7 Garden Party Hacks to Help You Throw a Memorable Outdoor Event!

No matter the occasion, garden parties can be a little daunting without the amenities of the house right at your fingertips. Luckily, Joe’s top tips for garden parties can see your outdoor get together thriving under the summer sun.

So, whether it’s a jubilee party, a BBQ or just a simple summer get-together, be the hostess with the mostest for your outdoor occasion, whatever the weather.

Secure your tablecloth with safety pins in case of wind

There’s usually a slight wind here in breezy Britain. Plan for a summer breeze and prepare by safety pinning your tablecloth before setting the table. After all, the surface holding the food is the centrepiece of the party, so make sure it’s well-secured before you go to town on the decorating and arrangement!

Photo Credit: @theinterioreditor on Instagram

Do your guests a garden party favour with sun cream and bug repellent.

It’s not always easy to remember everything as you’re dashing out the door, so why not stock up on travel-sized sun cream and bug spray in case your guests forget theirs? You’ll be a total life saver, and there’s bonus points up for grabs for the presentation! Simply arrange mini bottles of sun cream on a nice plate among some seashells, flower petals or sand if you really want to go the extra mile.

Photo Creit: @chloee_woods on Instagram

Alcohol preparation prevents poor performance 

Don’t let the guests get thirsty, especially if your bartender is the host or barbecue maestro. Prepare your cocktails in advance and store in the fridge to make sure you have drinks at the ready - no guest should go thirsty, after all. If you’re a mason jar collector, mix up portion-sized cocktails or just prepare a few big jugs of punch to keep the drink flowing as well as the conversations do!

It can’t go missing if it’s tied down!

If you’re storing a few bottles among ice, simply tie your bottle openers to the container for easy selection, opening (hop-tsssst) and enjoyment. Gone are the days of people frantically looking around for missing bottle openers or worse... the person who always attempts to open a bottle with their teeth. You can’t look, but you also can’t look away. By tying down your bottle openers, you can ensure there are no dental casualties.

Supply different kinds of seating 

Ever been to a garden party where you’re stuck in an uncomfortable chair? Each different person has preferences, so cater for your party guests by supplying different kinds of outdoor seating. From wicker chairs and deck chairs to floor cushions and beanbags for a bohemian garden party vibe. If there are children, a host of outdoor cushions are perfect for the little ones to relax and play out in the sun! Different kinds of outdoor seating also give a charming eclectic vibe to your garden party that we absolutely love!

Create a cosy evening with blankets and soft furnishing

Transition from day to evening in cosy style by having prepared blankets and cushions to make your guests feel extra cosy and at home in your garden. Not only do outdoor furnishings make your guests feel like they’re being really looked after, but it stops people from clambering into your house as soon as a chill is in the air. In Joe’s opinion, a cosy evening under the stars is better than a standard evening indoors.

Let there be lighting!

Before your garden party starts, be sure to string up your outdoor lights so they’re ready to switch on to make your outdoor space even cosier than it already is! Any amount of cute outdoor lighting is a novelty that’ll ensure the party carries on into the evening (and through the night, if you wish). If you’re strapped for extra lighting, use candles or tea lights in jars to dot around your space. Cute, cosy and crafty – all the elements that take a garden party from ordinary to extraordinary!

If you want to throw an outdoor party, we hope Joe’s garden party hacks make all the difference to your evening under the stars. With a garden range like ours, you can be sure to have your garden looking remarkable just in time for those long summer nights we’ve been looking forward to!

Make sure your outfit is as on point as your party decor by browsing our Inspiration page. If you host a garden party with Joe Browns gardenware or in our remarkable outfits, be sure to share it with us on our Facebook and Instagram!

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