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Revving Up The Biker Style

The Biker Style

From the rebellious spirit of the biker lifestyle to biker gear solely used for protection, biker fashion is not just used when riding a motorbike. It has also become intertwined with punk and rock styles. The world of speed, road romances and adrenaline rushes has inspired men and women to dress in black, leather and denim - a style that has spread through all countries, genders and ages.  

Where did biker fashion evolve from? How can you adopt biker trends into your everyday wear? Well, the team at Joe Browns have thrown together the ultimate guide to revving up your biker style. Read on to get to grips and we’ll leave you to strut your stuff.

The Evolution of The Biker Style

Biker fashion has evolved and developed with the times, from acting purely as motorbike riders’ protection to now becoming a statement fashion look that people rock at the biggest parties, events and for everyday wear.

Gentlemen's Fashion

Motorbikes started out as a very expensive, luxury item - in fact, motorbikes used to be one of the most luxurious modes of transportation. It’s no wonder those who could afford a motorbike liked to dress to impress while out on the country roads. Biker fashion used to be heavily tweed based, but as motorbikes got faster the need for more protective clothing grew.  

As the early 20th century approached, motorcycles had been adopted by the police and military. Full length boots, flat caps and protective gloves became part of their uniforms, which even became staples in men’s everyday wardrobes.

1950s Rebel Biker Style

While biker fashion was originally designed for practicality, in the 1950s the leather biker jacket made its debut and was famously worn by iconic actors like James Dean, Marlon Brando and even Rock ‘n’ Roll artists such as The Beatles. We also saw the Black Rebels Motorcycle Club in the film ‘The Wild One,’  sporting a black leather Perfecto jacket, a pair of blue jeans and engineer boots which inspired generations of rebels, musicians, adventurers and creatives for years to come.

Hells Angels Fashion

Bikers went on to form clubs, just like the world-famous Hells Angels Motorbike Club in the 1960s. Modifying their leather or denim jackets, removing the sleeves to create grunge-style vests and embellishing their motorcycle vests with their MC name and symbols was a key part of this iconic look.

Removing the sleeves allowed bikers to gain mobility and better ventilation in the warmer climates of the USA. Added motifs made for a quick way for MC members to identify each other on the roads and highlighted their commitment to the biker lifestyle.

The Punk Era

The popularity of the Perfecto leather jacket grew in the 1970s and its reputation for being a symbol of the outlaw lifestyle was adopted by the punk rock scene. The Sex Pistols and The Ramones were amongst many punk rock bands that made the leather jacket a staple piece in their wardrobe, and this slowly became an essential staple across the punk scene. 

People loved the DIY element of the punk era, customising their jackets with spikes, patches, studs and more, creating an exaggerated statement piece that elevated the leather jacket to a whole new level.

The 1980s

Motorbike racing and the rise of sports bikes saw biker fashion take a swift detour in the 1980s. The Perfecto leather jacket was changed to a classic bomber jacket, though this died out by the early 2000s and a vintage touch to the leather jacket became a staple, which still remains today! From washed out leather and sewn-on motifs to leather jackets with wrinkles and texture - the vintage look took over.

How to Rev Up Your Biker Style

Biker clothes such as leather jackets and jeans or simple tees and bandanas rose to prominence to protect the wearer but later evolved into badass outfits and explosive means of self-expression. From finding the best quality leather jacket to knowing which graphic t-shirt is right for you, there are endless considerations when revving up your ultimate biker look. 

Biker Leather Jackets

A leather jacket is arguably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. Perfect for any age and any gender, a leather jacket is a true must-have for everybody's wardrobe and the most iconic piece in any biker's wardrobe. If you are wanting to add the biker touch to any of your looks, then you will need to invest in a good leather jacket. This essential piece is made to both protect you and help you look great - it’s the ultimate investment!

Check our leather jacket page to see our full selection of leathers for men and women!

The Best Pair of Jeans

In the era of Marlon Brando, blue jeans were a classic part of his look, but over the years many style icons have customised this. Opting for black jeans, jeans with rips or studs and even a touch of tartan can help you stand out from the crowd. You can style your biker jeans any way you like.

Authentic Biker Boots

Biker boots should be made out of a tough material and ideally flat, especially if you are opting for the authentic biker fashion look. While riding a motorbike in heeled boots might look pretty awesome, it’s just not practical (sorry). If you are wanting just a touch of biker grunge for a night out, then you could go for heeled or platform boots as they’re perfect for dressing up.

A Touch of Denim

When it comes to denim you should opt for either black or grey as these colours will go with just about anything. For men, opt for bootcut or slim-fit jeans or even choose a distressed, ripped look as these look fabulous on both men and women.

Classic Graphic Tees

When it comes to biker fashion you can either keep it simple or go all out. Keep it sleek and classy with a simple black or white tee and leather jacket or add some personality with a bold graphic tee. Opt for symbols such as the Hells Angels motifs, skulls and more.

Fashion Tips For How to Dress Like a Biker

You may have all the elements such as a statement leather jacket and studded boots, but when it comes to putting it all together it's not as simple as just the appearance. Acting the part, accessorising to perfection and ensuring you have the right protection when actually riding on your luxury mode of transport will help take your biker style to the next level.

The Biker Vibe

Looking to revamp your look? Maybe you are trying to change up your appearance slightly or you want to look the part on your new Harley. If this is the case then nailing the biker vibe is key! When it comes to biker fashion it’s not just about looking the part, it's about acting and feeling the part. It's all about confidence, so strut your stuff in your new biker outfit and catch everyone's eye. We love to stand out here at Joe Browns, which is why our collection of men’s clothing is all about celebrating life’s adventures.

From Top To Toe

Complete your biker wardrobe with simple tees, graphic t-shirts and of course jeans! When riding, every biker knows jeans are the best material for protection with plenty of layers to shelter you from the wind and rain. Jeans paired with heavy biker boots and a quality leather jacket will have you rocking the biker vibe. A slightly colder day? Opt for a black hoodie and long sleeves under your staple jacket and accessories with gloves, belts and more.

Accessories Are Key

A true biker knows that accessories are key to finishing off any look. Whether it's the addition of a black studded belt, chains and of course biker rings, accessories are a fabulous way of sprinkling some personality over your everyday look. Grab some chunky statement rings or dog tag necklaces to really complete any look.

For more tips on how to get the biker style, check out our inspiration page or share your grunge looks with us on Facebook and Instagram!