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Colour And Styling Expert Reveals How To Boost Your Mood With A Colourful Wardrobe This Summer

Colour and Styling Expert Cliff Bashforth shares his advice for boosting your mood with colour, including colour analysis guidance 

The top tips you need to add colour to your wardrobe this summer 

Win a £500 Joe Browns voucher and a consultation with the Managing Director of Colour Me Beautiful, Cliff Bashforth 

As summer approaches, more and more people are looking to delve into brighter colours and bolder prints for the new season. Searches for colourful clothing have risen 46% last quarter, but stepping out of your comfort zone and away from a neutral wardrobe can be challenging, especially when you have no idea where to start.  

In collaboration with Joe Browns, Managing Director of Colour Me Beautiful Cliff Bashforth has shared his top tips for injecting colour into your wardrobe this summer, to not only boost your mood, but to escape those neutrals and discover a whole new colourful you. 

One lucky applicant can also win the chance to have a life-changing consultation with Cliff Bashforth, and receive expert styling advice on colour, proportions, and how best to flatter your figure, along with £500 to spend at Joe Browns to explore your new personal style.  

How to add colour to your wardrobe in 5 steps:

1. Find ‘Your’ Colours

Colour Analysis has seen a recent spike across TikTok, with 189.1M posts appearing across the social network, and Google searches for ‘colour analysis’ rising 75% across the last year. Expert stylist Cliff Bashforth explains how to conduct your own personal colour analysis at home, to discover which shades and hues best boost your mood. He said: “Remove any make-up and wear a basic neutral shade. In daylight, stand in front of a mirror and hold different garments up to your face, observing whether your complexion is enhanced and looks fresher, or your skin appears dull or pale.  Warm shades generally complement individuals with golden or peachy undertones, whilst cool shades suit those with a pink or blue undertone.” 

Colour Me Beautiful would always recommend consulting a professional for Colour Analysis, Cliff Bashforth said: “A self-analysis will not tell you which shades to buy or indeed, how to combine colour for maximum effect. At Colour Me Beautiful, we explain our 24-palette system, to test for the undertone, depth, and clarity of the individual’s colouring, so the client fully understands why they fall into a certain colouring type. Buying fewer clothes and having more to wear and buying quality over quantity is made simpler once you know what really suits you.” 

Enchanting Embroidered TunicEnchanting Embroidered Tunic
Olivia Maxi SundressOlivia Maxi Sundress
Joyful Jacquard TopJoyful Jacquard Top

2. Start Slowly

"Whilst experimenting with colour may appear daunting, introducing one item at a time can help you take a step towards your new wardrobe” said Jane Reik, Buying Director at Joe Browns . “Making small jumps, such as swapping a neutral coloured t-shirt for a brightly coloured blouse, can help you make the shift towards the new you without taking you completely out of your comfort zone all at once.”  

“Low on inspiration and not sure where to look? Try all around you! Your own interior design can make the perfect inspiration for your new wardrobe, whether it's the pop of purple from your kitchen or the sage green accessories across your living room.” 

Valparaiso Vibes DressValparaiso Vibes Dress

3. Try Out ‘Neutrals’

Contrary to popular belief, neutrals are more than just white, cream or beige.  If you’re looking to take that step towards a more colourful wardrobe, colours such as khaki, marine, or mustard make the perfect stepping stone. Neutrals are always easy to mix and match, but a seamless way to mix up your outfits is to pair grey with blue, navy with mustard, or olive with pink for a new bold look.  

However, Cliff Bashforth recommends prioritising how to wear colour, rather than focusing on what specific colour to wear. He said “It’s more about ‘the shades of a hue, rather than the hue itself.  Wearing your best shades of clothing enhances your natural colouring, brings out your individuality, boosts confidence, and ensures you always look your best, effortlessly expressing your personal style.” 

Endless Summer Holiday DressEndless Summer Holiday Dress
Forever Joe's Perfect Summer DressForever Joe's Perfect Summer Dress
Pretty Perfect DressPretty Perfect Dress

4. Play With Prints Or Bright Outerwear

Delving into prints is one of the easiest ways to incorporate colour into your clothing, as prints can be paired perfectly with basics you probably already have in your wardrobe. Keep it classic with a striped top or skirt, or add the perfect pop of colour to your favourite jeans using a floral blouse or a polka dot shirt”, said Jane Reik. 

It's easy to get stuck in a cycle of black and navy clothing, but by adding colourful outerwear, you can elevate your outfits without fully committing to an entire wardrobe of colour. Try switching up your usual outerwear for a brighter coloured blazer or patterned cardigan, to add a pop of colour to a simple outfit.” 

Perfect Paradise Belted KimonoPerfect Paradise Belted Kimono
Lyla Linen Blend Tailored JacketLyla Linen Blend Tailored Jacket
Rosalie Leather JacketRosalie Leather Jacket

5. Colour Coordinate Your Outfits Or Try Analogous Colours

Colour coordinating your outfits can take away the stress of mixing and matching new shades and bold colours that you’re not typically used to wearing. This can be achieved simply by choosing different hues of the same shade, regardless of the colour you’re looking to flaunt.  

If colour coordination isn’t your thing, try adding comparable colours to your wardrobe, by pairing colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel.  Some popular comparable colour combinations include pink and red or blue and green, which create the perfect mix of bold colours to kick off your new wardrobe this summer.  

Cliff Bashforth said: “Once an individual is shown how to wear ‘their shades’, shopping becomes much easier and mistakes in the wardrobe become a thing of the past.” 

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