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i have fell in love with the design of the dresses from pauline
by Pauline - 01/05/2016 22:45:02

I have made an order and have been charged P+P but in your mini catalogue it says free P+P. Please could you rectify this. Many thanks P.Pearson.
by Pauline - 01/05/2016 20:50:46

Just bought JB jacket at boot fair for 2!!! Love the look of your website and am hooked as to what next I can buy!
by Julie - 01/05/2016 17:16:18

Beautiful clothes
by Carol - 01/05/2016 12:01:50

I have only seen a small selection of clothing on offer on recent trip to a stockist but I found myself taking pictures of the clothes and following up with checking out the website as the quality and the designs are truly inspirational the only difficulty I can see is deciding on which pieces to buy first!
by Karen - 30/04/2016 20:17:22

The most beautiful clothes! I have a birthday coming up so I'm going to circle things & leave the catalogue laying around :-p
by Kate - 30/04/2016 18:58:29

Unusual designs. Well done. Very reasonably priced.
by Menna - 30/04/2016 14:17:47

unique , colourful, fashionable clothes at great prices.
by Debbie - 30/04/2016 12:56:06

I have bought a coat, in which I am really happy with. I also have bought to men's t shirts but I didn't get my 5 off them.
by Maddie - 29/04/2016 17:11:57

I love your new collections of summer dresses. Would appreciate if you could let me know when you have special offers in order to buy a lot of the dresses. The prices are slightly high for me. Thank you Doris Galloway
by Doris - 29/04/2016 09:25:28

I love the clothes, party outfits for grown-ups. I love the easy shopping experience, including efficient returns. And I'm starting to love the ethos, which I think is similar to my own - try hard to have fun, and bring a little joy and brightness where you can.
by Trish - 29/04/2016 08:48:14

I love your collection.
by Joety - 28/04/2016 20:05:14

really love the shoes but you only sat from a 4 really need a 3
by Jackie - 28/04/2016 15:43:57

Looking at the shoes on-line theyappealed to me!
by Anne - 28/04/2016 12:35:17

i love your products, please send me a catalogue again
by Alyson - 28/04/2016 06:21:46

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