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Skills for Life #1 - Master some of Joe's trick of the trade

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Joe's been globetrotting again and sharing his essential Skills for Life on the way. Just in case you don't bump into him, we've rounded up Joe's words of wisdom for you in one handy place. So look, learn and enjoy Joe's gems.

#1 The Faster Fold

The quickest floor-to-drawer time in the JB office currently stands at 3.2 seconds, much faster than the guy in this video! Why not grab a Tee and have a go, be sure to let us know if you folded faster! Are you a go-go Joe, or just an average one?

  • 1-4 seconds = Super fast
  • 4-7 seconds = Not bad, but you can do better
  • 7 seconds plus = Ah well, buy another Tee and try again!

  • Fold a tee in 3 seconds flat! video previewFold a tee in 3 seconds flat!
  • How to make a Caipirinha video previewHow to make a Caipirinha
  • Open a bottle of lager with a tenner video previewOpen a bottle with a tenner!
  • How to survive a wild animal attack video previewHow to survive a wild animal attack
  • How to make a chocolate cake in 2 minutes video previewMake a chocolate cake in 5 mins
  • Christmas dinner table magic video previewChristmas dinner table magic

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