It’s no secret that certain colours are known for impacting our mood.

Research has found that we associate colour with certain emotions, moods and behaviours, while also using different shades as a form of nonverbal communication.  

You may have a favourite colour, either consciously or subconsciously. Is there a particular colour that you feel most confident wearing, or a shade you’ve found yourself injecting into your home perhaps?

Read on to discover the meaning behind each colour. You may even learn a little something about yourself along the way…



Yellow is thought of as a colour that evokes happiness, optimism and energy – and we can see why! Yellow is fabulously bright, reminding use of sandy beaches, zesty cocktails, and days in the sunshine.

Yellow ignites the feeling of joy, giving us an appetite for life! So why not add a little cheer into your wardrobe or home with a splash of this citrusy shade.




Ever felt particularly powerful whilst rocking purple? Well there’s a reason! Purple is a mix of two of the boldest colours on the spectrum, blue and red. When worn, purple can conjure feelings of power and sophistication. Perfect for an upcoming zoom meeting or perhaps a job interview that you’re a little nervous for.

Purple can also bring an element of calm, having a soothing effect on your mood. Think of soft lavender tones and gain instant calm.




When we think pink, we think of romance, femininity and softness. People who favour pink clothes are typically generous, loving and kind with a sensitive side, while using the colour in your home is a sign of passion!

Gents shouldn’t shy away from wearing something pink, if anything it’ll showcase your confidence. We reckon the saying ‘real men wear pink’ is pretty on the mark.

pink peonies



If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, or you’re feeling a little under the weather, we recommend selecting something orange from your wardrobe for an instant lift!

Orange radiates life and warmth and when worn or experienced (picture a gorgeous tropical sunset) it’s likely to make us feel energised, enthused, and happy – what more could you want?!

In fact, orange is perceived as such an uplifting colour that it’s recommended we should all find ways to work it into our everyday life, even if it is just eating an orange a day (which offers its own benefits of healthier skin and hair – win win!).




Red is bright, bold and on the warm side of the colour spectrum, leaving us with feelings of love and excitement. Those who favour the colour red tend to be adventure seekers.

When introduced into your wardrobe, red can increase your confidence and give you the extra spring in your step you may have been looking for!

In regard to diet, we always appreciate a good red wine and it’s said to have various health benefits - when enjoyed in moderation of course!

red cherries


We hope you’ve learnt a little about how colours can impact your mood.

All that’s left to say is… have fun with colour and make it work for you!