The time is almost here, and we’ve never been so excited as we are for Christmas this year! While finally celebrating with friends and family this time around, why not dress the table to impress?  


We’ve teamed up with Sarah Richardson from @LeafyCouture to show you lovely lot how to put together an astonishingly extravagant table set up for the big day – so we’re bringing the how-to just for you here! Read on to learn how to set the table up to shine brighter than the Christmas tree itself! 


Step 1: The ‘Base’-ics 

Starting from the base, the lovely ladies at Leafy Couture chose our stunning Fabulously Floral Tablecloth on a base of white with a bold floral print. Next, they’ve accentuated the rich red tones in the flowers with our dazzling Beautiful Baroque Floral Table Runner to create a mesmerising canvas for the magic to come.  

Step 2: Plates 

When it comes to the plates, they’ve chosen a simple white plate as the service plate, and opted for the Beautiful Baroque Floral Side Plates to allow the bold floral print with funky colours and gold touches to shimmer against the plain white backdrop.  

Step 3: Glassware 

Complimenting the gold accents on the side plates, the gang at Leafy Couture chose the Stemless Wine Glasses and matching Champagne Glasses to let the gold base sparkle and reflect all the little details of your table setting in the most festive way! 

Step 4: Table Styling 

Loose foliage is all the rage this festive season to allow a little wiggle room for all the delicious dishes prepared for the big feast. Easily accessed from your local independent florist, lay the foliage along the table, accentuated by oh-so-Christmassy dried orange slices for pops of citrus to break up the tones of green from the foliage.  

Step 5: Centrepieces 

There’s little we love more than a beautiful flower arrangement, and these ladies have chosen one of our wonderful Gold Hammered Planters to hold the arrangement. Opting for deep pinks, purples and pale tones of the tablecloth, this sumptuous arrangement is the perfect centrepiece for the big day. 

Step 6: Floral features and terrific traditions! 

No Christmas dinner is complete without a Christmas cracker, and these make a wonderful finishing touch to lay around the table to fill in any empty spaces you may have.  

On top of the side plates, why not wrap the napkins with a mini floral arrangement or corsage to dress up the setting a bit more, so your guests get the five-star treatment? This finishing touch is the most charming way to make your loved ones feel as special as they are when they come to sit at your table. 

Step 7: Forage for finishing touches! 

Whether you’re going to your local florist to decorate the table with or plan to craft something yourself, why not take some time on your winter walk to find any extra pieces to add to the table. Mother nature’s gifts this season include pinecones, acorns, evergreen branches and luscious leaves to layer up a festive table to knock your guests socks off! (And not just because of the tipple!) 

All of this and more are just some of the wonderful ways you can create a Christmas layout for the festive occasion and treat your guests like royalty this year. Just remember to leave some room for delicious food! 


We hope this wonderful table dressing guide from Leafy Couture has inspired you to take your table to the next level this year. If you used any kitchenware from Joe Browns – be sure to head over to our Instagram to show us the layout for your festive feast!