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Cushions & Throws

Instantly elevate your home decor with Joe Browns stylish cushions and throws. Crafted from soft and cosy materials, our cushions and throws bring texture and warmth to your furniture pieces for those luxurious finishing touches. 

Add hints of nature to your abode with floral throws, or bring a touch of luxury with our plush, velvet cushions. However you decide to style them, we have an array of fabulous prints and luxurious fabrics that blend seamlessly with any aesthetic. 

Unique scatter cushions and craft-inspired throws will add a splash of colour to your living space or bedroom, creating a truly timeless finish. Or make every day feel like a holiday with rich, tropical patterns, inspired by the colourful streets of India in our Road to Jaipur collection. 

Whatever your style, you'll find something for everyone in our Joe Browns homeware collection.

Cushions & Throws

Make Your Home Unique With Joe Browns Cushions and Throws

Our selection of soft furnishings will add a burst of freshness to any room.

Whether you're all about eye-catching patterns or want to add a splash of colour to a classic monochrome theme, with our diverse selection of bold and beautiful throws and cushions, you can show off your individuality in style!

How to Arrange Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions can be arranged in several eye-catching ways to add layers of texture and dimension to your space. 

Keeping things simple can be a good start if you’re new to the world of decorative cushions. Try a single patterned cushion to your bedding pillows or pop one accent cushion in either corner of your sofa.

Another popular choice is to use diamond formations - two larger cushions with a smaller cushion in front for dimension and layering. 

For a bolder look, arrange large cushions at the back, either symmetrically or asymmetrically. Then, layer with medium-sized cushions in front, using varying textures and patterns for visual interest. 

Introduce a pop of colour or unique shape with a statement cushion at the forefront, and play with odd numbers for a balanced yet dynamic style. 

Distribute the cushions across the sofa or bed, leaving enough space for comfort. Consider texture, colour coordination, and personal style while scattering cushions to achieve an inviting and well-curated arrangement that enhances your room's decor.

How to Clean and Care for Your Cushions

It’s important to keep your new Joe Browns cushion or throw looking tip-top, so here are our top tips! 

Start by checking care labels for specific instructions.
Vacuum cushions regularly to prevent dust buildup. 
Rotate and flip cushions to distribute wear evenly. 
Spot clean stains promptly using a mild detergent and a damp cloth. 
Sunlight can fade colours, so avoid prolonged exposure. If possible, air cushions outdoors on a sunny day to freshen them up. 
Use fabric protectors to repel spills and stains. 
Regular maintenance, gentle cleaning, and preventive measures will keep your cushions looking and feeling their best for years to come.

How to Accessorise with a Throw

Not only are Joe Browns throws oh so snug to cuddle up in - they’re also a fantastic way to add texture and patterning to your bed, sofa or armchair.

Style your throw against your bedding by folding it in half and laying it over the bottom of your bed for a pop of colour. If you have one of our fabulous reversible throws, Fold it down only a third of the way to show off both of the gorgeous prints at once.

Style your throw on your sofa by folding it and laying over one arm for a chic, asymmetrical look. Or, lay the throw over the back of the couch to display its wonderful pattern fully. You could even place the throw over the sofa seat for an extra layer of comfort. 

Whilst throws are often associated with keeping cosy throughout the winter, they can equally provide style and comfort within the summer months too. Discover how in our winter to summer home decor blog.

For more tips on caring for your homeware, head to our inspiration page or check out our frequently asked questions