Bloggers are living a colourful life with Joe!

To celebrate longer days, warmer nights and an explosion of colour back in our wardrobes we teamed up with a load of cool bloggers from all over the country to help us Live a More Colourful Life.


We sent them all their favourite item from the new Joe Browns collection and challenged them to take a picture of it against the most colourful background they could find (or create).


They certainly didn’t disappoint…


That Dapper Chap

Craig went for the Forever Free Shirt at £34.95.

12912767_494356154086409_750904548_n   SH768A

Read Craig’s full review here.




Nuria opted for the Beautiful Butterfly Top at £24.95

12912311_254528361546726_1736951256_n    LT622A

Read Ruria’s full review here.



Faded Spring 

Ana styled up the Papagayo Shirt Dress £34.95

1661012_453453798192498_1840590276_n LD872A

Read Ana’s full review here.


Mandy Charlton Photography

Mandy went for the Pretty Vintage T-Bar Shoes £34.95

12940257_268388900158847_1539233924_n   LF490A

Read Mandy’s full review here.

Georgia went for the delicate Sentorini Shirt Dress £34.95

12530909_1526310217674817_1850391398_n  LD865A (1)

Read Georgia’s full review here.



Sunset Desires

Lucy picked the Funky Festival Palazzo Pants £29.95

12934884_465303143669946_2033659292_n  LB383A



Queen Beady

Bee chose the Chill Out Gypsy Blouse £34.95

12918558_1682189432055820_1184068035_n LA146A

Read Bee’s full review here.



Midwife and Life

Jenny got creative with the Dungaree Tunic £34.95

12677240_1680218582229210_1093100570_n LC973A

Read Jenny’s full review here.



A Little Luxury

Erica went for the Tamarindo Dress £34.95

12501850_989648191071149_1354395933_n LD856B




Vanity and Me 

Laurie opted for the Carnival Tunic £39.95

12519120_486458501544525_1506914422_n LC976A

Read Laurie’s full review here.



Fashion For Royals 

Archana cherry-picked the Dragonfly Dress £34.95

12328365_146336799094193_452395792_n LD863A

Read Archana’s full review here.



Over 40 and a mum to one

Mary picked the Mix It Up Jersey Tunic £29.95

10986105_1711943912424822_1738862800_n LC958A

Read Mary’s full review here.




Carolin accessorized the Summer Day Dress £24.95


Read Carolin’s full review here.



Ellie James 

Ellie went for the Laid Back Wedge Sandals £34.95

12905294_485423191668197_17444145_n   LF496A



Monkey and Mouse 

Jenny picked the Green Goddess Wrap Dress £34.95

12917806_1019944751409632_1054926822_n   LD864A

Read Jenny’s full review here.



Grace Olivia 

Grace wrapped up in the Relaxed Printed Hoody £34.95

12934898_1579910295656171_1346469375_n LH090A

Read Grace’s full review here.



Californian Mum in London 

Elfa picked the Marvellous Mosaic Cardigan £34.95

12751436_206854316351523_1242405120_n LK425A

Read Elfa’s full review here.



Wings of Northern Wind

Sara went for the Floral Raincoat £49.95

12912444_1559785151017853_1693021537_n(1) LJ278A

Read Sara’s full review here.



Jacquard Flower 

Gemma opted for the Oriental Wrap Jersey Dress £34.95

12816842_1079504895425328_721809010_n  LD857A

Read Gemma’s full review here.



We want to say a HUGE thank you to all the amazing bloggers that took part in our ‘Live a Colourful Life’ campaign. You all clearly went to loads of effort with your pics and as a result, they look awesome!


If you’d like to WIN  one of the colourful items featured above, follow us on Instagram here.

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