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We love it when our customers take the time to tell us what they think about what we're doing here are some of the most recent comments that we've received, which we thought we'd share with you...

I loved the website i cant wait to see the catalogue
by Alison - 17/04/2014 15:29:37

Lovely dresses.
by Julie - 16/04/2014 11:58:05

I LOVE your style and feel! Found you on Simply Be.
by Laura - 15/04/2014 17:59:25

Delightful items and a joy to wear,I always have compliments on my beautiful clothes ....Thank you Joe Browns xxx
by Steffie - 15/04/2014 15:02:35

I came upon a Small Brochure in the times news paper, i ordered from this a dress, on the dress arriving i was so pleased with the high standers of cloth and stitch and the price, I Have ordered a Coat for winter i have send friends request to look on line at these, this is my best place to shop.
by Debra - 15/04/2014 11:25:35

Already known of you for a while - just moved address :-)
by Ed - 15/04/2014 09:10:34

I first spotted your clothing range while looking thru debenhams website. I loved the very different style & your clothes stood out. I even looked for your range in my lical debenhams but was told yr only online with debenhams.
by Serena - 13/04/2014 09:30:29

I really love your women's and men's line!
by Christina - 13/04/2014 07:00:10

Was really pleased with my first order, quick delivery and excellent clothes
by Marian - 12/04/2014 21:52:13

saw ad. in telegraph
by Judy - 12/04/2014 16:18:22

i have the simply be account and catalogue and i just bought the lovely flattering floral dress froom them and in the past i have purchased many other joe brown items. i did not realize (after all this time that you had your own catalogue to browse through so i am quite glad. love your stuff for ladies fantastique!
by Susan - 12/04/2014 12:30:03

Have bought a few items through my friend and would now like my own catalogue. the clothes I have from you are really well fitting and comfy, wash and wear well too
by Sally - 11/04/2014 17:35:00

Received email, would like to look at your catalogue
by Christine - 10/04/2014 20:48:54

love your clothes - beautiful
by Jo - 10/04/2014 20:26:24

I used to receive your catalogue then t stopped I love the clothes
by Jose - 10/04/2014 08:38:24

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