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I love your clothes.Very funky,very different.
by Bernice - 30/07/2015 22:04:33

Love your merchandise! Satisfies my longing for soft floral dresses.
by Janelle - 30/07/2015 00:04:49

I like your clothes because the longer tops are better than most if you are tall. I am expecting my baby in a few weeks so hope to buy a few things from your website. Some of your clothes are good for breast feeding as they can be layered with a vest top - it would be good if you brought out a specific range.
by Crystal - 29/07/2015 09:46:43

Only just discovered Joe Brown's!! Can't wait to purchase first items!
by Penny - 29/07/2015 00:54:09

I love Joe Brown's refreshingly different style - but any chance you could offer a size 6 for us small folk?
by Louise - 28/07/2015 22:47:11

I did order a catalogue 2 weeks but it has not arrived
by Susan - 28/07/2015 15:26:20

I love the look of the Joe Browns clothing, however I have yet to purchase anything and experience the quality. I am sure I won't be disappointed.
by S - 27/07/2015 22:35:17

Your clothing really does look different & feminine, I'm looking forward to wearing some if not all of them !
by Mary - 27/07/2015 20:42:45

Beautiful range of clothes - looking forward to browsing through your catalogue!
by Justine - 24/07/2015 20:17:32

could you please show our my account when you have received any returns that is send back, you can see what you have orderd but it would be helpfuly to see when you have recived the retuns so i could see for my self that you have recived it
by Marian - 24/07/2015 17:10:24

awaiting brochure x
by Antoinette - 23/07/2015 19:55:52

This is the third request for a catalogue
by Fiona - 23/07/2015 08:35:05

I have tried, on several occasions to find certain items that are in the catalogue, that you sent, to purchase but cannot be brought up on your sight. Your loss.
by Annie - 22/07/2015 20:20:36

Amazing site and I need more from a brilliant company
by Kirstine - 22/07/2015 19:33:07

Your products are second to none and could you kindly make it possible for a personal account be created so that we can pay on monthly instalmental basis please. Kindly look into this .Thanks
by Christopher - 22/07/2015 18:49:03

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