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Power of Dressing

An Interview with Confidence Coach Jo Emerson

Here at Joe Browns we believe that everyone deserves to feel empowered and confident in the clothes they wear. That’s why we make unique and remarkable pieces so you can showcase your individual flare everywhere you go! We know that after a year of lockdown - with less opportunities to dress to impress - many of us have fallen into a wardrobe slump, with people feeling their confidence is at an all time low. We’re on a mission to reignite the nation's spark ready for the festive party season, which is why we’ve teamed up with confidence coach Jo Emerson to help all you fabulous folk get your #mojoe back!

Is Confidence at an All Time Low?


Now that everyone’s social calendars have officially reopened for business, we were keen to find out how the nation is feeling about their wardrobe confidence. We carried out a survey to find out how those post-lockdown vibes are setting in across the country. 

With over 12,500 respondents, we found that many of you have caught the contagious post-lockdown slump and are in need of a well overdue confidence boost. 

Over 25% of people admitted they can’t remember the last time they felt confident, which is no doubt a result of video calls and the dreaded Zoom dysmorphia that seems to have swept the nation. We found that men are most looking forward to showcasing their fabulous outfits, with 68.7% saying they are excited about dressing up again, compared with 52.9% of women. 

Shockingly, almost half (46%) of respondents admitted they avoid wearing certain clothes because of a lack of body confidence. Over half (54.3%) of respondents said they don't own an outfit that makes them feel incredible -  in this case, it sounds like it’s time to indulge in our fabulous feel good autumn collection! We found that London is the most confident location, with 36% always feeling confident in what they wear, compared with only 30.9% in Scotland. Fear not, Jo Emerson’s confidence tips will have you oozing with confidence, ready to embrace the social calendar with dazzling style!

Who is Jo Emerson?

Jo Emerson is an award-winning international confidence coach and the author of Flying for Beginners - a proven system for lasting self confidence. She has also written two online courses which have taught thousands how to be more confident. Jo is a regular contributor to national and international press and has appeared on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour. She is a fellow believer in Joe Browns’ values, with her mission in life being to help everybody uncover their own unique and authentic selves - believing in yourself is where confidence lives! Like us, Jo strives to help remarkable people embrace their individuality throughout their day to day lives.

Jo’s top ten expert tips on how to be more confident

Whether you’re dusting off the cobwebs from your favourite outfits or indulging in a wardrobe revamp, following Jo’s top 10 tips will be sure to whisk you off to confidence island!

Jo EmersonJo Emerson

Joe Browns Women's Autumn Winter CollectionJoe Browns Women's Autumn Winter Collection

1. Manage Your Mind

We all have a critical voice narrating our lives back to us but you don’t have to believe what it says!  Critical voices are usually lying to you - so catch those thoughts and ask yourself what your kindest, wisest friend might say and believe that instead.

2. Do YOU

If you are trying to be like someone else you will lose your sense of authenticity and this will destroy your confidence.  Do you!  Be you! You are a unique and wonderful part of this entire universe. Shine your own light brightly.

3. Quit Comparing

Comparing yourself to other people will either make you feel ‘less than’ them or ‘more than’ them.  Both are awful for your confidence because you are comparing how you feel on the inside to how they are presenting on the outside. It’s an unfair, ungrounded comparison. SO, stop comparing yourself to others and instead seek to find inspiring people to motivate you to become more fully you!

4. Get Outside

We were not made to sit down looking at screens in artificial light all day. Get outside, walk, breathe deeply, watch nature as it goes about its business. There’s a beautiful sense of ‘okay-ness’ in nature and when we see that we feel calmer and more confident!

5. Wear Clothes You Like

When I lacked confidence I chose clothes that I thought would make me look thinner or more attractive to others. What a waste of time that was! Today, I choose to wear clothes I actually like.  Clothes that feel good on me, that I feel comfortable in and clothes that boost my self esteem. In short, dress for you - not anyone else

6. Smile

Smiling at people will give you little connections throughout the day that will boost your self-esteem. We have all been through two terrifying years and we need to reconnect with each other - smiling is the first step towards achieving this. Smiling also produces happy hormones in your brain which, in turn, gives you a shot of confidence.

7. Do Things You Enjoy

Find time every day to do something you enjoy doing. Take a bath, have a walk, watch your favourite box set, cuddle your kids, eat a lovely meal, read a good book, call your best friend - whatever makes your day feel special. Taking half an hour each day to treat yourself will grow your self esteem.

8. Be Kind to Yourself

Become your own cheerleader. Encourage yourself daily, tell yourself you’re doing well, praise yourself when you achieve something, rest when you need to. When you become your own best friend you will feel so much better about who you are and your place in this world.

9. Learn How to Say ‘NO’

Many people with low self-confidence have become people pleasers who fear saying ’no’ in case other people won’t like them. But saying ‘yes’ when you want to say ’no’ means you are denying yourself and denying your truth. The best way to learn to like yourself is to start prioritising your own needs, honouring what you want and only saying ‘yes’ if you really want to do something NOT because you think someone might like you more if you do.

10.  Make a List

Start a list of five things you like about yourself and five things you are grateful for each day. Add to this list on a daily basis and read it through each evening. This focus on positivity will really help your confidence. 

For more tips on how to feel confident and boost self esteem, read Jo’s blog!

Joe Browns Men's Autumn Winter CollectionJoe Browns Men's Autumn Winter Collection

Jane Reik, Joe Browns Buying Director shares her thoughts on dressing confidently,

 “The secret to dressing confidently is to feel comfortable. The more comfortable you feel in your outfit the more you enjoy what you're doing, be that at work or a night out with the girls. There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of shoes that go with your outfit but that you can't actually walk or dance in!

My personal tip is to dress for the woman you're going to be that day. Here at Joe Browns the buying and design team work hard finding prints, fabric and shapes that make women walk that bit taller and laugh that bit louder when you’re wearing them. We want all our pieces to be remarkable in every way in the hope that this then passes on to our customers.

Confidence in dressing is about how you wear the clothes, don’t let them wear you, a great outfit should make you feel like you can take on the world and if you want to pick the kids up wearing sequins then do it!”