devil into the Triumph’s Annual Dealer Open Day tomorrow (Saturday 23rd May). We’ll be sure to let you know how we get on.


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The Red Devil

After all the fun we had creating Black Beauty, our first Bonneville conversion, we were itching to create another, but in a different style and colour.


So after hours and hours of searching for the perfect donor bike (and after bidding on five and losing out) we eventually found this beauty down in London.




So it was down to Will from the office to hop on a train with a stash of cash and pick her up.


He was met in Hyde Park by Fabrice. Not only did his office overlook the Queen’s back garden he was also awesomely suave. Apparently Fabrice’s wife said he wasn’t using the bike enough so, luckily for us, had made him sell it. Will did spot a couple of other little gems in his garage though including a gorgeous vintage Vespa and a huge touring bike, so we’re sure he’ll get over it.


Will’s attention span isn’t the best, but surrounded by Rolls-Royces, Ferraris and Bentleys it must have taken some effort to focus on the task in hand… Oh yes our new challenge.


After a brief cash exchange, Will insisted that both Fabrice, he and Bonny had a quick photo (to show you guys). Will decided on resting the camera precariously on a car, let’s just say it wasn’t a Skoda! Risky!




Then Will was all set for a gruelling 6 hour trip up the A1 London to Leeds. The thought of a celebratory drink with the Joe Browns team and thinking of the endless possibilities of how to customise our new addition gave him a second wind and kept him from thinking about his aching backside on the ride home.


Come back to Joe’s blog on Friday to see her transformation!

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Bonny’s Unique Seat

After looking through the leather swatches the seat upholsterer kindly sent us, we eventually chose bourbon for the seat colour. Today the hide arrived so it was off to meet Steve who is a true craftsman and was going to make the seat to our exclusive design. The frame on the bike had already been chopped and re-welded at the back.




This was one of the last pieces in the jigsaw but vitally important to the overall look and feel of the bike .Meeting Steve was a pleasure, he had some fabulous cars in for fancy upholstery jobs so I have every confidence that the seat will be perfect – although he has never made one to our unique shape before!


It was back to the workshop where Andy took the bike for a blast round the car park, oh my lord it sounds fantastic!!! We have had the engine dyno jetted which Andy says gives it some real poke so we won’t need to fit a bigger sprocket on the back as it picks up “faster than any harley!”


It’s all looking good and should be finished soon…Happy days!


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Son You’ll Be A Man One Day

So here’s the back story. My Dad (total hero) owned a kick ass Triumph Bonneville in the 70’s and the tale goes that my Mum was on the back, about to embark on another Dad style adventure and the short of it is; he pulls a massive wheelie from a standing start and my Mum is left sitting on the road – she was pregnant with me at the time, which explains a lot!


Anyway, aside from the afore mentioned, I hadn’t thought a great deal about bikes before I came to Joe Browns but I stumbled across a book called ‘The Ride’ and was instantly hooked. For me it’s all about customised Triumph Scramblers. I’ve pretty much set my heart on owning one of these bad boys but it’d be pretty pointless if I’m not going to give it the attention it deserves, so with the help of the guys at Mayhem I’m going to embark on a journey that will change things forever…learning to ride legit!




As you’ve probably been hearing; we’ve been tinkering with a Bonnie and it’s definitely taking shape – being involved in selecting the parts and styling the bike has only served to push my enthusiasm for owning one even further! So the challenge is this: I’ve got to pass my test in time for the bike being finished and if I do it first time, I’ll be awarded instant access to one of the coolest bikes around. Over the next few weeks you can follow my progress – from theory test though to full licence, I’ll take you guys with me every step of the way. So here goes – first stop: theory test.


Theoretically Speaking
It’s 8am and I’m usually on a train pulling into Leeds but this morning is different! I’m placing my personal belongings into a locker and being asked to go into a room with 8 strangers – no i haven’t just been arrested! I’m about to take my motorbike theory test and tension is high. OK, so I’ve prepared by downloading every relevant app known to man but I’m no longer sitting in a comfortable environment with an attitude to match – this time its for real.


Question after question rolls by until I reach the end of what seams an endless process. Right then, on to the hazard awareness test – a new addition since the last time I took a theory test (circa 2001). Suddenly I’m thrust into a world where children and cars seem to be on a mission to damage themselves and all hell is breaking loose when it comes to people unloading vans!


So finally it’s all over and a singular wave of concern hits me. Have I passed? I’m handed a piece of paper with an official looking stamp on it but does this mean…Get in! stage one complete.




So it’s on to the CBT. Not sure what to expect but hey, It’s all part of the adventure – so watch this space!


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Update On Bonny!

Went to visit Andy, Karl and Paul today down at the shop to see how things are progressing.


The new handlebars, pipes and lights had arrived so it was time to “spark her up”. Really happy with the way things are taking shape – still plenty to do with the seat, but the chopped sub-frame looks just right for what we want.




So Paul sparked her up and what a beautiful sound! I had a quick ride round the car park – the crackle was perfect but it’s lost some of its power, so we are going to have to have it dyno-jetted and maybe change the gearing – not something we had planned for, but we need the extra power.


We’ve taken the original rear fender and “reshaped” it using Carl’s skill and enthusiasm – looks good but when Andy fitted the rear light, it looked too big so we’re getting a smaller one – things need to be right!




Still plenty to do but we’ve decided on the tyres and style of seat so the next couple of weeks will be interesting. The wheels and hubs are off for powder coating (black of course) and we are undecided whether to leave the new headlight and bars chrome or have them done too. Paul is having a think about that.


It’s all trial and a little error so far – long may it continue!


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Stripped Down!

So once we were the proud owners of a beautiful Bonnie with 1400 miles on the clock it was time to find the right team (or individual) to help us create the bike of our dreams – a one-off piece of original design and charm. We should have really thought of this before buying the bike but sometimes enthusiasm and spontaneity just seem to take over!


After talking to many guys that hang around with bikes we’ve found some great guys at Thundercity to join our team and help with our creation.




Andy, Paul and Karl really seem to know what they are doing and although they normally customise American bikes they seem pretty much ‘up for it’ and really nice people to work with.

Next week, we’re talking handlebars, exhaust and powder coating. Don’t miss it!


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Collecting The Triumph Bonneville

The time has finally arrived for us to collect our Triumph ‘Bonny’, for this very important mission we decided to send Will and Lou from the Joe Browns team. Here is Will’s tale of their adventure…


We arrived at Leeds station, collected our tickets, tucked into a bacon sandwich and made our way to Platform 3B. We hopped on the train (checking not once but twice that it was going to Carlisle) and found ourselves a good table. We must have been excited as neither of us commented on the impossibility of squeezing into a British Rail seat on a hot day dressed head to toe in leathers, biking boots and helmets…perhaps we should have taken the helmets off!




9.30am – A good time to take a few photos, call the guy selling the bike and make sure he is still meeting us at midday in Carlisle Station. Hmm no answer… not to worry.
9.45am – Hmm, no answer. Still, no worries.
10.15am – Time to consider he may not know we are coming today. Surprisingly, Lou was chilled but I couldn’t help thinking we may well be seeing the very same scenery on the train back to Leeds!
11.45am – Many calls back and forth to the boss (who was on holiday), plenty of detective work and finally we had another telephone number. We had some good news and some not so good news – unless we met the guy at 12.00 we would be travelling back to Leeds by train not bike!
11.55am – Grabbing helmets and tripping over our own feet we find the nearest Taxi for the fastest route to meet the Bonneville.




From here on it’s Will, Lou and the Bonneville back to Leeds.


Heading down the M6 the views are unbelievable and we continue to Devil’s Bridge for a traditional mug of biker’s tea and a bacon buttie. I find a spot to squeeze the Bonneville into and sit watching the bikes come and go. The Triumph really enjoys the twisty roads towards Skipton and before long we pull into home, enjoy a cool beer and wash the bike before barbecuing with the family,a perfect end to a truly exciting day.


Monday morning 7.30am and the Triumph’s sparkling when I get it out of the garage and it’s great fun filtering to work through the traffic (bit different to my Kawasaki!). When I arrive at work, the Triumph is welcomed in true celebrity style and this is where my adventure ends and the story begins for Joe Browns.

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Joe Browns’ “Bonny”

We are embarking on a new adventure! It involves a Triumph Bonneville that is definitely fuelled by passion.


A couple of questions that people always ask are:
One) why are we converting a motorbike when we are predominantly a clothing catalogue?
Two) why this bike?


Gosh – where do I start?? And how long have I got??!
I guess it goes back to following your passions and two of mine are motorbikes and unique design – so combining the two are really a dream come true.
I was first inspired by a bike I saw a little while ago in Sicily down in Siracusa. We got chatting to the owner who was called Giulio (pronounced ‘Hoolio’) and owned a bar and a bike conversion business – great guy and effortlessly cool.




Shortly after that I was at a fabric show in Paris and saw two bikes chained together around a tree outside a lovely Brasserie – both were amazing conversions but there was something really special about the Triumph – although it was amazing, I felt we could do one better, so after many many hours of researching, I finally bit the bullet and went to buy a basic Bonneville up in Carlisle with only 1400 miles on the clock.


I think the bike fits with our love of bikes, beats (music) and boards (surfing) and will sit so well with our men’s clothing ranges. Having a bike is a passport to freedom – the adventure and feelings of excitement are my drug of choice!
We chose a Triumph not only because it’s British, but because over the years this bike has become synonymous with some of the greatest style icons of our times, starting with McQueen.


It also fits so well with our clothing and general non-conformist views on life. This is our first bike design but we already have two more in the pipeline. All three are different, all three are totally unique and all three will have some epic adventures ahead of them!





Stay tuned to be part of the transformation!

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