10 Habits for Truly Timeless Style

Timeless fashion indicates a wardrobe that will always remain on-trend, built from iconic items that will last you a lifetime. There are habits we can all adhere to, from adding bold prints, statement midi skirts, tailored suits and flattering cuts, that will make getting dressed each time an absolute treat. 

Effortless, timeless style can be extremely powerful and unique. Every man or woman, despite their age, can dress in a way that feels ageless, giving the impression that they have embraced a particular style all their life.  

To help you build your timeless capsule wardrobe, Joe Browns has put together 10 habits to try, so your favourite pieces will stand the test of time.

1. Stop Obsessing Over Trends

Reach for classic ankle boots, straight-leg jeans and graphic t-shirts - perfect staple pieces and outfit combinations that will never go out of style. Timeless statement pieces will become your go-to items as they don’t look like you’re trying too hard. 

Sticking with these pieces means your looks will never go out of trend, yet you will always have a chance to express your quirky personality. Dressing effortlessly and not focusing on what everyone else is wearing is key to achieving timeless fashion.

2. Grab Some Beautiful Classic Shoes

As part of your timeless, fun wardrobe you will want some classic shoe styles that will pop with every outfit. Grab yourself some ankle boots, loafers and sandals which will add the perfect finishing touch to all your beautiful looks. 

When choosing timeless footwear you should select an array of shoes that will take you from season to season - pairing floral, floaty dresses with sandals in summer and layering up with jeans, tailored blazers and boots in winter. Classic shoes are an effortless choice within timeless fashion.

3. Don’t Overdo the Accessories

Accessories are key - just don’t overdo it! Wearing too many accessories can easily ruin a look so stick to a select few that enhance all your glamorous outfits. 

Grabbing a classic belt will help elongate and slim your waist, giving you a fabulous silhouette in just about anything. Why not finish off the look with a sleek pair of oversized sunglasses? These will give you a classy, bold touch to your timeless trendy style.

4. Find the Perfect Fit

Timeless fashion lovers always look polished and crisp, so focusing on creating stunning silhouettes is a top tip! Choosing an asymmetric top will help you look taller, making it a particularly flattering piece when styled with some simple denim jeans and ankle boots. 

Tailored pieces are the number one way to find your perfect fit. Altering your pieces will not only add that timeless finishing touch, but you are more likely to reach for them for many years to come. Tailoring pieces will make them look suited for your physique, allowing you to feel and look fabulous.

5. Invest in Glamorous Statement Pieces

Every effortlessly stylish woman will have a go-to outfit formula that works for them and every occasion. Having fun, stand-out statement pieces such as maxi dresses, maxi skirts and fabulous outerwear will not only leave you feeling confident but also means you will never complain about having nothing to wear! 

Outerwear is often the first thing people notice about your style and it's a piece you’ll wear time and time again. Within your timeless capsule wardrobe, you need gorgeous, versatile outerwear that will enhance every look.

6. Feel Fabulous in Layers

There are layers of possibility when it comes to timeless fashion. The basics of any look are a top, a bottom and always add a third piece to elevate it to the next level. Grab a chunky knit cardigan which is the perfect layering piece for almost any look. A quirky cardigan will keep you warm through winter, autumn, spring and summer, whilst adding a casual element to your timeless looks. 

Layer up with a waistcoat or add a classic, vibrant jacket for a trendy outfit that will work for multiple occasions. Layers are important within a timeless wardrobe as they can effortlessly take your outfits from day-to-night.

7. Dress Up Denim with Vibrant Prints

Dress up your denim jeans with graphic tees, men’s patterned shirts, and all your favourite floral prints. Spice up your denim with heels or knee-high boots and add a patterned blouse and a blazer to elevate your look. Denim will always have a place in anyone’s timeless capsule wardrobe.

8. Avoiding Blatant Matching is a Must

There is no need to match your shoes and bag to your outfits. Simply style dresses with nude or black accessories or use similar undertones and textures that complement each other to enhance your fabulous outfits. 

Of course, black and navy (or even black and brown) can be worn together, but make sure you are sticking to similar tones so you don't overdo it. Wearing just one colour or floral print is a brilliant way to make you stand out and show off your glamorous personality, without seeming like you are blatantly trying to force everything to match.

9. Master Your Proportions

Find your unique style whilst also mastering your proportions. When styling your timeless clothes the key is to not divide your body directly in half. Strive for thirds and find your divine proportions and beautiful colour balances that will flatter your figure. Say you have a loud, floral blouse on top you will want to balance this out with something quieter, such as a simple pair of black jeans.

10. Save Up and Invest

The best way to build up your ideal timeless wardrobe is to save and invest in high-quality items that can withstand the test of time. Make a list of what you need, including classic outerwear and tailored blazers to statement shirts and blouses. Shop around and be willing to invest in those glamorous pieces that you are sure to love all year round. 

A timeless capsule wardrobe will not only last, but it will save you pennies in the long run as you won’t feel the need to purchase a whole new outfit for every occasion. Get out and find your favourite fabulous pieces to help create your timeless looks!

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