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Bedding, Bed Sheets & Duvet Covers

Discover our vibrant bedding sets collection. From patterned pillowcases to fabulous floral duvet covers, you’ll find a whole host of unique designs in our remarkable home decor collectionto give your bedroom the uplifting refresh it deserves. Plus, our sensational bedding is as breathable as it is beautiful, made from 200-thread cotton.

Featuring innovative reversible designs, our duvet covers and pillowcases have been crafted to perfectly complement our range of soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws, making it easy to add those comforting and cosy finishing touches to your space.

Bedding, Bed Sheets & Duvet Covers

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Choosing the perfect Joe Browns bedding set

 Selecting the ideal bedding set involves a few key considerations to capture its vibrant essence.

1) Identify your preferred colour palette, as Joe Browns designs often feature lively and eclectic hues. 

2) Choose a set that aligns with your room's theme and ambience. Pay attention to patterns; whether it's florals, paisleys, or bohemian motifs, opt for what resonates with you. 

3) Quality materials, such as soft cotton or blends, ensure comfort. Assess the set's components: duvet covers, pillowcases, and sheets. 

4)Finally, envision how the chosen set harmonises with your bedroom's aesthetics. 

By balancing design, comfort, and personal taste, you can curate the perfect Joe Browns bedding ensemble that transforms your sleep space into a lively haven.


What Material is Best for Duvet Covers?

Our bedding is perfectly designed to complement your room whilst making it easy to add comforting touches to your home. Our bed set range is perfect if you want to add a pop of personality - but what is the best material for your bed sheets? 

Made from 200 thread cotton, our bedding is lightweight and breathable, making it the perfect year-round bedding. It feels sumptuously soft against your skin and adds a touch of colour with bold floral patterns and unique, vibrant prints.

What is a Thread Count?

Thread count is the measure of the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. Here at Joe Browns, we make our bedding with 200 thread cotton. This is a rough indicator of the feel and softness of the fabric, allowing us to make your bedding super fabulous and snug.


Should I Wash My New Duvet Cover Before Using it?

We understand that you want to put your new vibrant bedding covers on as soon as you get them, but we strongly recommend washing your bedding before you first use them.  Washing your bedding will remove any fragrances from the packaging and have your sheets feeling fresh and ready to snuggle into.

Want to know more about our pillowcases and duvet covers? Read our fabulous Joe Browns Bedding Guide

How Do I Wash Cotton Bedding?

If you are looking to keep your fabulous bedding looking bright and feeling snug, you should follow these Joe Browns cleaning tips: 

When handling your Joe Browns bedding, you should always follow the care label, as the last thing you want is the colourful patterns to run.

  • Separate your whites from the bold bedding and treat any stains straight away.
  • For sumptuously soft bedding, use the correct heat, size and washing machine settings.
  • Choose the correct detergent and a 30 degrees wash cycle. Our bedding can also be dry cleaned. 
  • Avoid overloading your washing machine. 
  • When washing your Joe Browns bed linen, hang your duvet and pillow covers outside to air. 


How to match your bedding set with your home accessories and soft furnishings

Achieving a cohesive look between your bedding, rug, curtains, and home accessories involves a thoughtful approach. 

Start with a dominant colour or pattern from one of these elements as a foundational theme. Ensure the hues and patterns are in harmony rather than clashing. For instance, if your bedroom furniture features intricate patterns, choose simpler bedding designs to avoid visual overload. 

Introduce complementary colours through your curtains and home accessories to create balance. Texture also plays a role; match textures in bedding and accessories to enhance continuity. 

By adhering to a consistent colour palette, considering patterns, and mindful of texture, you can seamlessly unify these elements, producing a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing interior.

For more tips on caring for your  homeware, head to our inspiration page or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.