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Autumn Breeze to Evening Ease: Remarkable Day-to-Night Outfits

Do you seek a one-size-fits-all approach on those days where you’re on the go? We all have days like these – some more than others – and those occasions require fashion’s best-kept secret: The Day to Night Outfit.  

Here at Joe Browns, we’re a little loose-lipped when it comes to fashion secrets, and this time is no exception. Let’s crack the code on day-to-night outfits and find out how you can transition from Autumn Days to Evenings with ease.  

3 Top Day-to-Night Outfits 

Here we’ll highlight our top 5 day-to-night outfit themes from Joe Browns so you’ll never be caught out. While we love seeing people wear our current collections, you may find you’ll have a lot of these items in your wardrobe already.  

1. The LBD – (The Little Black Dress)

The LBD is first on our list for a very good reason. It’s a timeless classic. An essential part of any woman’s wardrobe, the little black dress makes for a stunning day-to-night outfit. The trick is to make smart choices with accessories, footwear and makeup.  

Joe’s Favourite Daytime Look: 

Casual Jacket: First, we need a casual jacket. This can be a simple fitted denim jacket or a leather jacket to add some edge blended with a little relaxed vibe that’ll perfectly complement your LBD. 

Footwear: Opt for some ballet flats or pumps by summer – but let’s face it, we’re in Great Britain. Another stylish option are ankle boots or loafers. 

Accessories: Keep the accessories minimal for the daytime. We love a structured cross body bag to elevate the outfit while keeping things on the casual side. When it comes to jewellery, a minimalist pendant and some stud earrings should do the trick. 

Hair and Makeup: Opt for a fresh, natural approach to your makeup – this will provide a great base for later if you’re on-the-go and will be touching up your face before going out on the town. When it comes to hair, let it loose with waves or wear in a low bun for an effortless daytime appearance. 

Joe’s Favourite Nighttime Look: 

Statement Outerwear: If you can, we recommend swapping out your jacket for a tailored blazer or a faux fur jacket for added glamour. If not, then make sure your trusty leather jacket is on hand for an edgy evening ensemble. 

Footwear: Upgrade to heels or a statement boot to amp up the elegance. If you can’t swap your shoe out during the day, opt for ankle boots during the daytime. 

Accessories: Here’s where we truly elevate the LBD – add some statement chandelier earrings, a long pendant or bold cuff bracelet. With the bag, keep your structured cross-body bag or swap it out for a clutch. Also, add a waist-cinching belt if your LBD has a simple silhouette to appear more tailored and define your waist. 

Hair and Makeup: We love nothing more than a smoky eye and bold lip combo for the LBD. When it comes to hair, either tousle it a-la Debbie Harry or consider a sleek ponytail or updo to add a touch of finesse to the overall look. 

2. The Suit

Perfect for any of you businesspeople who plan to go to the office to work hard by day and play hard by night, this option is for you. Alternatively, the suit looks fab for brunches, lunches and even a casual day of hitting the shops! 

Joe’s Favourite Daytime Look: 

Tailored Blazer and Trousers: This look means business (pardon the pun) so classic, well-fitted blazer and matching trousers looks fabulous. You can either choose a gloriously bold colour to show your fun and fab side or go neutral like navy blue or tan to keep it profesh.  

The Blouse or Shirt: Choosing a simple floral blouse is an essential, alternatively, a crisp white shirt is a staple look that belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. The choice is yours by day! 

Footwear: We prefer closed-toe flats for a professional environment, however if you’re hitting the high street, white pumps work well and gives a casual edge to the suit’s structured appearance. 

Accessories: Keep the accessories minimal – simple stud earrings, a delicate necklace and a structured leather bag.  

Joe’s Favourite Nighttime Look: 

Mix and Match: We love pairing our suits with a lace trim cami for an upscale, trendy look that never goes out of style. The best part is, this will tuck into any bag to switch into if you’re truly on the go. 

Statement Pieces: Add some glam to your suit with statement jewellery – we love a long bold pendant to create some statement round the neckline and some dangly earrings.  

Footwear & Accessories: Swap your daytime shoes for heeled ankle boots, strappy sandals or – joe's favourite – pointed toe shoes in a bold colour or metallic finish. We also love a clutch bag with a chain so you can keep your essentials in one place. 

Hair and Makeup: Our top favourite choice is a winged liner and/or a bold, deep berry-red lipstick for absolute drama. Consider a voluminous hairstyle to add to the overall silhouette. If you want to go full-classic, go for a chignon and pull out some wispy hairs to stay on-trend. 

3. Jeans and a Nice Top 

The jeans and a nice top is your go-to when looking for a day-to-night outfit. All you really need to do is swap out your top and shoes and voila – you have a day-to-night outfit that can stand the test of time. Let’s find out how. 

Joe’s Favourite Daytime Look: 

Jeans: (Obviously – this is the first thing to consider) Find your favourite pair of jeans. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose skinny, straight-leg or wide-leg jeans (some of us here at Joe Browns really love our flared jeans for a retro revival) 

Nice Top: For the daytime, we like a simple blouse, a lightweight sweater or a casual graphic tee with a band or slogan on it.  

Footwear: Opt for an ankle boot or pair of trainers – any casual flat look should work wonders for a casual daytime look that will never go out-of style. 

Hair and Makeup: You know the drill – keep it natural! We love a touch of blush and mascara for a simple daytime makeup routine. Style your hair in a loose ponytail or messy bun – or wear it down in loose waves.  

Joe’s Favourite Nighttime Look: 

Jeans: We like a darker wash when styling jeans and a nice top for nighttime, so do consider this when styling your daytime look. Darker washes gives off a more sophisticated appeal. 

Dressier Top: Our go-to is a silky or satin piece, a sequined or embroidered top or lace cami to add a touch of detail to the ensemble. Basically, choose a top that adds a kiss of glamour to the outfit. We also love a kimono with our jeans and nice top looks!

Footwear and Accessories: Elevate the look with heeled ankle boots (especially if you’re wearing flares for a longer-leg appearance!) or strappy sandals for an out-out style. Add your favourite statement jewellery – the chunkier the better – and your trusty clutch or evening bag. Don’t forget to add a belt if it would make the overall look more cohesive and thought-through. 

Hair and Makeup: Enhance your makeup with a smoky eye and nude lip – and add more mascara or a winged eyeliner for some drama. With your hair, really have some fun – we love space buns if we’re feeling funky, or big loose curls for a fun and flirty vibe. 


1. Layering is your friend 

Layering is a versatile technique that allows you to adapt your outfit seamlessly from day to night.  

Daytime Layering: We love layering casual jackets or kimonos, scarves or wraps and belts to layer super efficiently.  

Nighttime Layering: Remove your layers – such as the cardigan, scarf or any daytime-specific layers. Replace with statement outerwear like a tailored blazer, teddy jacket or faux fur jacket. 

2. Choice of Footwear 

Your choice of footwear can make or break an outfit. Keep it casual and flat in the daytime and go with heels for night. However, if you’re truly on the go, a great all-day option is a pair of ankle boots with a slight heel, that will be comfortable to wear all day.  

3. Hair and Makeup 

Natural makeup for the daytime is key to achieving the day-to-night look. We love using a BB cream or light foundation, light contouring, blush and mascara. This will let you pack some eyeliner, a lippy, more mascara and a small eyeshadow palette so you can add some drama as soon as the sun goes down. Don’t forget to use setting spray twice a day to ensure your makeup lasts throughout the night! 

4. Accessories 

Pack your statement accessories and wear them by night. The chunkier the better when it comes to the night-time aspect, however during the day, don't accessorise with jewellery for a natural, laid-back approach. When it comes to the handbag, keep it on the bigger side, but still small enough to pass as an evening bag. 

5. Confidence 

When it comes to styling an outfit from day to night, it’s all about the confidence. If you wear a burlap sack and truly believe “I look amazing in this” then people will believe it, too. The key to rocking any outfit is knowing and believing you look good. That’s what we aim for when we design our collections - remarkable styles for remarkable people. 

Transforming your daytime look to a nighttime ensemble is all about making strategic adjustments – but it’s not rocket science. Whether it’s through layering or adapting your hair and makeup, these simple – yet really effective – techniques can help effortlessly transition from a casual, practical daytime style to a sophisticated and glamorous nighttime appearance.  

Hopefully we’ve helped crack the code on the illusive day-to-night looks for you – so you can enter the autumn days and the festive season ahead with remarkable style and confidence.  

Be sure to check out our other articles on our Inspiration page – and show us your day-to-night outfits on Facebook and Instagram! 


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