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7 Stories Behind Key Menswear Designs

7 Stories Behind Key Menswear Designs

Our menswear buyer Adele and designer Joanna tell all about the inspiration behind some key designs in our menswear section. 

The overall theme of the SS23 menswear collection is about reminiscing on the good times past. Find out about all the stories behind the designs.  

1. The Perfect Polo 

Our all-new perfect polo shirt has been in the works for a while – and for very good reason! This polo was based on a particular favourite of Simon’s, being his all-time favourite top for years. He loved everything about it. The classic shape to the little tweaks that made it truly unique.  

“Simon loved this polo so much he wore it to death. It washed well, had lovely applique and a stripe feature across the design. Naturally, we can’t replicate another piece, but we set out to recreate this style with the full Joe Browns treatment. 

Tweaking and adjusting the design over the last few years until it was just right, we took the stripe inspiration and added this to the underside on the collar and trim, added some contrast buttons to the front and a funky pocket on the side. This has been in the works for years and it’s safe to say -Simon has found his new favourite polo!” 

2. Keeping in Touch Shirt 

Reminiscing on good times past usually includes times spent with family and friends on holidays – as that’s where we create most of our good memories under the beaming sun. Coupling this with a very special memory of Adele’s, the Keeping in Touch Shirt came to life.  

“Postcards from all over the world always have us reminiscing of holidays, so we set out to create the ultimate summer shirt this year. We wanted our classic collar and short-sleeve design, so it was just the design that needed to be created.  

I remember when I was young, my dad was in the army, and back then he’d collect a postcard, write it out and send it to me wherever he went. Even if he was just passing through, he’d pick up a postcard and send it to me.  

Reminiscing on the joy it would give me to hear from my dad see all these great places he’d seen, I was really keen to blend both of these experiences to create that ultimate fun in the sun shirt.” 

3. On Tour Shirt 

Inspiring one of our super fun designs, the On Tour Shirt was born when brainstorming new funky designs for Spring Summer 23. When getting their heads together, Joanna and Adele asked themselves; “What did we used to love?” and one of the prominent, common themes was going to see live music in their uni days. 

“We both went to different universities at different times, yet we both remember these big billboards plastered over campus with local bands, bars and upcoming gigs every night of the week. Great memories we both had was rocking up to a bar on a week night and discovering a great band we've never heard of playing fantastic music.  

As a common theme, music really is central to us at Joe Browns, so Joanna designed this shirt with Joe in mind. We put Joe as the central part of these ‘bands’, thinking what kind of bands he’d be in and what their tour posters might look like.  

The end design was a roaring success, which ties perfectly into our Psychedelic Revival theme we have in our Spring Summer Menswear collection.” 

4. The Bike T-Shirts 

If you know Joe Browns menswear, you know our motorbikes are central to us as a brand, but did you know each and every motorbike featured on our shirts are our own custom designs? They actually live in our office! 

“Bikes remind us of freedom, adrenaline, escape and community. Anyone who has or has had a motorbike shares this feeling, so it’s only natural we create these shirts every season to reflect that.  

They are, in essence, what gives us our edge, and motorbikes make Joe browns what it is today. Every bike tee from Joe Browns features one of our three bikes, custom made specifically for us.” 

5. Vintage Diner Tees 

We’ve introduced some funky designs to our graphic tee collection this year. We wanted to bring something fresh and new to our collections that were inspired by Adele’s trip to America. Her experiences in traditional American diners gave the inspiration for these new designs.  

“In Pasadena, Los Angeles, the Rose Bowl Flea Market was this huge place people would go to from all over the world to pick up inspiration – us included, as well as other celebrities and designers. Even people such as Cameron Diaz, Angelia Jolie and the Christian Louboutin frequent the flea market.  

With a mind full of inspiration, we sat down to dinner at an American diner because they were everywhere. Reflecting back on this trip, it was the vintage inspiration from the flea market coupled with the vintage look and feel of these diners.  

Most of all, it was food that brought us all together. Reminiscing on my time back in the USA, as well as most other holidays, it was the times we sat down with each other to eat and drinks. It’s only natural that this became the main inspiration for the vintage diner collection, and I’m so happy with how it turned out.” 

6. The Perfect Patch Waistcoat 

We love a funky Joe Browns waistcoat, so the story behind our Perfect Patch Waistcoat is one they love to tell. With mixed fabrics and patterns throughout, this patchwork waistcoat was inspired by their trip to Florence.  

“At a trade show, we were in Florence picking up inspiration, which was where we were inspired by two people in particular. The thing to know is; Florence fashion is well-known for being over the top in colours and pattern and fabulous in style.  

One man wore this patchwork waistcoat with different colours, fabrics and textures, and the other was a tonal jacquard fabric. We literally had to stop these guys in the streets just to have a look – which they were thankfully more than happy to do.  

One of our themes for this season was Reimagined Heritage – bringing a contemporary style to classic styles and shapes, such as waistcoats. We combined inspiration from both of these designs to bring this waistcoat to our collection. A unique piece that’s as stylish as it is snazzy, we crafted it from a weaved jacquard fabric to look like different checks patched together, before adding the Joe browns twist of mixed buttons in pops of blue.” 

7. The Fully Loaded Leather Jacket 

A big centrepiece of any Joe Browns collection are our leather jackets. These timeless staples all include a badge or small patch to the arm, but this season, we wanted to do something different. Adele and Joanna wanted to create a jacket that has already stood the test of time, as if it was a jacket that has already seen so many bike journeys.  

“Every season, we’ve collected badges to add to our biker jackets with our own design from the journeys we’ve had over the years. We often search for inspiration as a team overseas, so it’s only natural we represent each trip with a leather biker patch.  

This time, we’ve collected all the badges from seasons gone and added every one of them to this piece. We wanted to tread that fine line between creating something that’s unique in its own right and making it look as genuine as possible.  

To achieve this, we captured a vintage feel in the jacket by washing, stripping and treating the premium leather for that vintage feel. Not only does it look great, but it gives that worn, loved and lived-in feel. We also went the extra mile by adding wiring into the collar and hem for that rough ‘n’ ready vibe, so anyone can style it just how they like it. We love the end result.” 

If you’ve enjoyed hearing about the designs behind our collection, you’ll love our new Spring Summer 23 menswear collection here at Joe Browns.  

This is something we love to talk about, so be sure to check out our Inspiration page for more stories from behind the scenes at Joe Browns HQ, and be sure to tag us in your newest favourite item on our Facebook and Instagram! 

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