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Great clothing, fantastically designed
by Kate - 24/10/2016 14:45:08

by Marie - 24/10/2016 14:28:16

Saw a booklet at the hospital while waiting appointment and liked some items but didn't have time to view much or order anything.
by Josephine - 24/10/2016 14:17:23

Love this style 😍
by Karen - 23/10/2016 23:45:21

Love yohr dresses. Catalogue pleass.
by Patricia - 23/10/2016 22:53:25

Just received my first order and love everything! I misjudged the sizing on a few items but, that was going to happen when you can't see the items in the flesh. I'm 6ft tall so usually end up wearing bigger than my true size hoping to make high street clothes fit but, these clothes fit beautifully. Hoping to encourage family to treat me to a few things for Christmas now! :-)
by Hazel - 23/10/2016 21:16:31

i found a summer sale catalog in a Classic Rock magazine i purchased i liked your stuff.
by Jozsef - 23/10/2016 16:53:28

Looking forward to receiving your catalogue
by Catherine - 23/10/2016 14:21:51

i really love the style of joe browns clothes and this web page makes it really easy to fins what you are looking for
by Lorraine - 23/10/2016 12:29:24

it's been a while not sure why you stop posting my catalogue
by Tracy - 23/10/2016 08:54:27

Please leave in porch thank you
by Sandra - 23/10/2016 00:05:55

i love the design of your clothing,its so different from the other clothing company and its so stylish and trendy you can dress it up or down so easy.i love it keep up the work
by Tina - 22/10/2016 21:23:06

Good wen site to use
by Jean - 22/10/2016 17:39:58

I love your clothes!Think friends would too,so going to start carrying your catalogue with me.
by Fiona - 22/10/2016 15:35:48

Will do when I have looked at catalogue
by Maria - 22/10/2016 08:25:33

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