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We love it when our customers take the time to tell us what they think about what we're doing here are some of the most recent comments that we've received, which we thought we'd share with you...

Just love Joe Brown's clothes
by Lorna - 28/09/2016 17:16:39

Just found one of your leaflets in a magazine. Where have you been all my life!!!! I love your clothes. I can't wait to see your catalogue meanwhile I'm browsing on line xx
by Michele - 28/09/2016 16:14:45

Just ordered two dresses for the first time expecting to send them back being to small or not my style . But I love them both and they fit great , I am over the moon and looking for more !!!
by Toni - 28/09/2016 14:22:30

Hi, would love to see more things for us petite ladies!! Particularly shorter length skirts and trousers.
by K - 27/09/2016 19:45:12

Just love you Joe Browns Tunics can't wait to shop with you so excited for my first buy ,
by Susan - 27/09/2016 17:44:28

I love the new website I do, fantastic! Keep up the good work ;)
by Christine - 27/09/2016 17:25:36

Can you design a black jacket with thin white stripes like Ronnie Barker wore for his interview with Terry Wogan and on other occasions.
by Robin - 27/09/2016 13:10:01

I love boards, I love bikes, I love beats. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks, Joe - you rock! P.S. And so do your customer care guys - they're just bloody fantastic!
by Stevie - 27/09/2016 10:27:17

Love the eclectic design of the dresses!
by Lynne - 27/09/2016 07:01:22

love the look of everything I've seen x
by Marion - 26/09/2016 12:58:57

I love your Joseph Brown collection and seen your catalogue through a friend. Very trendy fashion and LOVE IT!!!
by Mairead - 26/09/2016 11:32:21

Super stuff
by Anne - 25/09/2016 21:26:22

I think your clothing is fantastic it has something for all ages
by Yvonne - 25/09/2016 20:11:27

fab fab fab - you have such unique designs that make you stand out from everyone else
by Dawn - 25/09/2016 19:00:49

Always great clothing.
by Garry - 25/09/2016 18:23:23

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