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We love it when our customers take the time to tell us what they think about what we're doing here are some of the most recent comments that we've received, which we thought we'd share with you...

Great unusual clothing for all ages, FAB
by Carol - 21/07/2014 15:59:40

Gorgeous selection of clothes. Completely different from anything else. Especially your dresses! Just waiting for my first order. Excited!!
by Kate - 21/07/2014 14:40:50

I tried several times to log into my account but had forgotten my password. When requesting it, I never received a reply so I've had to re register. A little annoying. ..
by Jason - 21/07/2014 11:15:41

Size 6 would be useful
by Hannah - 21/07/2014 00:04:38

make the bust sizes more generous please!
by Jayne - 19/07/2014 09:50:07

Just to let you know I am a plus size women and the clothes across the pond here are for 80 year old plus women.Please forgive me I know I will be there one day but I want to look pretty,sexy and fresh and your design of your clothes are spot on.You know what you are doing when it comes to plus size women.Who ever you are listening to keep on!Again I just LOVE LOVE YOUR CLOTHES! Sincerely,Tina
by Tina - 18/07/2014 17:49:30

I think your clothes look beautiful and I can't wait to try them!
by Kate - 17/07/2014 21:14:20

please can you ensure this is sent have requested many times and not received!
by Holly - 16/07/2014 18:00:59

Lovely looking clothes and so unusual!! Can't wait to make a purchase.
by Samantha - 14/07/2014 13:06:14

As I am a wrinkly I used the phone to order this am. It was lovely to have a friendly human to talk to who was very patient and helpful. Thankyou again for your help. I will be using your services again in the future.
by Lily - 14/07/2014 10:39:00

Have purchased several JB items from Ambrose Wilson catalogue - but would like a JB catalogue to give me more choice. Love the items I already have.
by Naomi - 14/07/2014 08:45:12

My friend does not have an email address, so she would like to order if possible via telephone/post? Catalogue to be sent to her home address please, with her permission?
by Patricia - 13/07/2014 19:51:52

A Friend has requested a catalogue be forwarded to her home address please?
by Patricia - 13/07/2014 19:49:04

Love the polo shirt and t shirts I have just purchased the colours are bright even for the older generation like myself hope the next order is as good
by David - 13/07/2014 11:57:06

Payment is impossible getting very frustrated!!! Also just filling out info is frustrating as you have to keep checking you have re-ticked !!!!
by Nicola - 12/07/2014 10:02:47

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