Just because we have to go to work, pay bills and clean stuff, doesn’t mean we can’t have just as much fun (if not more) as the kids at Easter.

Here are some ‘adult’ Easter ideas to get the grown-ups bouncing…

Adult Easter


Moonlight Egg Hunt 

Invite your competitive friends over for a late night Easter egg hunt and hide brightly coloured eggs with a glow stick in each one all around the garden. Just remember to clear away your garden tools off the lawn first.

Moonlight Egg Hunt


Hide Boozy Bunnies

What better way to get your adult friends and family REALLY hunting, then by hiding their tipple of choice in a cute bunny container. This one’s a home-made eggnog (if you’ve got a load of time on your hands) or if you’re a bit more manic you can use the plastic eggs (above) and hide a miniature spirit in them.

Hide Boozy Bunnies


Confetti Egg Hunt Game

You basically use real hollowed out eggs and fill one of them with loads of glittery confetti or sequins. Hide these around the garden or the house and every time someone finds an egg it has to be smashed over their head. The one covered in confetti wins a prize.

Confetti Egg Hunt Game


‘Scrabbled’ Eggs Game 

For this game split into two teams and paint different letters on all the eggs. The team that makes the most/ best words out of their letters wins.


Scrambled Egg Game


Easter Egg Cocktail


For all you chocoholics and cocktail lovers out there, the creme egg mojito is seriously so good. 

Here’s how to make it:

  • Crush mint and then mix 25ml of your favourite rum with 30ml of chocolate syrup
  • Add 30ml of soda and a dash of lime juice
  • Stir with crushed ice
  • Garnish with mint and creme or mini eggs
  • Serve in a glass or an actual chocolate egg to take it to the next level!


Easter Cocktail


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