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I love the clothes but I can't always get them to fit as you don't do petite. I am a size 2 in shoes so I can't even buy the footwear. 😢
by Tracy - 28/08/2015 08:51:13

Love Joe brown collection have purchased items
by Kirsty - 27/08/2015 06:21:48

Can't wait for the catalogue, as I've seen items for sale on eBay & love the very different designs & textures. I don't like to look like everyone else & feel like a clone!
by Cheryl - 26/08/2015 20:52:57

just love your style, too much to pick from
by Kelly - 26/08/2015 16:01:17

Styles after my own heart
by Alison - 25/08/2015 16:03:25

I do not want a sale catalogue but new lines
by Jill - 25/08/2015 11:23:09

Love the clothes .... think you should go higher than a 18 in size
by Ailsa - 24/08/2015 19:21:32

Super unique range love it
by Bernadette - 24/08/2015 17:49:08

The clothes look great. Cant wait to receive my requested catalogue
by Juliette - 24/08/2015 10:03:18

C'ant wait for the catalogue, LOVE the clothes............
by David - 23/08/2015 20:43:26

Love this website!!! It's the best!!
by Jazmine May - 23/08/2015 15:22:08

I love the girly materials used in the womens wear
by Josephine - 23/08/2015 12:02:46

I really love your "different" clothes - the materials, designs and colours are just great - look forward to receiving your catalogue - many thanks Sue
by Susan - 22/08/2015 16:58:15

have just registered, will be buying something next month.
by Jean - 22/08/2015 11:13:28

Love your women's fashion.!!!!!
by Mairead - 21/08/2015 13:30:58

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