Check out our remarkable new homeware collection!

Finally! It’s time to introduce you to our brand-new homeware range that celebrates being a true individual. We believe that no home should look the same; how you decorate your space, the furniture and accessories you choose, should be a reflection of your unique personality! And so with this in mind, we’ve created two very striking collections inspired by Britain’s fauna and flora. Expect bold, statement pieces, vivid prints and designs to help make your home truly remarkable. 

The new collection is split into two themes: Wild Curiosity, inspired by enchanted English woodlands, and Floral Fantasy, inspired by rich country gardens in full bloom.      

Why not take a peek below to find out a little more about them…


Wild curiosity

Inspired by enchanted English woodlands, we’ve taken the freedom we feel when exploring the wilds and have added a unique Joe Browns twist to create an eclectic and striking range! It’s for those in search of stunning statement pieces for their home.

The natural, earthy tones and luxurious fabrics create a feeling of comfort and luxury, whilst the unique designs and prints add a layer of intrigue…
















There are some seriously stylish statement pieces in our collection, like the Curious Stag Duvet Set bedding. Why not scatter one or two of our contrast cushions to create a beautiful timeless look. Or to add a pop of colour to a room, why not try the gorgeous Cosy Faux Mohair Check Throws, sure to add a distinctive touch to your bedroom or living room!

Create a sense luxury in your home with our earthy throws and cushions. Or if you’re looking for something a little fun, why not try this vintage styled Rabbit Table Lamp  with a teal shade. This little guy is sure to add some mischief to your household.


Floral fantasy

Inspired by dense country gardens in full bloom, our floral fantasy collection is full of unique detailing and remarkable finishing touches that make for a real stand-out collection. Bold pops of deep fuchsia combined with a richer, darker palette have created an interesting and vibrant range, perfect for those looking for something a little bit different!

Love the life you live with this stunning pastel bedding. It’s sure to create an air of feel-good relaxation and peace to your boudoir. For the perfect finishing touch, why not pair it with one of these stunning floral fuchsia bed throws. Remarkable, aren’t they?


It’s often the little things that can really add a difference to your home, so why not add a little warm glow to your evening with these unique Fresh Floral Candles. With a subtle scent of fresh flowers, this clean-burning candle comes in a re-usable jar and a unique Joe Browns design.


With a palette of rich jewel tones, add a little interest to your floorboards with the Stylish Statement Rug. We couldn’t be more excited to give you our remarkable customers, the chance to now express your personality through your homes as well as your wardrobes. To make your bedroom look truly remarkable, pair it with the Floral Fantasy bedding for the complete look.

We hope you’ve enjoyed having a sift through our fantastic new homeware range (we’re pretty proud it to be honest) but we honestly feel like we‘ve barely even touched the surface! For more statement pieces with unique detailing and remarkable finishing touches, check out the entire range here.

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