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What to Wear with Colourful Shoes

Do you pull out the same pair of black or brown shoes, just because they go with everything? Here at Joe Browns, we think you should put your best foot forward. After all, there’s a whole wardrobe of unique styles and shoes that can celebrate your personality as an individual!

Give your wardrobe the reboot it deserves by adding some fun, quirky shoes to your collection. From red to blue, green or purple, there’s so many colour and print choices that can add personality to your feet!

That’s why we’ve put together our top Joe Browns styling tips, to stop you from grabbing that same black pair of pumps and ensure your shoes sing. Here’s how our unique style ideas can make your outfit pop from the bottom up.

Styling Colourful Types of Shoes for Women

A woman's outfit can easily be taken from day to night simply by switching her shoes. Your footwear can take a simple outfit and really make it stand out from the crowd and while an easy black pump or heel never goes out of style, we think it’s time to mix things up with some contrasting colours and bold statement footwear! 

What to Wear with Red Shoes

Bold, elegant and quick to dominate any outfit, red shoes are the statement piece in many women's wardrobes. They’re perfect for making you feel confident, liberated and ready to take on the day, but how can you style and wear them with your outfits? 

To let your shoes do the talking, simply pair them with a basic black or white skinny jean to give your red shoes the attention they rightly deserve. You can also pair with colours close to red, like a pink skinny jeans, or for a bold look, choose a vibrant blue dress — this is sure to create an eye-catching and contrasting finish.

Stand Out with These Blue Shoe Outfits

There’s nothing quite like throwing on a pair of heels for a night out. It’s true when they say shoes complete an outfit like nothing else. So, why not be bold and daring, and grab yourself some electric blue shoes? They’re surprisingly versatile and go with so many amazing outfits!  

Ready to take a risk? Then pair some cobalt blue shoes with an orange piece for a bold look, or keep it simple by taking a pair of navy heels with a cute blue dress — this is an easy way to spice up your outfit. 

You’ll always find that pairing coloured shoes with similar coloured clothes works well, and that’s the case when it comes to blue. For a stylish day to night look, start with a white base, like our white skinny jeans, a white top, then throw over our blue funky leather jacket and some blue heels — simple but effective!

Add a Staple Nude Shoe to Your Wardrobe

A wardrobe must have! Subtle but elegant, nude shoes are a great alternative to black. If you’re looking for an effortless and understated colour, then nude is definitely your friend. You can combine this shade with just about anything in your wardrobe, so you’ll never get tired of them. 

Whether it’s a pair of nude heels, sandals or boots, nude shoes can lengthen your legs and make any woman feel amazing! Pair some nude boots or heels with a light summery dress in white, grey or blush, and you’ll surely notice the difference. They also look amazing with a statement piece like our Winter Florals Rara Skirt, allowing your clothes to be the star of the show for a timeless look.

How to Wear Green Shoes to Any Occasion

Are you struggling to find what to wear with your green shoes? You’re not alone as they can be hard to style, but all you need is a little Joe Browns know-how. We think green shoes are bright, fun and entertaining — they get everyone talking! 

It’s easy to pair green and red as they’re complementary colours, but if this feels a little too festive, there’s loads of other ways to style green footwear. Try combining your green shoes with a neutral black or white base and top with a yellow or orange piece, like our Winter Days Cardigan. This will have a similar effect to matching green and red, giving you a fun, unique look for any occasion.

Be Daring with Purple Shoes

Purple shoes are unique and a great way to show off your personality! They add a stylish element to any look and can be worn season after season. Whether it’s a subtle pastel or a vibrant purple, you really can’t go wrong with a purple shoe. 

We recommend wearing purples with neutral, tonal colours for balance or select opposite patterns and prints for a more unique look. Take one of our soft, floaty, floral dresses or skirts, top with an edgy leather jacket and you’re onto a winner. However you choose to style your purple footwear, this colour is sure to leave you feeling confident and cool!

Styling Colourful Types of Shoes for Men

A man’s outfit is often assessed from the shoes up, and while basic black and brown shoes always look smart, it’s easy to incorporate a little colour into your footwear. The key to pulling off any outfit is colour matching. While you could stick to safe tonal combinations, here at Joe Browns, we have some ideas to help you start pushing the boundaries!

Brighten Up Your Classic Brogues With Blue or Navy

If you normally stick to classic shoe styles, you might think your only options are neutral shades such as brown or tan. While choosing a classy pair of brogues will ensure your shoes always stay on trend, selecting a more vibrant shade will truly show off your colourful personality. That’s where we step in by putting our trademark Joe Browns twist on men’s shoes.

Our Shelby Blue Leather Brogues will jazz up any pair of jeans or chinos. For an extra snazzy look, slip on a remarkable waistcoat over a plain shirt. You’ll exude style with every step!

Colourful Trainers to Welcome Summer

When it comes to a laid-back summer look, the most obvious choice is men’s trainers. Trendy trainers can be paired with shorts or jeans, but they can also be worn to dress down a tailored suit. To be honest, trainers can go with just about anything! 

If you’re searching for a chic look, then grab a pair of our Superb Fit Jeans, a classic shirt and your Ochre Ryder Suede Trainers — a more neutral colour provides a subtle splash of style that can take you from the office to the bar. And if the sun is shining and you’re looking for the perfect shoes to match a beautiful blue sky, why not team stunning blue suede trainers with a funky pair of shorts to ramp up the cool?

Styling Your Burgundy Shoes to Stand Out in the Crowds

Red shoes are undoubtedly a fashion must have. They’re bold, eye-catching and add an edge to the simplest of looks. Want your outfit to have more attention? Then red shoes will make your amazing outfits stand out and when styled to perfection, they can really make your outfit pop!  

Rich reds like burgundy, maroon and oxblood are the perfect way to dress up any suit, whilst bold, vibrant, red sneakers can be ideal with jeans and chinos. Burgundy tones are the perfect shade for those winter months, as well as adding a pop to your summer wardrobe. You can pair them with tweeds and woolen jumpers or for a more stylish look, go for a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt and our burgundy suede jacket. The perfect look for all seasons!

Interested in reading more style tips? Make sure you bookmark our inspiration section!