One of the things we love most about working at Joe Browns (apart from it being the coolest place in the world obviously) is getting to chat to you guys on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day.

You’re such a fun, interesting and often inspirational bunch, we feel we’ve got to know you over the years and as cheesy as it sounds we’re often laughing with you and learning from you. 

But you’re always still surprising us and this time it was 7-year-old Leah’s turn.

Her proud mum Emma shared her drawings with us on Facebook


Leah's Design

Leah's Design


So Leah we asked our head designer, George, what she thought of your work and here’s what she said…

“These are really fantastic Leah! You’ve clearly spent a lot of time thinking through your designs carefully. I particularly like your use of colour – it’s very vibrant which Joe Browns customers love and your flower patterns would look great as embroidery to give that bit of extra detailing.

Keep up the hard work and take inspiration from everywhere you go and everyone you meet.  I think you have the potential to be a real star!”

We hope you put into practice George’s advise Leah and keep designing. Thank you for sharing and watch this space design world – Leah’s hot on your heals.