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We love it when our customers take the time to tell us what they think about what we're doing here are some of the most recent comments that we've received, which we thought we'd share with you...

I can't make up my mind which dress to buy they are also beautlful
by Marlene - 23/02/2017 23:05:35

Your clothes are so unique
by Elaine - 23/02/2017 20:37:04

I love your plus size items, would love to see more of those items.
by Sue - 23/02/2017 16:33:17

Really love the way your designs are displayed love the colours !
by Carol - 23/02/2017 15:33:11

Are you the same co as Joe Bloggs? I saw a lovely dress in their catalogue but it does not appear to be on line!
by Alison - 23/02/2017 12:24:16

I like the look of your dresses but they don't look so nice in on the model!
by Sue - 22/02/2017 23:00:33

I've always loved your designs and I'm desperate for new clothes - watch this space!
by Jan - 22/02/2017 22:23:10

Love the clothes. I am already on your mailing list.
by Sue - 22/02/2017 15:16:11

Hi I fell totally in love with you 'favourite jacket' in a little shop locally (we live an hour away from big shops!) and had to have it! The cut and material are absolutely stunning and I'm now trying to put it together with skirt and top for family wedding but am dying to wear it with jeans and boots! Joe you are a find and a half! I love everything on your web site and can't wait to show friendly our catalog (i'm in my 50's and lots of my friends don't 'do' internet but will not now
by Sally - 21/02/2017 22:12:17

Great design and quality, but with all due respect your male fashion model's scruffy and unkempt appearance does not do your products any justice whatsoever. I nearly did not order because of the poor presentation, although I am glad I did place the order.
by Robert - 21/02/2017 21:04:47

Fabulous collection, something really different, I love everything about Joe
by Rosari - 21/02/2017 16:36:47

by Avril - 19/02/2017 21:30:40

Came across this while looking for a jacket love the unique styles and fabric used.
by Susan - 19/02/2017 15:30:21

hoping to find some nice long sleeved cotton tops
by Karen - 19/02/2017 11:37:40

I adore joe brown's collection, especially the jackets and waistcoats. Why don't you offer larger sizes ( 20-24)? I have seen some larger sizes on an alternative website but the range is limited and far more expensive as being offered by a 3rd party.
by Susan - 19/02/2017 02:22:16

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