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Men's Jackets & Coats

Our men's coats and jackets will provide a stylish finishing touch to any outfit. In our latest outerwear collection, you can discover the perfect piece to elevate your capsule wardrobe.

Whether you're sporting a classic spring coat, heading out on an adventure in a leather biker jacket or want to look sharp and sophisticated in a tailored blazer.

Each designed with a unique twist, our men’s jackets and coats will ensure you look suave and stylish for every occasion. No matter your personal style, we’ve got coats and jackets that will see you through all year round.

Men's Jackets & Coats

34 Items

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  1. Style It Out Bomber
    Style It Out Bomber
    £42.00 Was: Regular Price £85.00
  2. Sensational Style Blazer
    Sensational Style Blazer
    £33.00 Was: Regular Price £110.00
  3. Delightful Check Blazer
  4. Delightful Check Waistcoat
  5. Dapper Summer Blazer
    Dapper Summer Blazer
    £55.00 Was: Regular Price £110.00
  6. Charming Summer Blazer
    Charming Summer Blazer
    £75.00 Was: Regular Price £110.00
  7. Good Times Waistcoat
  8. Good Times Blazer
  9. Distinctive Denim Jacket
  10. On Tour Leather Jacket
  11. Up A Gear Leather Jacket
  12. Terrific Tick Stripe Waistcoat
    Terrific Tick Stripe Waistcoat
    £16.00 Was: Regular Price £55.00
  13. Deadly Dapper Waistcoat
    Deadly Dapper Waistcoat
    £29.00 Was: Regular Price £59.00
  14. Perfect Partner Waistcoat
    Perfect Partner Waistcoat
    £29.00 Was: Regular Price £59.00
  15. Sensational Check Waistcoat
    Sensational Check Waistcoat
    £32.00 Was: Regular Price £65.00
  16. In Style Jacket
    In Style Jacket
    £44.00 Was: Regular Price £89.00
  17. Tailored To Perfection Blazer
    Tailored To Perfection Blazer
    £55.00 Was: Regular Price £110.00
  18. Ready For The Weekend Jacket
    Ready For The Weekend Jacket
    £44.00 Was: Regular Price £89.00
  19. Dapper Double Breasted Coat
    Dapper Double Breasted Coat
    £55.00 Was: Regular Price £110.00
  20. Cut About Waistcoat
    Cut About Waistcoat
    £40.00 Was: Regular Price £59.00
  21. Sensational Style Waistcoat
    Sensational Style Waistcoat
    £16.00 Was: Regular Price £55.00
  22. Charming Check Blazer
    Charming Check Blazer
    £36.00 Was: Regular Price £120.00
  23. Charming Check Waistcoat
    Charming Check Waistcoat
    £18.00 Was: Regular Price £59.00
  24. Spring Check Blazer
    Spring Check Blazer
    £70.00 Was: Regular Price £120.00
  25. Superb Style Jacket
    Superb Style Jacket
    £25.00 Was: Regular Price £79.00
  26. Summer Sun Blazer
    Summer Sun Blazer
    £33.00 Was: Regular Price £110.00
  27. Paired To Perfection Waistcoat
    Paired To Perfection Waistcoat
    £39.00 Was: Regular Price £59.00
  28. Exquisite Premium Suede Bomber
    Exquisite Premium Suede Bomber
    £170.00 Was: Regular Price £250.00
  29. All To Order Coat
    All To Order Coat
    £65.00 Was: Regular Price £130.00
  30. Deadly Dapper Blazer
    Deadly Dapper Blazer
    £60.00 Was: Regular Price £120.00
  31. Check It Out Blazer
    Check It Out Blazer
    £90.00 Was: Regular Price £120.00
  32. Charming Check Blazer
    Charming Check Blazer
    £90.00 Was: Regular Price £120.00
  33. Terrific Textured Blazer
    Terrific Textured Blazer
    £74.00 Was: Regular Price £99.00
  34. No Limits Leather Waistcoat
    No Limits Leather Waistcoat
    £79.00 Was: Regular Price £150.00

How to Style a Men’s Leather Biker Jacket

If you want to add an instant edge to your outfit, there’s no better item to do so than a leather biker jacket. A true Joe Browns staple, we know a thing or two about how to style these stylish pieces so that they become a key item in your capsule wardrobe.

Classic tee and jeans: Pair your biker jacket with a classic white or black tee and well-fitted jeans. This timeless combination complements the edginess of the jacket.

Wear with boots: Opt for sturdy boots like chunky biker boots to continue the leather look, or desert boots for a smart suede finish.  They add to the rugged aesthetic and complete the biker-inspired look.

Accessorise: Consider accessorising with a simple metal watch, a leather wristband, or a chain necklace. These add subtle elements of rugged style without overpowering the outfit. 

Joe’s top tip: A pair of aviator or wayfarer sunglasses can enhance the effortless cool vibes of your biker jacket ensemble.

Layering: Experiment with layering by wearing cosy knitwear or a hoodie underneath the jacket. This not only keeps you warm but also adds depth to your outfit.

Check out our blog on how to rev up your biker style

How to choose the right jacket

Choosing the right men's jacket for different occasions is essential for looking stylish and appropriate. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Formal Occasions

For formal events or occasions like weddings or business meetings, opt for a tailored blazer or a suit jacket. Choose classic colours like navy, charcoal, or black.

Casual Everyday Wear

For day-to-day activities, a classic denim jacket or a bomber jacket works well. They are comfortable, easy to style, and can be worn with a variety of outfits.

Outdoor Activities

For outdoor activities like hiking or camping, a cosy fleece or waterproof jacket is a good choice. Ensure it's durable and provides adequate protection from the elements.

Joe’s top tip: Opt for several light layers, such as t-shirts and henleys with a zip-up hoodie. This allows you easy access to peel back the layers as you get warmer the longer you hike.

Smart-Casual Events

A versatile option for smart-casual occasions is a well-made leather jacket. It can be worn over a shirt and tie for a dressier look or with a casual shirt for a more relaxed vibe.

For more top tips on how to style a leather jacket, read our blog. 

How to style a men’s blazer for a smart casual occasion

When it comes to the old ‘smart casual’ dress code, it can be difficult to know what’s overly smart and what’s deemed too relaxed. A blazer is the perfect item of clothing to strike this balance effortlessly. 

For date night: Pair your blazer with a funky shirt to create a bold statement (and a talking point!). Opt for a darker shade of denim with your jeans as this gives a more formal appearance. 

For a wedding: Go all out with a shirt, blazer and matching waistcoat combination. This will give a cool and cohesive aesthetic while remaining smart and sophisticated. Pare back with smart jeans to give a more relaxed feel to the overall look.

Are you looking to crack the code on dress codes? Check out our blog and find out what smart casual really is. 

Not sure what size to choose for your next Joe Browns purchase? Head to our FAQS page.