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Escapology: The Story Behind Our New Season 

In times like these, there’s an even greater need to create the moments that invigorate and recharge our souls. That’s a huge part of our ethos here at Joe Browns. We need – and deserve – to feel remarkable. 

We all have our unique ways of escaping the dull and adding a touch of excitement to the day. We just need to apply a little ESCAPOLOGY: The art of finding joy in the moment. 

Read on to discover how Joe Browns are identifying the things that make us really happy and allow ourselves to get lost in those moments. By the end of this, we hope you’ll be inspired to make the grey dissipate and inject a rainbow of colour into the everyday.  

From Inside Joe Browns HQ... 

Our Marketing Director, Tracey Hepton has led the team with this concept. Read on to hear why she’s chosen this message for the new season, and how she champions Escapology when she escapes the everyday.  

Tracey Hepton - Marketing Director

“With the outside world in such flux right now – rising prices, pressure on wages, depressing news on the TV every day (to name but a few of the things going on!) - we all need to find our own unique ways of escaping every once in a while. 

Sometimes we just need a bit of time out to clear our heads, do what we enjoy most, and think about the things in life that give us the most pleasure – the things that we often take for granted.    

There’s no one size fits all recipe – what makes one person happy can be quite different to what creates a spark for another – we all have different ways of adding that little touch of excitement into the day – we are all individuals after all. 

For me it’s getting into the swimming pool and freeing my mind for an hour or so – or getting out onto the moors on a beautiful crisp morning for an invigorating 10k walk, putting the world to rights with my soul mate – or watching my eldest daughter smash the ball into the back of the net at Sunday football. 

Quite simply, that’s the theory of Escapology. The art of finding joy in the moment.   It’s what Joe Browns is all about – creating unique ways to fire a shot of colour into people’s lives!  We exist to make people feel good – and this goes much, much further than the fabulous clothes we create.” 

How Joe’s Family Escape the Everyday 

While waiting for the warmer weather to return, some of us here at Joe Browns feel like we need to apply a little Escapology to our lives, while others already unknowingly practise this concept to keep us happy, healthy and allow us to thrive – even in the dead of winter! 

We’ve rounded up a few members of Joe’s family to see how they find joy in the moment starting with the big dog, Simon – dive into the ways we love to escape – maybe you can find something to take up yourself... 

Simon Brown - Founder and Managing Director

So in these days of distressing news, busy work, cost of living squeeze, job insecurity and everything else going on in the world, there are a few tips I’ll share with you that help me stay in a good place and help me escape from the daily grind. 

Firstly, appreciate what you’ve got; really think about this. Life is tough for everyone in one way or another as it was for our parents and their parents before them. Accept this and appreciate all the things you probably take for granted. Most of us have warm water, electricity, jobs, friends and family, but most of all we are free - free to make our own choices; appreciate this. 

Secondly, don’t watch the news. If you are fed up before the news, then you’ll feel worse after. I never feel happy after News at Ten! 

I recommend you also limit your time on social media. It can be a distorted perception of people’s lives. Why try to live up to others when you can live your own life with your own thoughts and aspirations? You’ll be happier for it. 

Lastly, have something planned - something to look forward to. It can be drinks with friends or catching up with people you haven’t seen for a while. Don’t hang with people who sap you or critique you, hang with people who make you feel good, who energise you. Book a night away, it doesn’t have to be fancy - a change is as good as a rest. Always have something to look forward to and you’ll escape the things that get you down. 

I love to get absorbed in a great book or tv series. Currently watching Robson Green tour round Northumberland - lovely chap with some lovely stories - good for the soul and helps you escape the day to day. 

Having a project to focus on helps me escape everything. Being totally absorbed in something is a great way to relax and forget everything that’s wrong in the world. For me it’s travelling to experience new places and cultures, as well as riding my motorbike. Riding a bike takes me to a different place; a place where everything is good and after I feel totally at peace. Find the hobby that totally absorbs you and you will have escaped."

Jane Reik – Buying Director 

"The escapology ethos is perfect for Joe Browns this season – we’re all about celebrating everyone’s unique personalities and our team works tirelessly to bring these remarkable personalities to life through our collections. Escapology is what we’re all about and right now; it’s just what we need. Applying a little escapology to our everyday life is so important to keep our spirits lifted. Here are a few things I love to do to escape the everyday. 

The moment I know I’m going to escape my day is when I walk through the door and get hugs from my two girls – nothing beats a welcome home!   

Aside from coming home to my wonderful family, I love experimenting with style – so working in fashion is ideal. I’d describe my style as extroverted and love being comfy while trying out different colours, shapes, and bold patterns. Even dressing is a form of Escapology – I’m a champion of empowering everyone to escape the styles that don’t work for us and discover how we can express ourselves through what we wear. We all deserve to feel remarkable in a great outfit! 

Outside of work, I adore cooking and entertaining – being with family, friends, good food and – of course – wine. Whenever I can, I also love walking in the Lake District with my family. Fresh air, leggings, no makeup... It makes a real change from the fast-paced world of fashion and retail!"

Lauren Witchell – QC Technologist 

"I’ve particularly been trying to find joy in each day recently, to escape the January blues! Here are some things I try to do to break out of my usual weekly routine and find some joy. 

Exercising in the outdoors and paying attention to the natural beauty around me is always a winner, I row on the weekends, so I like to focus on the snowy hills, sunrises, calm lakes - very much finding joy in the moment with my surroundings. 

I also love making time for a project- crochet or pottery are my favourites. Focusing on these makes me forget the outside world! If I’m feeling less energetic, a good book with a nice candle is also a great touch to feel snug and escape.  

Cooking to good music (especially with a kitchen disco feel!) is a great way to add joy to the day and makes everyday task so much more fun. Speaking of food, Tracy and I have also been eating posh chocolates in the office and imagining ourselves eating them on holiday or in Harrods café! You could say we’re ‘taking ourselves to a beautiful place’!"

Bryony Rogers – Digital Content Manager 

"There are a few ways I like to escape, and I really should practise Escapology more! On an everyday basis, I build the inspiration webpages and escape with a comedy podcast – it's a great way to get some entertainment in on a weekly basis at work – I often find I have to stifle my laughter to keep myself from cackling noisily – people think I’m eccentric enough without howling in random intervals. 

Aside from my usual hobbies (literally anything to do with yarn) I’d set myself a task on my 29th birthday to go to as many gigs and performances as I can before I’m 30. I’m currently almost two months in and I’ve been to four so far, with many more in the calendar and a festival on the horizon. To me, there’s nothing like stupidly heavy music to literally drown out the everyday. 

Outside of my working week, me and my partner try to make time for an adventure – which usually involves a lot of driving around to find a new place. We love discovering new places, but secretly my favourite part is blasting some music on the journey while we both belt out the lyrics. It’s safe to say we won't quit our day jobs to become world-famous singers any time soon!"

Ben Nettleton – Senior Web Designer 

"When I'm stressed out, worried or just need to clear my head all I need is to get out on my bike. 

Everyone is probably fed up of me chaffing on about cycling at Joe Browns, but it is genuinely the best thing I taken up in my life. I wish I had come into the sport earlier and tried to make an actual go of it. 

My idea of escaping is throwing on bike packing bags, meeting my mates and getting outdoors exploring. Nothing quite compares to taking in a gorgeous panoramic view when you have had to slog up that mountain. The hard work and fresh air really puts things into perspective. 

Covering huge distance on a bike gives you a real sense of accomplishment. Trust me, you have to experience it to really appreciate it. Plus doing it with a set of mates is an absolute laugh - exploring, eating and a few beers. It’s a right trip!"

Nicc Hewitt – Direct Marketing Manager 

"Football is my regular form of escaping the day-to-day. I play three times a week and really look forward to it for a break during a hectic week. It’s a brilliant release from the daily grind – plus a pint and a laugh with my mates afterwards makes it all the while as we get over the chill from winter matches! 

I also love to walk my dog, Honey, along the moors. As well as getting fresh air and exercise in the heart of Yorkshire, being surrounded by nature really does wonders even if you don’t realise it. When you’re far away from urban areas, your everyday problems seem really insignificant. It’s true that we all escape in one way or another, so I’m excited to do it all over again from the Escapology point of view to experience it more consciously."

Shannon Berry - PR & Social Media Manager

"Recently I’ve gotten into podcasts. My favourites are ‘On Purpose with Jay Shetty’ and ‘The Diary Of A CEO with Steven Bartlett’.  

They get deep with really inspirational people and there’s almost always something I take away from each episode. They don’t necessarily help me switch off, if anything they make me think more – but there’s no harm in that!"

Nisha Clutton – Photographer 

"I like to escape the everyday with a good book, a good brew, and a good cat on my lap. There’s nothing as relaxing as finding your comfiest chair and reading to the sound of purring. 

I channelled my love of books into an Instagram account – if you love reading, check me out at for some no-spoiler honest reviews!"

Alice Walker – Social Media Content Co-Ordinator 

"I feel like a great space to escape is an art gallery. You can fully switch off from the outside world and lose yourself. I recently visited a Van Gogh exhibition which was a 360º digital art experience. It felt like you were stepping into the painting, I absolutely loved it!  

One quote from Vincent that really stuck with me was "If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere"."

When times get tough, it helps to apply a little escapology. How do you escape the day-to-day? Recharge your soul and feel amazing with our new spring collection and escape the ordinary this year. You’ve earned it! 

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