We’re celebrating our remarkable Dads!

This Father’s Day we’re giving a shout-out to the father figures in our lives. The good, the generous and the downright crazy!

We asked some of the team at Joe Browns HQ who the special Father figure in their life was…


Loz (Brand Big Gun) with her Dad David (The legend!)

“My dad is an absolute legend – there’s never a dull moment when he’s around!

He’s funny, caring and generous – I’m a daddy’s girl at heart! Over the years he’s taken me to countless horse-riding lessons, gone on bike rides with me, driven me to and from Uni SO MANY TIMES, cheered me on at netball and helped teach me to drive – even after we crashed through a bush.

I certainly get my sense of humour from him and my passion for sports and fitness (although he’s a lot slower than he used to be!).

He’s one in a million! Thanks Dad for being as mad as a hatter – don’t ever change. 😊 ” 

“Dad’s quite a sharp dresser, so I chose the Superb Stripe Shirt. I knew he’d be made up with it, and he was!”


Tracey (Marketing Big Boss) with ‘Superdad’ Craig.

“My husband Craig is quite simply Superdad! My job and where we live means I leave home at 7.15 every morning and don’t return until gone 7 at night.

He makes breakfast (the cat’s too), sorts lunches, does the school run (both ends of the day), makes the evening meal (pretty tidily to be fair – and not bad taste-wise), manages homework schedules and exam revision, sorts out bath times and referees more than a few sisterly arguments!

And all this with his own landscape gardening business to run. He’s an inspiration to us all and an amazing role model for the kids.

He also single-handedly keeps Stella Artois in profit – but I think we can forgive him the odd beer on a school night!”


“This Father’s Day I’ve chosen to get him the Paisley Placement Shirt because I love it! It’s fresh, it’s different and it shows off his lovely tattoo!


Shannon PR Superstar with her dad Billy (AKA B Bez)







“My dad is one in a million. He never knew his own father, so I’m constantly in awe of the amazing father he’s been to me and my brother considering he didn’t have a role model in that position. His complete selflessness and kind nature are traits I aspire to possess.”

“It’s hard to name the lessons my dad has taught me in life, because essentially my parents have been the foundation of everything I’ve learnt and achieved.”

“So, who is my dad?”

He’s the guy that drives me from Huddersfield to Newcastle at midnight, hours before I go on holiday, because I’ve realized I’ve left my passport in my student digs.”

“He’s the guy who, up until moving in with my boyfriend, still wrote me a Valentines card every year without fail signed from ‘?’ (PS. Dad, I miss those).

“He’s the guy who would finish a 12 hour night shift, shower and change into a suit just to drop me off at school because mum wanted to keep up appearances!”

“He’s the guy all my friends love.”

“He’s the guy who has single-handedly saved me thousands in taxi fares.”

“He’s the guy who writes random things that nobody ‘gets’ in the family WhatsApp group.”

“He’s the guy with an infectious laugh.”

“He’s the guy I want my future children to get to know.”

“Dad, I know you’re probably questioning where time has gone, and how you’re now a grandfather approaching 70! So, I just want to let you know, you don’t look a day over 69 and you’re doing a smashing job at blagging it!”

I chose the Fabulous Floral Shirt because I knew my dad would love it. As he’s grown older his choice in shirts has become a little louder. I love this about him. Regardless of his physical age his spirit is always vibrant and playful!”


Andy (Super Store Manager) with his son Riley. 

“Fatherhood has really opened my eyes to a whole new way of life, everything I do now is to make sure my son, Riley, has the best start in life he can.

I used to concoct such huge dreams for myself that now they seem so small when compared to the dreams we have that revolve around us as a family and moulding Riley into a little gentleman.

I love how he has the perfect mix of mine and his mum’s personality. He’s such a funny, kind and genuinely remarkable little man who makes us both so proud everyday. I love seeing him use this personality to navigate new situations the same way I probably would now, with his best foot first and a bit of humour.”

I don’t know what Riley will achieve as he gets older and bigger, but he really has the ability to do anything he sets his mind too. He’s so persistent and passionate. We have just found out we’re going to have another child this year too and I have all the same dreams for our next addition to the family already, and I’m sure Riley will be one of the best role models we could ever put in their life.

“My perfect Father’s Day with him would be a road trip in the sun, fish and chips on the beach, splashing in a warm sea somewhere and an ice-cream watching the sun go down. We’d probably have to carry Riley back to the car, but I still love doing that while I can. I chose the Speeders Polo as my Father’s Day gift because it’s perfect for a day out like this.”


Emily (PR Guru) with her Dad Graham (and soon to be 2nd time Grandad Gazza).

“My Dad, Graham (or Gazza as we like to call him) is a total legend! Without getting soppy, he’s the warmest, most kind-hearted man you’ll ever meet (must be what having 3 girls does to you), but also hilarious.  He’ll do anything to make us laugh, like spontaneously skipping down a busy high street. I love that he couldn’t care less what anyone thinks. 

His sayings are firmly lodged in our minds forever like “You don’t have to drink to have a good time”, “It’s just around the corner” this one always comes out when he’s got us epically lost and “Well, we are where we are” – the most pointless phrase of all time. “

 “I love him to pieces and hope he likes the shirt I’ve picked him (I’m pretty confident he will judging by the rest of his Joe Browns wardrobe!). I selected the No Ordinary Oxford Shirt for my dad because, although he’s meant to be retired(!), he has endless meetings and this shirt is sensible with an injection of fun on the cuffs.”

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