Picture this: a crew of 11 passionate folks and 5 stellar models, trekking all over Maderia to capture the true essence of our latest collection. Well, that was our Joe Browns Spring/Summer 24 Shoot! This shoot was a milestone for Joe Browns because - guess what? It was our first-ever overseas Spring/Summer campaign! Our new collection is all about embracing a colourful life, and what better place to bring it to life than the glorious island of Madeira? Buckle up, as we tell you about our week on shoot…  


Day One

We kicked off the shoot bright and early at an inviting poolside to capture some epic swimwear shots with our fabulous model Karen. The team were working like champs and everything was smooth sailing... Almost... too smooth; but then, chaos struck (in true JB fashion)! Our clothing rails decided to take their own vacation and broke down on us. But did that stop us? No way! We improvised – while feeling relieved our first hurdle was only something minor – and kept on rocking the busy streets of Funchal, bringing a touch of Parisian magic to the collections Le Café D’Or and Rouge Et Noir. The bystanders couldn't resist having a sneak peek!  


Team Joe Browns: 1, Shoot Drama: 0 – let’s keep it that way!  






Day Two


Fuelled by the success of day one, we charged into the hidden gems of Funchal’s Old Town, ready to rock the collection Shades of Valparaiso. The quiet morning in the arty back streets was the perfect backdrop that represented Chile’s port town, and allowed us to capture this vibrant collection as accurately as possible (though we wouldn’t have turned our nose up at a quick stop in the Jewel of the Pacific!)  - it was like our very own film set! And believe us when we tell you, our model Aline was absolutely smashing it, bringing our vision to life. With a skip in our step, we the made our way to the rooftop of our treehouse hotel to shoot the Moroccan Azure collection.  

 The backdrop was breathtaking, Karen and Aline looked amazing in these pieces and totally blew us away! As the day ended, we bid farewell to Aline, but not without raising a glass to an unforgettable day! Our laughter filled the air as we dined, ready to conquer the final womenswear collections as soon as the sun rose tomorrow... 





Day Three


A later start to the day than usual, we jumped in the cars and drove up to the scenic gardens nestled in the rolling hills above Funchal. Oh, we were spoiled with this location! The greenery and colourful blossoms were perfect for a colourful collection like Viva Los Colores! Our model Anna flew in from Amsterdam and absolutely rocked it! The day didn't stop there, we geared up for our Ode to Kings Road collection just outside the hotel, (hopefully passing the buildings in the background off as the famous Chelsea street).  

The rest of the afternoon was spent shooting around the hotel, then we hit that magic golden hour! As the sun dipped, painting the sky with vivid oranges and pinks, we found ourselves on the rooftop capturing a sunset that perfectly aligned with the vision of our amazing photographer, Kev. The shots we got were fantastic, and so with another successful day under our belts, we bid a bittersweet farewell to Karen and Anna.  

Womenswear Collections: completed it, mate.   





Day Four


Stepping into the last leg of our journey, we welcomed the male models, Jack and James, ready to conquer the world of menswear. Bright and early, we reconvened on the stunning treehouse rooftop bar for our Shades of Marrakesh shoot. With cups of coffee fuelling the morning we were ready to nail these shots and bring the collection to life – and they absolutely smashed it. Moving back to the poolside, we captured the laid-back and sophisticated men's collection Hotel Paraiso to really capture those vacation vibes! Then, the day found us back on the rooftop just before the sun went down for our suave Riviera Haze collection. It was a busy, busy day, but our amazing models really kept up the positivity – Jack and James; we salute you!


Here at Joe Browns, we will do anything for the perfect shot, we even busted out a nighttime shoot in front of the illuminated casino next to the hotel. Dim lighting? Pfft, no biggie! Kev, our fantastic photographer, took those challenges head-on and captured some amazing shots for the Tropadelica collection. As the camera clicked its final click, and the magical words “That’s a wrap!” rang out, we all cheered and gave each other high-fives! 11 collections, six jam-packed days, five different locations, three broken clothing rails, and infinite amounts of tea and coffee…we did it! 






What can we say? Our time in Madeira was an absolute blast! We captured everything we set out to do and brought our collections to life in all their colourful glory. The energy we had as a team and our determination to get the best shots was unparallelled – and we totally nailed it! Bursting with excitement to share the new collection shots with all our customers, we finally have good news! Brace yourselves, because the Joe Browns Spring/Summer '24 collection is coming at you with a colourful bang! Visit our home page to take it all in and find out about how our buyers and designers come up with their concepts behind each collection on our Inspiration page! You won't want to miss this!