Come Behind the Scenes on our High Summer 2024 Shoot in Gran Canaria!


Welcome to the exclusive behind-the-scenes blog from Joe Browns High Summer Shoot 24 – get ready for the inside scoop where all the action unfolds!




On Your Marks… Get Set… Joe!


Our journey began in Manchester with a crew of 11, jetting off to the sunny island of Gran Canaria picked by the Joe Browns team to shoot in January. Upon arrival, we were greeted by glorious weather - a stark contrast to the rain we left behind in Manchester! Our creative spirits were in full force, and everyone was excited to see what the week was going to bring.


Day One


The first day unfolded with models Anna and Aline who are – by now – seasoned JB model veterans. They know how our shoots tend to pan out, so – like a duck to water – we dove straight into shooting the Club De Pelouse collection on the villa lawn. Despite a comical mishap involving doggie doo-doo on the model’s shoe (cue the heroic actions of our creative director, Rich), we powered through and regrouped for lunch at the villa, eager for the afternoon ahead. A last-minute change of shooting locations for the Mombasa Spirit collection shoot added a dash of unpredictability, but despite a couple of hiccups, we managed to capture some stunning shots and wrapped up the day with a well-deserved dinner back at the villa.







Day Two


Day two whisked us away in minivans to the vibrant streets of Las Palmas, presenting a stunning juxtaposition to our previous shoot locations. Capturing images at a photoshoot among the public always brings its challenges, however, Las Palmas brought some truly fresh inspiration thanks to its totally different vibe. From the Bohemian Flame collection in the city centre to the holiday vibes of our Valparaiso Vacation collection in the winding cobblestone back streets, each collection looked amazing in their respective settings, enabling us to capture some amazing shots. Kev the photographer totally nailed it! One we returned to (yes, you guessed it!) the villa, we welcomed brand-new model Fleur into the mix and enjoyed a delightful dinner to cap off the day.







Day Three


Moving to day three, another sunny day, we headed straight to the beach! With models Fleur and Aline,  it was Fleur's first day ever on a JB shoot, and we couldn’t have had a better model than Aline acting as a buddy and showing Fleur the ropes on a JB shoot. Against the backdrop of blue seas and skies, the beachwear collections and our beachy Balearic Haze collection were giving all the holiday vibes, promoting that carefree summer feeling. The afternoon took us to the poolside, featuring Aline rocking swimwear, perfectly encapsulating that sunshine spirit. With Kev and the crew capturing every perfect angle, day three was a success, and we thankfully avoided any major hiccups! Does Liv the Content Coordinator trying to get the crew to take part in a JB music video count as a hiccup? Watch this space.







Day Four


As we bid farewell to the girls, day four brought us the male models for the electrifying menswear collections. Returning to Las Palmas, Jack and James were looking suave, navigating a few traffic-induced delays that put us slightly behind schedule, but we quickly made the time back as we cracked on at warp speed – massive thanks to our models who were absolutely fantastic the entire day. From terrifically tailored Dawn of Distinction looks in a vibrant square to the Tropadelica, Shades of Marrakesh and Hotel Paraiso collections amidst narrow back streets, every shot exuded those feel-good vibes – it’s our bread and butter, so we couldn’t have been happier with how these shots turned out. Wrapping up with the Riviera Haze collection as the sun dipped, day four concluded the shoot on a high note – what a fitting end to a flawless production. (Sans hiccups!)

The success of the Joe Browns High Summer Shoot 24 could not have been possible without the incredible teamwork and dedication of every individual involved. It's the combined efforts of Kev, Scott, and Karl in production, along with Gemma, Bethan, and Leanne in hair/makeup and styling that bring the vision to life. Let's not forget the role played by ‘Busy’ Lizzie, the Senior Marketing Executive, who organised and planned the whole trip!







That's a Wrap!


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Happy holidays!