What makes you happy? Store staff celebrate their spring style!

We love any excuse to go and visit our quirky bunch of Style Ambassadors at our store in Meadowhall, Sheffield. So we headed over last week for a good brew and a chin wag. They seem to just have that knack of styling pieces in a way we wouldn’t expect and completely rocking it!

What do you reckon…?   



Debby is wearing, the Delightful Dobby BlouseLazy Sundays Suede Boots, with Joe’s Signature Leather Jacket


Debby what makes you happy?

“Planning a holiday! I’m currently planning an Italian getaway in June, starting in Sorrento then to Pompeii and the Island of Capri. I’m so excited to plan and organise it, I guess that’s what makes me really happy!”

What do you love about what you’re wearing?

“My outfit is giving me the ultimate 70’s vibes, boho and chic look! I was definitely born in the wrong era.”

“I also love how comfortable the Delightful Dobby Blouse is. It’s loose but not shapeless and it flatters me! Paired with Joe’s Signature Leather Jacket and jeans gives it the casual, but stylish look which is perfect for work!”



Why have you styled it that way?

“The biggest thing for me is I love being comfortable. I styled the Delightful Dobby Blouse and jeans with the Lazy Sundays Suede Boots to add a bit of a relaxed country spin to my outfit. I really enjoy styling my clothes up and matching up outfits. It’s one my favourite things to do!”



Becca is wearing the Sophisticated Swan Vintage Dress, That Special Day Shoes with That Special Day Bag



Becca what makes you happy?

Pizza and beer at home on a Friday night. I like my sofa – what can I say!

What do you love about what you’re wearing?

“I feel the green within the Sophisticated Swan Vintage Dress clashes with my red hair in a great way… I love the contrast! It’s kind of like Ariel, the little mermaid haha! I also love how flattering the dress feels. It really accentuates my curves, and that’s why I love Joe Browns dresses, they always flatter my body.”



Why have you styled it that way?

“I can dress it up or dress it down, it’s a really versatile dress. I love how the silver accessories; That Special Day Shoes and That Special Day Bag really tie in with the outfit and glam it up too!”




Alyssa is wearing: Perfect Palm Linen Mix DressHeritage Leather Ankle Boots and the Chic Beaded Tie Necklace.


Alyssa what makes you happy?

“Making film! I’m currently studying film at UCR, Rotherham college and I’m loving it! I love the creativity behind film. There’s so many elements to explore with it and it’s just so different to anything I’ve ever done!”

What do you love about you’re wearing?

“I love how light the material is, it’s amazing! The colours and leaf pattern on the Perfect Palm Linen Mix Dress are really unique, which is initially what drew me to it. Definitely taking this number with me on my holiday coming up in Tenerife!”



Why have you styled it that way?

It’s not too warm just yet so I’ve styled it with the Heritage Leather Ankle Boots to make it weather appropriate. The boots also make the look more casual, which is more my style!




Jess is wearing the Essential Bardot Sleeve Top, Easy Wearing Stripe Culottes, Ocean Charms Sandals and the Downtown Naples Hat



Jess what makes you happy?

“Food! When I’m eating I like everyone I’m talking too just that little bit better…”

What do you love about you’re wearing?

“It’s comfy yet really stylish and it makes my bum look good! What I mean by that is it’s flattering on my hips and brings my waist in haha!”



Why have you styled it that way?

“I tried the trousers with a white top which I liked, but when I tried it with the Essential Bardot Top I completely fell in love with the outfit! It just really makes the trousers stand out and the outfit pop. I love it!”




Sasha is wearing Joes Signature Leather Jacket, the Delightful Daisy Top, with the Florentina Leather Shoes


Sasha what makes you happy?

“The weekends! That Friday feeling leaving work followed by a bacon sandwich on Sunday morning – you can’t beat it!”

What do you love about you’re wearing?

“The Florentina Leather Shoes add a pop of colour, but it’s still pretty subtle. I love the daisy print on the top,  it’s so sweet and it fits snugly on my waist and makes me love my figure. The leather jacket just adds that last little rock chick vibe to the look.”


“I love wearing this outfit, it’s just so easy! I like the subtly of the outfit, it’s not too bold and in your face but it’s certainly not boring which is 100% my style!”


We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out behind the scenes of our store staff’s style, wearing Joe Browns their way!

Sorry guys, we were lacking in male company at the store when we popped in, but we promise not to leave out in next week’s blog. 

Check out guys spring styles here and women’s here.  

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