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Feeling confident in your swimsuit is essential to have some fun in the sun, no matter if you’re hitting the beach or taking a dip in the swimming pool. Whether you’re a bikini babe or looking for a one-piece swimsuit to show off your curves, embrace the challenge of finding new swimwear.

The key to feeling fabulous in your swimsuit is to find a style that suits you and flatters your figure, helping you to exude confidence while strolling along the sands or relaxing on your sunlounger. Let’s dive in and take a look at our favourite tips to help you feel confident in your swimsuit.

How To Rock Different Swimwear Styles

Like any type of clothing, not every style will catch your eye, make you nod your head and say to yourself ‘I’d look awesome in that’ - but we’re here to help you find the style that does.

Stylish Swim Skirts

Feel fabulous and snazzy in a swim skirt. Stroll along the beach in our vibrant designs, which include a flattering skirt to cover the top half of your thighs with a brief underneath - perfect for helping you feel more comfortable whether you’re strictly poolside, or setting your personal best for swimming laps. 

There are loads of swim skirt styles out there, from classic designs to bold and vibrant floral prints, or why not try this Twilight Garden Swim Skirt for a subtle boho feel?

Trendy Tankinis

If you’re having a chilled out holiday with the fam or you’ve over-indulged on the all-inclusive buffet, you might feel more confident in a looser fitting ensemble. Tankinis flow over your stomach while offering support in all the right places.

We don’t all want our full figure on display, particularly if you’re trying to have a laid-back lounge on the beach or by the pool. A tankini sits somewhere between a bikini and a vest top - offering comfort, convenience and style all in one!


Find ‘The One’ With A Gorgeous One-Piece Swimsuit

Ah, the classic one-piece swimsuit. We love the way a one-piece helps to create a seriously stunning silhouette. It’s styled to fit over your whole torso, making it the perfect fit if you’re looking for a swimsuit that offers a bit more coverage. 

There are so many gorgeous one-piece styles out there, it’s hard to pick just one to pack in your beach bag! From one-piece swimsuits with removable cup inserts, mesh support around your tummy that helps flatter your figure or underwire options for extra support, there’s bound to be a one-piece wonder for you out there.


Feel Beautiful In A Bikini

The classic bikini is a great way to show off your natural assets. You’ll find many great features of a one-piece incorporated in your bikini top, such as removable pads and adjustable straps for a super flattering look that’s easy to wear too. 

We love the way you can mix and match your bikini top and bottom to create a totally unique look that’s yours and yours alone. Choose a coordinated bustier and brief set or go a little wild and pick contrasting designs for your top and bottom to turn heads as you dare to be different.

Other Swimwear Options

If you’re wondering what to wear besides a swimsuit, don’t worry - there are loads of other options for sunbathing on the beach if you don’t fancy taking a dip. A floaty beach dress is our favourite option, or a casual pair of shorts teamed with a cami will keep your options open if you’re tempted by a paddle.

Which Type Of Swimwear Suits My Shape?

We’ve talked a lot about finding clothes to suit your figure, but it’s worth saying again - your body shape is all about your natural structure rather than weight, so it’s well worth embracing your beautiful body and exploring clothing styles to show off your favourite features! Different swimwear styles will work particularly well with a range of figures, so you can use this as inspiration to seek out your perfect swimsuit!

Body Shapes

  • Apple body shapes have a less-defined waist, so a swimsuit that accentuates your legs could be a great option. A one-piece or bikini brief with a higher cut should be your style of the season!
  • Pear-shaped figures have curvy hips which makes this body shape perfect for a one-piece swimsuit with either no straps or a fun style such as a halter neck or off-the-shoulder strap. This will highlight your shoulders and neck, taking attention away from the waist. 
  • Hourglass figures have a classic curvy body shape. Choose a classic bikini or a one-piece swimsuit with a belt effect to highlight your defined waist. 
  • Rectangle shapes have a straight figure, so add a bit of texture and layers to your look with bold patterns, ruched designs and plenty of frills. It’s time to have fun in the sun! 
  • Inverted triangle body types have larger proportions on the top half of their body. Create a balanced frame by choosing bold colours and striking patterns that accentuate the lower half of your body.


How Should My Swimsuit Fit?

A swimsuit should hug your figure, giving you the snug support you need without making you feel too restricted. You should feel nicely held together, with your swimsuit creating a lovely silhouette, but it should also allow a little stretch for maximum comfort. 

A super loose swimsuit could feel and look saggy or, worse, lead to a wardrobe malfunction, and one that’s too tight just won’t be comfy. It shouldn’t pinch the skin or leave marks when you take your swimsuit off - these are sure signs your swimwear is on the tight side. 

Never underestimate the power of quality fabrics too. Cheap fabrics are likely to stretch and fade over time, and could irritate your skin. A polyester/ elastane blend is one of the best fabrics for swimwear: stretchy, comfortable and durable. If you opt for swimwear made from high-quality fabric, you’ll not only feel the benefit, you’ll look fantastic too.


How To Choose A Swimsuit Size

Take your bust, waist, and hip measurements to help you determine what size of swimsuit you need. Use a size chart to find your perfect fit, and select a swimsuit in that size. 

When it comes to some clothes such as floaty dresses or graphic tees, you can flex your sizing a little bit depending on your personal preference. If you prefer a loose fit, for example, you can size up your t-shirt or go for a flowing open-shirt style. Your swimwear, though, should fit just so - we don’t recommend a baggy bikini! 

You could also try your swimsuit on for size. A sure fire way to know if you’ve found ‘the one’ is if it feels comfortable and makes you feel remarkable. A pinchy or saggy swimsuit is never going to make you feel beach ready.

Joe’s top tip: A great way to know you’ve found the right fit is to make sure the straps stay firmly in place and the back of your swimsuit should always be level with the front!


Our Favourite Plus-Size Swimwear Styles

Whatever your size or shape, you should pick out a swimsuit that makes you feel fabulous and hugs your body in all the right places! 

One-piece bathing suits help to create a flattering silhouette, accentuating your favourite parts of your figure. If you have natural curves, a swimsuit with an underwired bust is a great option for a bit of an uplift. Joe Browns Floral Festival Retro Swimsuit is a real summer scorcher, with its tummy support just one of its fantastic features - not to mention all the little design details and tummy ruching to hide anything you don't feel confident about. 

Tankinis are also a great option if you’re not keen on showing too much skin. Our Twilight Garden Retro Tankini gives you all the bust support you need, without compromising on that laid-back, looser fitting style. 

Perhaps the most important thing is to find a swimsuit that fits perfectly. Too loose, and you won’t achieve that gorgeous figure-hugging look. Too tight, and you might feel over exposed. Follow our advice above to help you find swimwear that’s ‘just right’.



The Best Swimwear Styles To Cover Your Legs

We’re often asked this question and, to be honest, it’s not one we like to answer! Everyone should feel confident enough to strut their stuff by the poolside in whatever swimsuit they choose. 

However, if you get a confidence kick from covering up a little more, a swim skirt could be a great option. Our Twilight Garden Brief Skirt has stunning frilled edges for a flattering finish, covering a little more of your legs compared to a more skimpy brief. 

Donning a floaty sarong cover up could also be a great way to embrace laid-back beach vibes while adding a bit more fabric. Make this Summer Vibes Crochet Dress your go-to for an elegant cover up option.



How To Hide A Tummy In A Swimsuit

We’ve said it before, but we simply have to say it again - all bodies are beautiful! But, if you prefer a modest swimsuit to help you feel confident, a stunning one-piece swimsuit will flatter any figure and give you a bit of tummy control too. 

A one-piece swimsuit with stylish side panels will add even extra pizzazz. Check out this Floral Festival Retro Swimsuit with its flattering floral print and extra tummy support with a ruched outer lining for the ultimate figure-hugging fit.




Our Top Tips On How To Feel Confident In Swimwear

Do you want to have the confidence to wear what you truly want? Feeling confident in swimwear isn’t just about finding the right size and style, although they’re important too, it’s about being comfortable in the outfit you’re wearing! Here are our top tips for embracing new beachwear vibes:

1. Experiment with patterns and prints to help you feel fabulous

There’s nothing wrong with a plain, one-colour swimsuit but you’ll probably feel a little more glam if you try out a snazzy new style. Switch things up with vibrant prints, such as bold greens or pretty pinks, experiment with funky floral, stripe and polka dot patterns and be daring with eye-catching design detailing such as ruffles or frills. Adding a touch of personality to your swimwear style will be sure to turn heads and boost your confidence.




2. Cover up as much or as little as you choose

Some of us can’t resist showing off our beautiful bodies, and there’s nothing wrong with showcasing your natural gorgeousness in a bikini. But, similarly, don’t feel you have to show skin to look glamorous either. Your favourite assets are your favourite for a reason. Showing off your best features is a great way to gain style confidence. A kaftan, kimono, sarong or beach dress are some of our favourite cover up options for a day chilling out at the beach or basking in the sun around the pool. No one’s judging your look either way, so layer up as much or as little as you like to make sure you’re always feeling your best.

3. Accessorise your swimwear get up

No outfit is ever truly complete without an accessory or two to make your style sparkle. From a trendy new pair of sandals that let you feel the sand between your toes through to a retro oversized hat to shade you from the sun, add a few accessories to bring your beach-inspired outfit to life.




4.  Try something different

Rip up the rulebook, vamp up your style and strut your stuff in whatever feels most comfortable. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous this summer, why not push yourself out of your comfort zone and splash out on a totally new style? You might think you’ll feel better in the swimsuit styles you know and feel comfy in but, trust us, there’s nothing better than experimenting with a new look and falling in love! Be daring and try on different styles, colours, and patterns that you wouldn't usually go for. It’ll do your overall confidence the world of good.





5. Bring style and practicality together

Sure, you want to look good, but you’ll want to feel supported too. How can you be expected to feel confident in your swimsuit if you feel vulnerable? A swimming costume with an underwire, removable pads, tummy control support and more will all work together to help boost your overall confidence. Try on different styles and sizes to ensure you get the ultimate and most flattering fit for your figure.



6. ‘Practice’ in your swimwear

Okay, this one might take a bit of getting used to, but stick with it. Pop on your swimming costume around the house to practice wearing your new swimsuit. Whether you’re doing the washing or watching TV, wear your bikini or one-piece and get familiar with the way it feels and how you look. Stand in front of a mirror and say what it is you like about yourself and think ‘I look good in this!’ The more you say it, the more you will start to believe it! You’ll notice any fears you had about wearing a swimsuit will soon melt away, and it’ll end up being so much easier to hit the beach in a look you’re already used to.





7. Focus on having fun!

Our most precious rule is this: celebrate your individuality! You are completely unique, so you should never compare yourself to others and you should always be having fun. The minute you stop worrying about what other people think is the minute you’ll feel able to strip down to your swimsuit and have a ball! Get ready for the a summer of a lifetime and feel confident in your skin as you stroll along the beach.



Look Good, Feel Good and Do Good This Summer

Here at Joe Browns we’ve got a stunning collection of swimsuit styles and sizes, but we’ve gone one step further by creating swimwear including sustainable content too. 

Approximately 84% of the main body of our swimwear is crafted from responsibly sourced polyester so you can flaunt your fabulousness knowing you’re doing good for the planet! 


Show off your favourite summer beachwear looks with us on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to check out our Inspiration page for more seasonal style tips.

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