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The Joe Browns Pyjama Guide

Who else feels fabulous in their loungewear every single evening? Over the past few years, we’ve all been seeking comfort in our homes and especially our clothes. Men’s and women’s loungewear has turned into all-day every-day wear and pyjamas are more than just for sleeping. 

The desire to feel fun and flirty in our clothes doesn't seem to be going anywhere, but the need to feel comfortable and right at home in our garments has grown. From choosing the right pyjamas for each season and styling them to fit to perfection to even wearing them when running errands - we’re here to help you get to know the ins and outs of loungewear.

In this ultimate pyjama guide, the team at Joe Browns will cover everything from the best material for pyjamas, how to clean and care for your pyjamas right through to the best loungewear to choose for your body shape.

Joe Brown Pyjamas & LoungwearJoe Brown Pyjamas & Loungwear

History of Pyjamas: From Nightshirts to Fashion Statements

The evolution of pyjamas is always changing to fit the latest fashion trends. But did you know pyjamas were originally only worn by men at night? It’s thought that pyjamas were first introduced to the Western World in 1870, when British colonials adapted them as an alternative to the traditional nightshirt. In the 19th century the term pyjama was used for a two-piece sleepwear garment and, by 1902, men’s pyjamas were widely available, considered modern and suitable for an active lifestyle. 

During the 1920s women wearing pyjamas became popular. Men’s nightwear was made from cotton, silk or flannel, whereas women’s pyjamas were often made from printed silk, trimmed with a lace hem. By the 1940s, women were lounging in soft shorts and sleeveless smock-style tops, but by the mid-1960s babydoll pyjamas were the standard summertime sleepwear for women. 

During the 1970s unisex styling was popular and pyjamas were often inspired by menswear. Tailored satin pyjamas were rediscovered during this time for both men and women, which had previously been more commonly worn in the 1920s. This trend still remains today and is very apparent throughout women’s fashion trends.

Experience the ultimate night’s sleep

Knit fabrics, such as jersey, are a great comfortable, stretchy alternative to velvet and will keep you warm and cosy throughout the colder months. Cotton is also a fabulous fabric for sleep as it will regulate your temperature - plus cotton is super soft against your skin and will keep you cosy whilst you doze off. Finally, grab a pair of viscose pyjamas to complete your ultimate pyjama collection. They are cool to touch but will keep you warm in the winter due to their insulating properties - a sleepwear must have!

The perfect fabrics for lounging at home

In warmer weather, breathable, lightweight loungewear is the material you need to keep you feeling snuggled up but never stifled. Cotton fabric is ideal for summer pyjamas and is available in an abundance of glamorous styles and patterns. Why not opt for viscose too? Viscose is a lovely summertime loungewear fabric, especially in a slip dress or shorts. You will look put-together around the house - and even committing the ultimate fashion faux paux to pop out to the shops in your pjs won’t seem so bad. 

When the temperature drops it's time for something heavier or get ready to layer up your loungewear. With layers of possibilities you can wear sweater shirts, fleeces, slouchy cardigans or wool robes for a cosy, stylish look. Sweater knits make a great layering cardigan or opt for wool or cotton - both super-soft and snug against your skin - whilst adding that much-needed layer of warmth.

Stay active with the perfect lounge sets

If you love to lounge about before or after a workout, you need to pick garments that feel good for both. Cotton leggings are extremely comfortable options whilst also keeping you cool when working out. Taking you from sofa to workout, then right back to the sofa, they are flexible enough so you can stretch and enjoy your workout, whilst also letting you have that much-needed snooze on the sofa afterwards.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Your Ladies’ Pyjamas

So how do you select the perfect pyjamas? When it comes to nightwear, you want something comfortable yet chic and stylish. Finding something that matches all your needs and suits you to a tee can be daunting - but it's totally worth it. A good night's sleep is really influenced by good sleepwear. 

Here are five things that really matter…

1. Fit

When buying pyjamas online you should always look at the sizing charts before purchasing your fabulous new lounge sets. All women and men have different body types, so what may fit and be flattering on one person, might not be on the next. You want your pyjamas to not only be cosy and comfortable but also fit your body to perfection. Velvet pyjamas will fall snugly on the body and can fit just about any woman’s silhouette. For men, opt for cotton jersey - the ultimate cosy pyjamas that will fit to a tee. 

2. Fabric

Different fabrics will lead to different levels of comfort and contribute to your body temperature. Whether you need to stay cool in summer or add layers of warmth in winter, this can be determined by your choice of fabric. A breathable, popular choice is cotton, which is ideal for those warmer months. Flannel is also great for winter as it will keep you feeling toasty and snug.

3. Comfort

You won’t get consistent snoozes if you are constantly tossing and turning and having to adjust your sleepwear. You need to consider whether you want collars, buttons, long trousers or shorts - considering all the little detailing will immediately up your comfort every night! Nobody wants to feel restricted in their loungewear. Your pyjamas are part of your luxury sleep routine and comfort should be your top priority. 

We all love loungewear with fabulous buttons and quirky features. If this is you and you can't get enough of funky features, you can always love your loungewear through the evening and slip into something simpler when sleeping.

4. Longevity

You will always want your pyjamas to stand the test of time, as you are pretty much wearing them every night of your lives (in between washing, of course!). Check the seams, materials and overall quality before purchasing so you can enjoy that soft, luxury feel for as long as possible. There’s nothing worse than rough fabrics and frayed hems, so do your research and you will definitely get the best night's sleep.

5. Care

Pyjamas will need to be regularly washed as you could be wearing them for up to 12 hours a day - in some cases more if you’re having a pyjama day. You want this process to be easy, machine wash friendly and not too time consuming. However, the amount of time you spend caring for your nightwear is equivalent to the quality of them - even adding to their lifespan! You shouldn’t let special instructions, such as needing to wash your garment by hand, put you off investing in high-quality pieces, but ensure you have the time to regularly care for them. 

What is the Best Nightwear For Your Body Shape?

Your choice of nightwear says a lot about you, whether you are wanting to feel snug on the sofa or exude romance for date night, picking the right style is key to a fabulous night in. From flattering pyjama sets to matching robes that give you a beautifully coordinated look, there's luxury nightwear out there to suit every body shape, mood and occasion.

1. Apple-shaped 

A cute shorts set will not only keep you cool at night, but they are flirty and flattering to help you feel fabulous through the evening too. Choosing a trendy set allows you to showcase your legs without worrying about your tummy. Opt for vibrant, bold prints and patterns designed in silk-like fabrics, as these pyjama sets will never cling to your skin. It’s no wonder they are the most-loved option for nightwear.

2. Pear-shaped 

The perfect PJs for pear-shaped women show off your top half whilst flattering the hips. A simple slip dress will soften your silhouette and is the perfect nightwear option for anyone pear-shaped. Use colour to your advantage and choose a simple bottom with a fabulous top, designed to draw attention to your favourite assets.

3. Tall and athletic

Balancing your top and bottom half is key for a stylish nightwear look. A strappy cami top and pyjama shorts is the perfect option for tall ladies, showing off your toned shoulders and legs whilst being fun, flirty and flattering. Choose fabulous lace trims and funky colours for some added feminine touches.

4. Hourglass

Be brave with a playsuit or jumpsuit! When it comes to an hourglass figure your body is already well-balanced so you can highlight your curves whilst accentuating your waistline. A slightly more fitted option like a super soft playsuit won’t add any extra weight and will fit you perfectly.

Take Your PJs From Season To Season

Matching your pyjamas to the temperature of your room is key to the perfect night’s sleep. When the temperature fluctuates you may find yourself tossing and turning, but there is no need to ditch your favourite style - just switch up the fabrics each season for a cosy night all year round.

1. Winter

Winter is made for snuggling up on the sofa with hot chocolate in our favourite fleecy pyjamas. Our couture soft velour pajamas are perfect for winter. They will keep you feeling warm and snug whilst also having a forgiving waistline, so you can eat as much Christmas pudding as you wish! Why not add an extra layer of comfort with our matching couture robe?

2. Spring

  1. As the temperature rises you will want to opt for something a little lighter when it comes to your pyjamas. Our short-sleeved tops and trouser combos are the ideal cosy set for spring. Short-sleeved, soft jersey pyjamas will see you through spring and even summer, without fear of  overheating at night.

3. Summer

The key to keeping cool during summer is actually to wear pyjamas - not wearing them can leave you feeling even hotter. A cami and short set in a tropical summer print is perfect for coffee on your hotel balcony on holiday or to keep cooler during a UK heatwave. Our jungle shorts are soft and gorgeously glamorous - perfect to add couture to your cosy summer night in.

4. Autumn

The temperature is dropping and nights are getting chilly, but it's not quite time for your fleece pyjamas just yet. You should be able to keep warm in your pyjamas without having to turn your heating on too early in the year. Our jersey printed jumpsuit is perfect paired with a slouchy cardigan, offering ultimate comfort and ensuring you stay warm as the temperature starts to drop.

Secrets Every Man Needs to Know About Loungewear

It’s never been more fashionable to stay at home and relax. Is there anything better than putting your feet up after a long day or spending Saturday nights lounging on the sofa? Many men are turning to luxury loungewear and pyjamas to really enhance their chill time. 

Here are four important secrets every man should know…

1. The importance of colour

Neutral colours such as navy, black, white and grey are a more contemporary colour palette for the modern, chic couch-lover. You could also opt for a sophisticated palette, such as purples, reds and greens, to elevate your loungewear to another funky level. 

2. Choose a luxurious fabric: cotton, viscose and more

Men’s pyjamas, sweaters or joggers need to be comfortable as well as stylish. From top to bottom, opt for a soft jersey cotton. It’s affordable, extremely comfortable and totally breathable. Wanting to feel more luxurious and chic? Wool or silk will be your go-to. They give your loungewear some much-needed longevity and feel super soft against the skin.

3. From boxer shorts and briefs to long-johns

If you choose to wear your underwear as loungewear you need to choose a pair that is breathable, yet supportive without feeling restrictive. Cotton should be your go-to. It’s a lightweight, breathable fabric that also stretches when elastic is added - the perfect underwear for a comfy night's sleep.

4. It's time for all men to have a dressing gown

Dressing gowns make for the perfect post-shower blanket and are a great option for an extra layer of warmth on a cold winter's night. With detailing such as pockets or a belt to give any man some shape, you can pick from a wide range of colours and styles. Men’s dressing gowns give comfort and quality - a man’s wardrobe must-have!

The Sloe Joe Lowdown

Our new Sloe Joes collection is made with style and comfort in mind. And, with our new Sloe Joes men’s pyjama and loungewear collection, there really is something for everyone! Within the range there’s loungewear, pyjamas and nightwear that are all perfect for a lazy weekend morning. Lounge in style, look chic on your staycations and feel snug on a sought-after duvet day. 

From bold checks to fabulous floral prints, our Sloe Joes range can be mixed and matched, allowing you to not only feel cosy and warm but sensational during any chilled occasion. Treat yourself and get cosy with our luxurious pyjamas and loungewear collection.

Pyjama and Loungewear FAQs

Can I wear my nightwear out of the house?

It's currently on trend to wear sleep and loungewear outside of your home - but the jury is out on how long this trend will last. You may think pyjamas are the last thing you want to be seen in when popping to your local shops, and we're not suggesting you roll out of bed and go out in your fluffy slippers and cosy robe. There are an abundance of stylish loungewear pieces that can be effortlessly mixed into your wardrobe - creating a cute yet comfortable look. 

How often should you change your pyjamas?

Some people wear pyjamas for longer than they probably should, but pyjamas should be washed after three to four wears. However, if you shower before bed, you may get a few more wears out of them. When washing your pyjamas you should always read the care label and follow the instructions to ensure your pyjamas stand the test of time. 

How do you wash and care for pyjamas and loungewear?

When washing and caring for your nightwear you should always follow the instructions on how to wash them carefully. You should wash your pyjamas at least once a week as the oily surface of your skin will also lead to a buildup of dirt and bacteria - so don’t leave it too long before washing! It's key to treat stains straight away and place your pyjamas in the washing machine afterwards (if stated on the care label). Keeping good care of your pyjamas will help improve their longevity and ensure the super soft feel lasts. 

What is considered loungewear?

Loungewear is considered to be casual, comfortable attire that makes you feel cosy and completely fashionable. It’s currently on trend to feel extremely comfortable in your clothes, whether you are inside having a sofa day or out and about running errands. 

For more tips on fabulous loungewear and pyjamas, check out our Joe Browns blog, or share your cosy looks with us on Facebook and Instagram.